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Scientists say Canada is ‘losing ground’ in Arctic research

Nov 23 2017 — John Ivison — The Liberal government made much of the decision earlier this month to renew funding for the Polar Environmental Atmospheric Research Laboratory at Eureka, Nunavut, just 1,100km from the North Pole. The government announced $1.6 million in what amounts to emergency funding, to keep the lights on at PEARL and allow the high Arctic lab to […]

Liberals may be ‘idiots’ on terrorism but low prosecution rate is not their fault

Nov 22 2017 — John Ivison — The accusation that Liberal policies are creating a safe haven for returning jihadists seemed to light a fire under the normally unflappable Ralph Goodale. The public safety minister’s eyes blazed like the back end of the Batmobile, as he decried Conservative “innuendo and insinuation” that the government is not protecting Canadians. “Anyone that needs to […]

Canada’s allies are killing their ISIL fighters, while we put our hope in counselling

Nov 21 2017 — John Ivison — Justin Trudeau batted away claims that the Liberals are soft on terror this week, as the government faces the prospect of more jihadists returning from Syria after the collapse of the Islamic State’s caliphate. National security agencies are monitoring returning fighters, revoking passports and laying criminal charges, he said in the House of Commons. Besides, […]

Liberal government doing an outstanding job, says Liberal government

Nov 14 2017 — John Ivison — The Liberals have issued a report card on their own performance, and it turns out they are absolutely brilliant at being the government. The first “mandate letter tracker” looked at the 364 commitments the prime minister made in his missives to ministers and assessed whether they had been completed, were underway or were not being […]

In the era of extreme immigration vetting, Canada remains a noble outlier

Nov 2 2017 — John Ivison — While Donald Trump used Tuesday’s deadly attack in New York to promote immigration restrictions, a remarkable consensus continues to hold in Canada, evident in the response to the government’s announcement that nearly 1 million newcomers will be welcomed over the next three years. Immigration minister Ahmed Hussen said late Wednesday 310,000 new entrants will arrive […]

With Bombardier intervention, Trudeau scorns his own ‘Think China’ message

Oct 26 2017 — John Ivison — A curious but apparently well-sourced Reuters report appeared Thursday, saying the Canadian government facilitated a deal between Bombardier and European plane-maker Airbus for the CSeries jet in order to thwart a potential investment by a state-owned Chinese company. The report, which is not being denied by government officials, said concerns were raised in government when […]

Morneau saga proves ministers can’t be lawmakers and shareholders

Oct 25 2017 — John Ivison — The problem with telling the truth but not the whole truth is that it foments suspicion and more snooping. Bill Morneau might believe he doesn’t report to journalists and that his personal finances are none of their business. But as soon as he entered public life, and particularly when he became finance minister, his financial […]

Since there’s no fiscal meltdown in sight, the Liberals will just keep on spending

Oct 24 2017 — John Ivison — The worry when the Trudeau Liberals took office was that they couldn’t operate a spoon — that a two-house paper route would be beyond their organizational abilities. Early signs were not encouraging: spending ballooned, deficits appeared to be running amok. Keep calm and carry on, the Liberals said, “investments” in infrastructure and the new child […]