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PBO report reveals soaring government spending under the Liberals

Dec 7 2021 — John Ivison — A new report into Ottawa’s spending by the Parliamentary Budget Office suggests that economist Milton Friedman was not wrong when he said there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program. The PBO looked at what are known as the “Supplementary B Estimates” – the latest submission to Parliament by the government, seeking approval […]

This is an appropriate time for Dominic Barton to exit China

Dec 6 2021 — John Ivison — Dominic Barton said that his decision to step down as Canada’s ambassador in China is personal and not related to any policy friction with the government. That may well be the case — he declared his “core mission” was securing the release of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor from Chinese jails and he has good […]

Trudeau Liberals attempt another end run around accountability

Nov 30 2021 — John Ivison — The belief in government appears to be that the less the opposition parties and the media know about what is going on, the better. Erin O’Toole made light of Justin Trudeau’s description of the 2021 general election as a “pivotal, consequential moment for Canada” in his reply to last week’s Throne Speech. “It was so […]

Will inflation leave Trudeau with a bloody nose?

Nov 23 2021 — John Ivison — Now the Canadian Senate has moved off Parliament Hill, it really is the Outer Mongolia of our political institutions. But since it’s nice to go anywhere these days, I headed down to watch the new Governor General Mary Simon read the Throne Speech in Inuktitut, English and what may have been French.

Why the U.S. doesn’t take us seriously

Nov 18 2021 — John Ivison — One early December morning in 2016, Joe Biden got up, inquired into President Barack Obama’s health, and set off for a snowy Ottawa. The lame duck vice-president was feted at a ritzy state dinner in the capital, where he called on Justin Trudeau to be a defender of the international “rules of the road” during […]

Erin O’Toole’s bigger-tent shadow cabinet is a canny move

Nov 12 2021 — John Ivison — Stephen Harper had a reputation as a strict disciplinarian when it came to caucus management but, in fact, his MPs most often policed themselves, with discipline enforced by a sense of mutual respect and common purpose. One former Conservative MP said caucus regulation was a collective effort. “We kept it under control ourselves. You always […]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has reasons to snicker

Nov 8 2021 — John Ivison — As Justin Trudeau presided over his first Liberal caucus meeting since the election, he must have been snickering up his sleeve. In September, he barely hung on to his minority government status, winning the support of just one in five of those on the elector’s list — one third of the 62 percent who voted. […]

Corporate Canada innovation at forefront of transition to net zero

Nov 8 2021 — John Ivison — “Canada is having a good week,” reported Jonathan Wilkinson, the natural resources minister, from the COP26 conference in Glasgow – as if Ottawa is resolving the climate crisis singlehandedly. Yet, as a call organized by the Business Council of Canada with some of this country’s biggest corporations made clear, it is corporate Canada that is […]