National Newswatch

Good news on the COVID vaccine front, but best to keep the celebrations in check for now

Feb 26 2021 — John Ivison — By any measure, Friday was a good news day for Canadians. Health Canada approved AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which will mean millions more Canadians will be protected against COVID sooner. The inoculation timelines released by provinces like Ontario are already obsolete, as the 20 million AstraZeneca doses are added to ramped up deliveries of the Pfizer-BioNTech and […]

Mandatory hotel quarantine is a good idea poorly executed

Feb 23 2021 — John Ivison — The Canadian businessman who lodged a court challenge to quash the Trudeau government’s quarantine hotel program did not generate much sympathy. With beach access from his home in Saint Martin, Dominic Colvin is hardly typical of the cash-strapped seniors that the Canadian Snowbird Association says would find it a hardship to pay the $2,000 for […]

Motion to recognize genocide in China was subversive but maybe not astute diplomacy

Feb 22 2021 — John Ivison — Parliament’s unanimous endorsement of the genocide motion is likely to prove counter-productive to attempts to release Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig. The Conservative Party attempted to embarrass the Liberal government by asking Parliament to recognize that China is committing genocide in its campaign of repression against its Uyghur Muslim minority. An amendment suggested by the […]

Report cards scold federal government over unchecked spending

Feb 17 2021 — John Ivison — It was report card day for Ottawa on Tuesday, as the International Monetary Fund released its appraisal of the federal government’s economic stewardship during the COVID-19 crisis. A team of IMF economists are regular visitors to Canada to offer a critical assessment of fiscal policy, under article IV of the Washington-based body’s articles of agreement. […]

Erin O’Toole must triangulate on federal carbon tax

Feb 17 2021 — John Ivison — Erin O’Toole has got a big decision to make on climate change – should he attempt to appropriate the Liberal’s environmental plan by adopting a consumer carbon tax? The Conservative leader told the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade last week that his election platform will cut greenhouse gas emissions faster than a Liberal plan that […]

Canada to lead global initiative against arbitrary detentions

Feb 15 2021 — John Ivison — Canada has not led a major diplomatic initiative on the international stage since the landmine ban treaty in the late 1990s. But on Monday, Foreign Affairs Minister Marc Garneau is scheduled to host the unveiling of the Declaration of Arbitrary Detention in State-to-State Relations, an agreement endorsed by 58 states and the European Union aimed […]

Canada’s need has never been greater for a Minister of Get It Done

Feb 10 2021 — John Ivison — The tragedy of Canada, as author John Robert Colombo noted, is that it could have enjoyed British government, French culture and American know-how. Instead, it ended up with British know-how, French government and American culture. The public’s tolerance for the current round of political miscalculations and bureaucratic inertia is being tested to the limit.