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Liberals’ pulpit diplomacy is more about feel-good than do-good

Aug 13 2018 — John Ivison — Certain things in public life should not be taken at face value — including election promises, government spending estimates and former ministers furthering their commercial interests under the guise of speaking about the national interest. John Baird’s appearance on the Saudi regime’s mouthpiece channel, Al Arabiya, complaining that the Trudeau government has been “poking a […]

On climate change, Conservatives and Liberals encourage the narcissism of small differences

Jul 30 2018 — John Ivison — Politics has always leaned heavily on social psychology but never more so than in these days of rabid polarization, where there is little interconnection between political tribes. Research published this month revealed the importance of what other people think when it comes to climate change policy differences between Republicans and Democrats. Those findings have profound […]

A new crew won’t change the direction HMCS Trudeau is heading

Jul 18 2018 — John Ivison — It was like one of Donald Trump’s verbal intensifiers. Before Wednesday’s cabinet shuffle the Liberals were focused on growing the economy and strengthening the middle class; after it, they became very, very focused. Before, they were great at being the government; now, they will be “super-duper,” to borrow from the president. The shuffle provided the […]

The Liberals’ Band-Aid solutions won’t fix asylum seeker problem

Jul 17 2018 — John Ivison — The Liberal government didn’t create the problem of floods of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally. Donald Trump did that when he signalled the U.S. would allow temporary protected status on significant migrant populations from countries like Haiti to expire. But the Liberals can be fairly blamed for making decisions that have exacerbated the problem […]

The Liberals plan to tell voters it’s Andrew Scheer who’s ‘just not ready’

Jul 9 2018 — John Ivison — Picture the scene: four people are gathered in Job Interview Room 115. “Some interesting resumés,” says one grey-haired gentleman. “Let’s talk about Andrew.” “Let’s look at the ‘experience’ section — there’s nothing about balancing a budget or making a payroll,” says a lady in her 30s. “So what are his policies?” says the older man. […]

Bourbon and steel price increases prompt a Congressional ‘jailbreak’ that may help Canada

Jun 28 2018 — John Ivison — Wednesday’s report from CTV News that Stephen Harper is set to make a “secret visit” to the White House on Monday suggests a crack in the Canadian consensus opposing Donald Trump’s trade policy. The initiative has “blind-sided” the Prime Minister’s Office, CTV said, prompting a reaction on social media. “Mr. Harper should be joining Team […]

Collateral damage from U.S. tariffs has already arrived in Canada

Jun 26 2018 — John Ivison — The human collateral damage of Donald Trump’s trade spoliation appeared in Ottawa Tuesday, to explain how the tariffs imposed by the U.S. on steel and aluminum imports are already causing hardship and job losses in Canada. The alarming testimony before an emergency meeting of the international trade committee suggested that without government assistance, previously healthy […]