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Peter MacKay’s energy policy needs some refining

Jan 28 2020 — John Ivison — Polling data in the wake of the 2019 election indicated a Conservative brand that is in trouble. “Out of date”, “bigoted”, “narrow-minded” and “skeptical” were the words most commonly associated with the party in one Abacus Data survey. The responses helped explain why the number of Canadians who would consider voting Conservative fell to a […]

As big names drop out, Conservative leadership race is now Peter MacKay’s to lose

Jan 23 2020 — John Ivison — Conservatives are often concerned about the unintended consequences arising from tight regulations. It seems the rigid rules governing their own leadership campaign may be having some unexpected results. Pierre Poilievre is the third prospective candidate in three days to drop a bombshell announcement around supper-time, withdrawing from a race in which he was considered one […]

Could Canada be dragged into a war with Iran?

Jan 7 2020 — John Ivison — We don’t have any polling data on whether Canadians would support joining the United States if it comes to war against Iran – but we can take an educated guess. In 2003, polls suggested nearly three quarters of Canadians opposed George W. Bush’s ill-fated invasion of Iraq and, as it descended into a quagmire, many […]

Dragon’s Den star could swap reality TV for the Conservative leadership race

Dec 23 2019 — John Ivison — No political race can be considered complete these days unless a reality TV star is running. Fortunately for the Conservative Party, Dragon’s Den investor Vincenzo Guzzo is seriously considering becoming a candidate. The Montreal-based entrepreneur, aka Mr. Sunshine on account of his proclivity for wearing yellow, says he is in “reflective mode”. He has been […]

So who is running for the Conservative leadership? Not Mark Mulroney

Dec 19 2019 — John Ivison — When David Cameron became leader of the British Conservative Party in 2005, satirical magazine Private Eye took the opportunity to have some fun at his expense, running pictures of the youthful Cameron and then prime minister Tony Blair side by side under the headline: “World’s first face transplant a success.” Cameron rejoiced in the tag […]