National Newswatch

Let loose the dogs of political war in northern Ontario

May 16 2022 — John Ivison — Dogs are an occupational hazard for campaigning politicians and the explosion of pandemic pets has made things worse – nearly one million Canadians acquired a hound or kitty during COVID. “Every house has a dog. I’ve never seen so many dogs,” says an exasperated Vic Fedeli, the veteran Progressive Conservative who has been elected three […]

In a province where bland works, Steven Del Duca finds his groove

May 11 2022 — John Ivison — The only incongruity in meeting Steven Del Duca in a Tim Hortons on North Bay’s lakeshore is the large black Chevy Suburban, with its protective detail, parked outside. In every other way, the Ontario Liberal leader fits in with his surroundings — an unremarkable 48-year-old, follicly-challenged man in a sweater vest, sipping a cup of […]

Jean Charest sees a divided nation — and a divided Conservative party

May 7 2022 — John Ivison — There’s not much in Jean Charest’s platform that would make Justin Trudeau wince, save perhaps experimentation with private health care and the cancellation of the consumer carbon tax. Does that make the former Quebec premier more Liberal than Conservative? Did he “govern like a Liberal,” as his Conservative leadership rival, Pierre Poilievre, alleged in the […]

Canada’s supply chains, fragile at the best of times, are now broken

Apr 25 2022 — John Ivison — Tiff Macklem and his colleagues at the Bank of Canada have been dismissed as “financially illiterate” by no less an authority than Conservative leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre (BA). Macklem’s appearance at the House of Commons finance committee on Monday will not have endeared him to his critics. Inflation is too high, “higher than we expected,” […]

Why Canada has been slow to bring out the big guns for Ukraine

Apr 23 2022 — John Ivison — On any given day, I’m open to the idea that I’m wrong on any given subject. But not on Canada’s over-cautious response to Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine. Being sanctioned by Vladimir Putin’s bandit regime confirmed my conviction that far too often, sober second thought in official Ottawa has been used as an excuse for […]