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It’s time for a royal commission on taxation

Nov 12 2017 — Jim Warren — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should appoint a royal commission on taxation and have the results and recommendations ready before the next federal election, so we can have a proper debate about how we tax all Canadians. It’s time for a “Carter 2.0.” It’s been 55 years since then prime minister John Diefenbaker appointed Kenneth Carter […]

The numbers show we need increased immigration

Nov 5 2017 — Jim Warren — The federal Liberal government has announced a new and bold immigration strategy to increase the number of immigrants allowed into Canada over the next three years. One million new immigrants will be admitted during that time. That is actually a modest increase over the 300,000 allowed in 2017 and well under the 450,000 per year […]

Trudeau needs to postpone small biz tax changes after having pit Canadians against each other

Sep 10 2017 — Jim Warren — The federal government’s consultation on changing small business taxes has been a calamity of communications mistakes. The Trudeau government should postpone the implementation of any changes. With the transformation of the Canadian economy during the past decade, I do believe there is a legitimate issue in trying to create tax fairness for all Canadians. Prime […]

Butts befriending Bannon? That’s his job

Aug 20 2017 — Jim Warren — Political staff of all partisan stripes have to put aside their personal differences to forge working friendships, to do what’s in the best interests of their respective countries. To suggest otherwise is a cheap political stunt that demonstrates an unsuitability to be Prime Minister of Canada or the leader of an opposition party, for that […]

Tory MPs talking Khadr on American media is a cheap stunt

Jul 22 2017 — Jim Warren — Conservative MPs Michelle Rempel and Peter Kent last week attacked Justin Trudeau in the United States media in a pathetic, partisan attempt to score cheap political points in the next election. Regrettably, their actions will only serve to injure their own constituents as the Government of Canada is set to re-negotiate the single most important […]

Bombardier, United, Pepsi – they’re all out of touch

Apr 16 2017 — Jim Warren — A common complaint from my right-wing friends is that Liberal politicians are out of touch with the daily challenges faced by Canadians, and that the private sector is better at delivering services. But clearly, being tone deaf to the public is not limited to politicians. Bombardier, United Airlines, and Pepsi executives have all shown us […]

The minimum age to buy pot should be 21, not 18

Apr 9 2017 — Jim Warren — The minimum age to buy and consume recreational marijuana should be set at 21 across Canada. The new provincial rules on weed should also ban anyone 22 years of age and under from having any trace of marijuana in their body while operating a motor vehicle. That ban should also apply to anyone with less […]

O’Leary will start first, but maybe not finish first

Mar 26 2017 — Jim Warren — Many pundits and commentators are ready to anoint Conservative frontrunner Kevin O’Leary as the next leader of the party and Leader of the Opposition. If O’Leary has signed up enough new party members to win the race on the first ballot then they will be right. But the election to be the new leader of […]

How the Conservative race guides the NDP one

Mar 11 2017 — Jim Warren — The Conservative leadership vote in May could determine the outcome of the NDP leadership race next October. If Conservatives choose a far-right candidate as their next leader, they’ll create an opportunity for a centrist NDP candidate to take up the middle space on the Canadian political spectrum. This would potentially attract new and more moderate […]

Tory hopefuls must avoid re-fighting the last election

Feb 11 2017 — Jim Warren — In May, the Conservative Party of Canada will elect a new leader. The biggest challenge for a political party is picking the person who will win the next election, not who would have won the last one. Too often, party insiders get stuck in navel gazing about the last leader and the campaign mistakes that […]

Five ways Trump’s protectionism could be good for Canada

Jan 29 2017 — Jim Warren — Throughout human history, with every economic disaster, crisis or trauma, there has also been economic opportunity. U.S. President Donald Trump is promising to “Make America Great Again”. But he could, albeit inadvertently, create an opportunity to make the Canadian economy greater than it is now. To be sure, economic protectionism in the U.S. under Trump […]

Trudeau already handling Trump well

Jan 21 2017 — Jim Warren — Faced with tremendous adversity, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has handled the election of U.S. President Donald Trump very well. He has put in place the necessary pieces to deal with the greatest economic challenge Canada has faced since the global financial crisis of 2008. Yes, the PM has committed a number of mistakes in the […]

Trudeau’s vacation scandal could have been avoided

Jan 15 2017 — Jim Warren — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was mired in controversy last week as the media sought to find out who he spent time with and what occurred when he went on his winter family vacation. Trudeau could have used his vacation time to his political advantage. Instead, he is inflicting more damage on himself by ignoring two […]

The big moves to watch for in 2017

Jan 7 2017 — Jim Warren — Change and political upheaval was the theme for 2016 around the globe. 2016 was an unpredictable year in politics. Many pundits – myself included – made some wrong calls and predictions about the outcome of major political events. However no matter how much change there is in politics – history always repeats itself. Therefore at […]

How Trudeau can lead on the world stage in 2017

Dec 17 2016 — Jim Warren — Two major global political events in 2016 have created massive political upheaval in the western world. They present a unique opportunity in 2017 for Justin Trudeau and Canada to take centre stage as influencers on global decisions. This year has brought about massive political change to our two closest allies – England and the United […]