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Justin Trudeau’s Billion Dollar Scandal Is a Story of Power, Branding, and Charity

Jul 22 2020 — Justin Ling — It’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s summer scandal. He and his finance minister are under investigation from an ethics watchdog. Two Parliamentary committees have started investigating the affair and want Trudeau to testify. In the middle of it all is a $912 million contract, awarded without competition to the Canadian-founded WE Charity, a household name thanks […]

How Canadian Bureaucracy Botched a Critical Ebola Treatment

Jun 30 2020 — Justin Ling — In labs around the world, researchers are furiously working on ways to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. Therapies to treat the symptoms, antivirals to combat the novel coronavirus itself, and ultimately vaccines to defend the public from the fast-spreading bug. Some labs have been preparing for years. At the world’s most secure facilities—Level 4 laboratories like […]

Reforms to RCMP, Canadian justice system coming as protests sweep world, public safety minister says

Jun 11 2020 — Justin Ling — Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says Canada’s justice system needs to change in light of the international protests for police reform. Blair, speaking exclusively to National Post, previewed changes coming to civilian oversight of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police; possible new requirements on how the RCMP tracks use of force incidents, and how his government […]

Extradition ruling almost certain to be litigated further

May 28 2020 — Justin Ling — It’s been 160 years since a Toronto court ordered John Anderson, an escaped slave, sent back to Missouri to stand accused of murdering a slave owner in self-defence. More than a century-and-a-half hasn’t changed the principles of the law — and politics — around extradition. The B.C. Supreme Court, on Wednesday, denied a motion from […]

The Government Said It’s Releasing Many Inmates to Combat COVID-19. It’s Not

May 1 2020 — Justin Ling — Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, the man responsible for Canada’s federal prisons, has said that “literally hundreds” of inmates have been released amid the threat of COVID-19. Blair says he has personally instructed both the federal prisons system and the national parole board to “to use their authorities to facilitate the release of inmates.”

Canada’s Prisons Are a Coronavirus Time Bomb, Say Guards and Inmates

Mar 27 2020 — Justin Ling — One of the guys in Michael’s institution went down to the dining hall, not feeling well. He started coughing. Then he vomited, right there, where the other guys were eating. Since then, inmates haven’t been allowed in the dining hall. This is prison in Canada in the era of COVID-19. For days, prisoners sat in […]

Carbon pricing: What’s the matter?

Mar 2 2020 — Justin Ling — Heading into the big game, there’s some disagreement about the score. Some say it’s 3-1. Others say it’s a more drawn-out 8-7. Whichever it is, it’s heading to the Supreme Court. That’s roughly the state of play after the Alberta Court of Appeal handed down its opinion on the federal carbon pricing scheme last month. […]

Does Jean Charest really want his record scrutinized?

Jan 17 2020 — Justin Ling — I always imagined it would happen in a dank and smokey bar. A woman in trenchcoat buttoned up to her ears would sit down, slide a manilla envelope to me across the rye-soaked table, and disappear as soon as she arrived. Pulling out the page inside, I’d take a deep breath and say: “Jean Charest? […]