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Canada’s Prisons Are a Coronavirus Time Bomb, Say Guards and Inmates

Mar 27 2020 — Justin Ling — One of the guys in Michael’s institution went down to the dining hall, not feeling well. He started coughing. Then he vomited, right there, where the other guys were eating. Since then, inmates haven’t been allowed in the dining hall. This is prison in Canada in the era of COVID-19. For days, prisoners sat in […]

Carbon pricing: What’s the matter?

Mar 2 2020 — Justin Ling — Heading into the big game, there’s some disagreement about the score. Some say it’s 3-1. Others say it’s a more drawn-out 8-7. Whichever it is, it’s heading to the Supreme Court. That’s roughly the state of play after the Alberta Court of Appeal handed down its opinion on the federal carbon pricing scheme last month. […]

Does Jean Charest really want his record scrutinized?

Jan 17 2020 — Justin Ling — I always imagined it would happen in a dank and smokey bar. A woman in trenchcoat buttoned up to her ears would sit down, slide a manilla envelope to me across the rye-soaked table, and disappear as soon as she arrived. Pulling out the page inside, I’d take a deep breath and say: “Jean Charest? […]

Justin Trudeau fails yet another transparency test

Jan 15 2020 — Justin Ling — Four years ago, the Prime Minister’s Office announced something revolutionary: Justin Trudeau’s daily schedule would be public. The world would know what he was up to. Well, not that revolutionary. The U.S. president’s daily itinerary is both a matter of public record, and quite detailed. But in Canada, a land of polite secrecy, it was […]

NATO allies should do the unthinkable and listen to Donald Trump

Jan 8 2020 — Justin Ling — A tactical gamble from the Iranian regime and cooler heads in the White House appear to have averted full-scale conflict in the Middle East. For now, anyway. But if America’s NATO allies want to preserve the fragile peace in the region, they may have to do the unthinkable: Listen to President Donald Trump. The U.S. […]

Someone Call the Cops on Justin Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Pick

Nov 21 2019 — Justin Ling — It’s been a hell of a ride, but Bill Blair’s redemption story is complete. The former Toronto police chief, pushed out of the job just four years ago, is now Canada’s minister of public safety. It’s a nearly-unfathomable return to form for Blair, who faced criticism from all sides for his handling of the infamous […]

What Straight People Are Getting Wrong About Andrew Scheer’s Queer Problem​

Nov 12 2019 — Justin Ling — I am so tired of hearing straight people talk about gay marriage. From the endless questions thrown to (still) Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer about his opinions on gay marriage (or, as I call it, marriage), to his defenders in the press decrying the pro-marriage “jihad.” It’s a master class in missing the mark. It’s infuriating. […]

Ottawa halts weapon sales to Turkey after it invades Syria

Oct 15 2019 — Justin Ling — The Canadian government has suspended new weapons sales to Turkey as its NATO ally invades northern Syria. Global Affairs Canada confirmed that Ottawa has “temporarily suspended new export permits to Turkey.” Canada joins fellow NATO members Germany and France in pausing military sales to Ankara, as the Turkish army pushes into Kurdish territory in Syria. […]

The Strategy Behind All Those ‘Sarah From the Conservatives’ Texts

Sep 16 2019 — Justin Ling — If you’ve paid your cellphone bill in Canada in the past six months, you’ve no doubt received an unexpected text message from the Conservative Party soliciting your views on the upcoming election or the carbon tax. “Hi, it’s Sarah from the Conservative Party,” a typical text begins. “Can the Conservative Party count on your support […]

Conservative Senator Is an Active Member of a Far-Right Facebook Group

Aug 2 2019 — Justin Ling — A fringe Facebook group—run by a far-right activist whose protests have attracted conspiracy theorists, white supremacists, and neo-Nazis—featured three current Conservative MPs and a sitting Tory senator among it members. While the three MPs appear to be unwitting members of the group, Conservative Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu was happy to join the conversation. The Canadian Coalition […]