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Five things we learned from the folly in the Commons on Wednesday

Oct 22 2020 — John Ivison — The folly around the confidence vote the Liberals survived in the House of Commons on Wednesday has never been more disconnected from the stress being endured by citizens, whose movement and ambitions have been constrained by the pandemic. A candidate who proposed to bar from public office anyone who expressed a desire to be a […]

Canada is heading into a ‘foggy’ fiscal future, new C.D. Howe report warns

Oct 20 2020 — John Ivison — The government leader in the House of Commons accused his political opponents of “paralyzing committees with partisanship” on Monday, apparently struck by amnesia about last week’s Liberal filibuster and the prorogation that stopped those same committees digging into the WE Charity affair. Pablo Rodriguez didn’t even blush as he portrayed the Conservatives as the thieves […]

Why the Liberals’ plastic plan may need recycling

Oct 7 2020 — John Ivison — I doubt I am the only householder to be shocked by the revelation of how small a percentage of plastic is recycled from the small mountain we lug to the curb in our blue boxes. Just nine per cent of the three million tonnes produced a year is re-used, with the rest ending up in […]

If Liberals fail during this next phase of COVID, so do many businesses

Oct 1 2020 — John Ivison — The address in reply to the speech from the throne is seldom a tribute to the political genius of the government, and Erin O’Toole’s maiden effort as Conservative leader was no exception. “Canadians deserve better than this Liberal government (which) was two months late in responding to the pandemic and whose clumsy response has made […]

It’s becoming impossible to tell Liberals and New Democrats apart, and the implications are unsettling

Sep 29 2020 — John Ivison — It is becoming tedious to keep warning that we’ll pay for the government’s improvidence, like a joyless man of the cloth admonishing his flock for their self-indulgence. An anxious electorate has indicated broad support for renewed income benefits and paid sick leave, which is understandable as the second COVID-19 wave washes in. The latest weekly […]