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Russian Pranksters Duped Canadian Politicians Looking to Hear From Putin Critic

May 4 2021 — Justin Ling — A pair of Russian pranksters, pretending to be imprisoned Russian dissident Alexei Navalny’s right-hand man, duped the Canadian House of Commons foreign affairs committee during a closed-door meeting in late April. On April 22, the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development held a meeting to hear about the plight of Navalny—and they called […]

Canada’s public health data meltdown

Apr 7 2021 — Justin Ling — For weeks, Canadians have been casting their envious eyes to Israel, where more than half the country has been inoculated against COVID-19. Israel, less than a quarter the size of Canada, has administered nearly twice as many doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The Middle Eastern country has some innate advantages: It is small and centralized, […]

Justin Trudeau Says Solitary Confinement Is ‘Unacceptable’ Following Report Saying His Government Uses Solitary Confinement

Mar 3 2021 — Justin Ling — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it is “unacceptable” that his government continues to use solitary confinement in federal prisons. Asked by VICE World News on Wednesday about new data showing that the unconstitutional practice of solitary confinement, and outright torture, is commonplace in Canada’s prisons, Trudeau did not say what he would actually do to […]

Canada Introduces New Bill to Reduce Small-Time Drug Prosecutions

Feb 18 2021 — Justin Ling — The Trudeau government has unveiled sweeping new justice legislation, aimed to ramp down prosecutions for drug crimes and address the growing problem of over-incarcerating Black and Indigenous peoples. The new law, if passed, would prioritize treatment for drug users, instead of prosecution and possible incarceration. While not full drug decriminalization, it is a step forward […]

This Controversial Canadian Senator Donated to Trump’s Re-Election Effort, Violating Campaign Finance Laws

Oct 27 2020 — Justin Ling — A controversial Canadian senator donated to Donald Trump’s re-election effort, violating U.S. campaign finance law in the process, amid an election where accusations of foreign influence and cash are flying back and forth. In early May, Senator Lynn Beyak made a $300 contribution to the Republican National Committee, per a publicly available Federal Electoral Commission […]

Seven Chief Public Health Officers Call for Drug Decriminalization, But Justin Trudeau Isn’t Budging

Sep 2 2020 — Justin Ling — The chief public health officers of British Columbia, Vancouver, Yukon, Quebec, Toronto, and Montreal have all endorsed the decriminalization of illicit drugs for personal use. Canada’s chief public health officer says it’s time to start discussing it. The premier of B.C. and the mayor of Vancouver have both implored Ottawa to stop using police to […]

Head of Panel Reviewing Solitary Confinement Blasts Trudeau Government

Aug 28 2020 — Justin Ling — Criminologist Anthony Doob isn’t accepting the Trudeau government’s vague offer to return to his role as chair of an independent review panel, tasked with overseeing the elimination of solitary confinement in Canada. “I told the Minister that reassurances, promises, commitments, etc., about getting the data were not sufficient for me even to consider accepting a […]

Justin Trudeau’s Billion Dollar Scandal Is a Story of Power, Branding, and Charity

Jul 22 2020 — Justin Ling — It’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s summer scandal. He and his finance minister are under investigation from an ethics watchdog. Two Parliamentary committees have started investigating the affair and want Trudeau to testify. In the middle of it all is a $912 million contract, awarded without competition to the Canadian-founded WE Charity, a household name thanks […]

How Canadian Bureaucracy Botched a Critical Ebola Treatment

Jun 30 2020 — Justin Ling — In labs around the world, researchers are furiously working on ways to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Therapies to treat the symptoms, antivirals to combat the novel coronavirus itself, and ultimately vaccines to defend the public from the fast-spreading bug. Some labs have been preparing for years. At the world’s most secure facilities—Level 4 laboratories like […]

Reforms to RCMP, Canadian justice system coming as protests sweep world, public safety minister says

Jun 11 2020 — Justin Ling — Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says Canada’s justice system needs to change in light of the international protests for police reform. Blair, speaking exclusively to National Post, previewed changes coming to civilian oversight of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; possible new requirements on how the RCMP tracks use of force incidents, and how his government […]