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These are the people that are so angry at Justin Trudeau

Aug 30 2021 — John Ivison — W.C. Fields once said he never voted for anyone: “I always vote against.” That seems to be a fair summation of the protests dogging the Liberal campaign. There is volcanic anger, even loathing. But most protesters do not seem to be partisan – which is too bad for the Liberals, who would love to connect […]

At cancelled Trudeau rally, a level of anger not seen before

Aug 28 2021 — John Ivison — In two decades covering federal politics, I have never seen the kind of frenzied contempt directed at a politician as that aimed at Justin Trudeau at campaign events in Ontario on Friday. The hostility was focused on Trudeau’s vaccine policies but it was a broader, deeply malicious sense that Trudeau has changed the country in […]

Trudeau goes on attack as polls show Liberals losing ground

Aug 22 2021 — John Ivison — When Justin Trudeau called the federal election, he probably envisaged selling Liberal policies in Conservative-held ridings. A week later, he finds himself attacking Conservative policies in Liberal ridings that may flip to his political opponents if his fortunes don’t improve. As the first public opinion poll showing the Conservatives overtaking the Liberals appeared, so Trudeau’s […]

Even Trudeau’s overblown rhetoric can’t justify September election

Aug 16 2021 — John Ivison — Justin Trudeau has always veered towards grandiosity but his claim that the election he triggered by visiting the Governor General on Sunday morning is the “most important since 1945” is self-serving nonsense. The Liberal leader emerged into the sunshine at Rideau Hall and attempted to pre-empt the questions he knew were coming on the necessity […]

Showing Erin O’Toole a path to victory

Aug 10 2021 — John Ivison — With support for the leader in freefall, others — such as Pierre Poilievre — begin to shoe-horn their way toward the top spot. The only political communication to break through my self-imposed summer news blackout was an online ad by Pierre Poilievre that railed against price hikes on homes, food and gas. “Trudeau’s plan to […]