National Newswatch

A ‘serene’ Justin Trudeau fails to justify using the Emergencies Act

Nov 25 2022 — John Ivison — Justin Trudeau’s appearance at the inquiry into the invocation of the Emergencies Act won’t move mountains, or even votes. Those who hold him personally responsible for the decline of Canadian civilization will keep sticking pins in his likeness; those concerned that his government’s response to the Freedom Convoy will normalize the use of emergency powers […]

Quebec shows Scotland how to get everything you want without separating

Nov 24 2022 — John Ivison — Canada’s exports extend beyond hockey players and cold fronts, as Pierre Trudeau once said. It turns out we are also traders in world-class constitutional jurisprudence. The U.K.’s Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the Scottish government cannot hold a second independence referendum without the consent of the British Parliament and based its decision, in part, […]

Trudeau government has done nothing to stop China’s ‘games’

Nov 9 2022 — John Ivison — Justin Trudeau’s acknowledgement that the Chinese are playing “aggressive games” by interfering in Canadian elections is about as shocking as Captain Renault finding gambling was rampant at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca. The prime minister was responding to questions raised in an excellent Global News report about China targeting Canada with a campaign of interference in […]

Winter is coming, and Freeland’s not prepared to deal with it

Nov 3 2022 — John Ivison — Federal budgets are where predictions go to die, so treat this year’s fall economic statement with the skepticism it deserves. The fiscal update reveals that revenues were $40 billion higher than were projected in the April budget — less than six months ago. It also suggests that the budget will be back in surplus in […]

Lametti lights a match under the notwithstanding clause

Nov 2 2022 — John Ivison — David Lametti had the look of a man who had gone looking for a gas leak with a lit match. As he entered Liberal caucus on Wednesday morning, the justice minister was asked about the Ontario government’s pre-emptive use of the “notwithstanding” clause — Section 33 of the charter — which it has invoked in […]

Chrystia Freeland’s fiscal update peers into the Truss trap

Oct 31 2022 — John Ivison — Chrystia Freeland will unveil her fall fiscal update this week and the focus will be on whether she has thrown out the Liberals’ free-spending playbook. Two years ago, the new finance minister defended lavish program expenditure as a “fabulous opportunity to rebuild the country along more equitable, greener lines.” Low interest rates meant “these are […]

The ‘runaway train’ Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

Oct 28 2022 — John Ivison — In the months before last year’s election, the government sought to overturn a decision by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to award $40,000 each to 50,000 children separated from their families by an underfunded on-reserve welfare system. For a government committed to reconciliation, it was a counterintuitive move, but successive Canadian governments have resisted the […]