National Newswatch

Trump is too small for the moment

Apr 20 2020 — Jim Vibert — Liberate Minnesota? No. Liberate America from this narcissist-president who somehow manages to descend to ever-lower depths of depravity, even while his nation struggles to contain the coronavirus. Friday, after viewing TV coverage of protests against restrictive measures to slow the spread of the virus, Donald Trump took to his infamous Twitter account to back the […]

Listen to public health officials to slow COVID-19 outbreak

Mar 16 2020 — Jim Vibert — The crucial messages coming from provincial public health officials across Canada are remarkably consistent. If we hear them and heed them, Canada has a chance to slow the COVID-19 outbreak, like Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan have. If we — or a significant number of us — fail to hear and heed the advice of […]

Conservatives look back to the future

Dec 28 2019 — Jim Vibert — Red Tories show signs they might be back. A couple of former Liberal premiers are considered viable candidates for the federal Conservative leadership, so it’s safe to assume the party is open to all options, particularly those that line up to the centre of right. These are the fantasy-fuelled, fun-filled preliminaries that precede the serious […]

Peter MacKay may be taking a page from old Mulroney playbook

Nov 1 2019 — Jim Vibert — During a quick trip to Washington this week, Peter MacKay rhetorically hung “a stinking albatross” around the neck of federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, before returning home to Canada to make the requisite affirmation of support for the party’s leader. If MacKay learned anything from Brian Mulroney – and it’s a sure bet that he […]

Canadians aren’t warming to Scheer

Oct 15 2019 — Jim Vibert — Just about the last thing a leader wants to hear in the midst of an election campaign is speculation about his successor. Andrew Scheer got a taste of it last week when a story surfaced about some disgruntled Conservatives pondering a post-election putsch to depose him and install former Central Nova MP and Harper-government cabinet […]

Liberals raise spectre of intolerant CPC

Jul 29 2019 — Jim Vibert — A thin red line is all that stands between Canadians and the divisive, intolerant brand of conservativism that’s taken hold in the United States, has a firm foothold in the United Kingdom and threatens the principles that have girded liberal democracies worldwide since soon after the Second World War. Donald Trump. Boris Johnson. Andrew Scheer? […]

Trudeau plays Senate ace for short-term gain

Feb 3 2014 — Jim Vibert — The surgery was a success. It was cosmetic, but there are risks with any operation. Hearty self-congratulations and sighs of relief echo through the halls outside the office of the third-party leader in the House of Commons. News coverage about Justin Trudeau’s Senate surprise is favourable right across Canada. In one fell swoop, he lost […]