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Trudeau needs Ford and Kenney as villains

Apr 13 2019 — Jim Warren — The partisan chaos and conflict with conservative premiers across Canada could be the perfect political recipe for Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cook up a re-election strategy and campaign for next October. To get past the SNC-Lavalin mess that is consuming the PM as well as the media, Trudeau needs an opponent bigger than […]

The worst part of the Lavalin mess is the Conservatives’ response

Apr 7 2019 — Jim Warren — What makes the SNC-Lavalin mess such a pathetic mess — besides the many stupid decisions by both sides of the Liberal disagreement — has been the blatantly partisan and pathetic attacks by the Conservatives and NDP. I’m sick and tired of the entire affair. Everyone I talk to about it other than partisan Conservatives seems […]

Scheer’s focus on Lavscam offers little positive to voters

Mar 30 2019 — Jim Warren — This spring Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives have singularly focused their attacks on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals over the issue of SNC-Lavalin. This is a massive strategic political mistake. Scheer has missed an opportunity to use the tabling of the budget to attack Trudeau on economic issues relevant to middle-class […]

Trudeau needs to get this mutiny under control

Mar 24 2019 — Jim Warren — There is a full-on mutiny happening on the good ship S.S. Liberal and it’s about time its captain, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, started to address it for what it is or he could get tossed overboard. Trudeau and the Prime Minister’s Office should ensure Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott speak and disclose every piece of […]

The Liberals, Conservatives and media have all failed on this mess

Mar 2 2019 — Jim Warren — Watching the players in Ottawa deal with the SNC-Lavalin issue, I’d say a pox on all their houses – the government, the opposition and the media. The Prime Minister’s Office and the Privy Council Office have handled it badly. The Official Opposition have handled it badly. The media have covered it badly. All of it […]

The SNC-Lavalin mess is all about Quebec votes

Feb 17 2019 — Jim Warren — It’s 2019. It’s a federal election year. If you want to understand what is going on in Ottawa recently, you have to recognize that all of the major political parties are pandering to Quebec, home of 78 federal ridings, the second most number of seats of any province. And unlike most of the seats across […]

A year and a half in, Scheer’s a disappointment

Jan 26 2019 — Jim Warren — Andrew Scheer has been leader of the Conservative Party of Canada for over a year and a half. The bad news for Conservatives is that throughout that time he has demonstrated extremely poor political judgment. He has been a disappointment. The glimmer of good news for the Tories is that Scheer continues to be a […]

What the upcoming byelections will mean for the general election

Jan 13 2019 — Jim Warren — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced three byelections in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia this past week. Normally, I would argue that byelections are not a good indicator of general election success. But the results in each of these three ridings will dramatically impact the 2019 federal election. The three byelections being held are in the […]

Political predictions from 2019

Dec 30 2018 — Jim Warren — Making predictions these days in politics is like trying to predict the weather in Newfoundland. We know we will experience fog, cold, wind, snow and rain, but when the sun and warmth will come is anyone’s guess. So I don’t know how predictable my predictions will be, having clocked in at three 3 for 5 […]

The three big political stars of 2018

Dec 16 2018 — Jim Warren — This year was a noteworthy one in politics both local and internationally. American President Donald Trump continues to dominate the political agenda. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau managed to finalize a renegotiation of NAFTA despite the critics and naysayers. Elections in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick saw a sea of change. There were winners and losers. […]

Set the age to buy pot at 21 across Canada

Dec 9 2018 — Jim Warren — Last week, the newly elected Quebec Premier Francois Legault and his party the Coalition Avenir Quebec introduced legislation to raise the minimum age from 18 to 21 in Quebec to consume and purchase all cannabis products. The bill will also ban the consumption of all cannabis products in all public spaces including parks and playgrounds. […]

Trudeau can’t reverse course on Saudi Arabia now

Aug 12 2018 — Jim Warren — While Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and the Trudeau government may have inadvertently backed into a wider conflict with Saudi Arabia with its stance on jailed blogger Raif Badawi and his sister Samar, it cannot reverse course on human rights or its stance on Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Freeland stand on the […]

Don’t blame Trudeau for the state of 24 Sussex Dr.

May 5 2018 — Jim Warren — It’s time to properly fund and repair renovations to the official residences of both the prime minister and the leader of the Official Opposition. Successive prime ministers and other politicians have put off funding the necessary renovations and upkeep of the buildings out of a perceived political fear of taking personal gain from the spending […]

The clock is ticking on appointing a new elections chief

Jan 6 2018 — Jim Warren — The Trudeau government needs to recommend a new Chief Electoral Officer urgently, to ensure the integrity and legitimacy of the upcoming 2019 federal vote on Oct. 21, 2019. Marc Mayrand was the former chief elections officer, serving from 2007 to 2016. The position has now been vacant over a year, with the job performed on […]

Winners and losers of 2017

Dec 24 2017 — Jim Warren — This year was an unusual one in politics. U.S. President Donald Trump continued to dominate the political landscape and sucked up most of the oxygen in any conversation I have about politics. Here at home in Canada we had two provincial elections. The NDP under the leadership of Premier John Horgan took power in British […]