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Business groups warn ‘clock is ticking’ for Canada-U.K. trade deal

Sep 21 2020 — Janyce McGregor — With only three months to go, businesses that trade between Canada and the United Kingdom are worried about not having a post-Brexit deal in place. Although the United Kingdom left the European Union in January, the terms of the EU’s Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada continue to apply until Dec. 31, offering […]

How new American tariffs on Canadian aluminum could backfire

Jun 24 2020 — Janyce McGregor — If the Trump administration buys the argument that Canadian aluminum exports have surged and slaps a 10 per cent tariff back on products imported from Canada, the move could end up hurting Americans instead, warns the head of the association representing Canada’s aluminum producers. “Canada stands to win more in a situation like this,” said […]

Ontario’s auto sector returns to work under a COVID-19 cloud of doubt

May 23 2020 — Janyce McGregor — Thousands of Ontario auto workers are returning to work this month, resuming their places in the supply chain as the North American industry’s ecosystem slowly wakes from its COVID-19 coma. Their road ahead won’t be easy. Assembly lines face new health and safety concerns. The market they serve is sputtering. And a massive regulatory shift […]

New U.K. tariff list ramps up urgency of Canada-U.K. trade talks

May 19 2020 — Janyce McGregor — The United Kingdom has revised its global tariff strategy, laying out for Canada and other trading partners the rates that will apply to their exports as of Jan. 1, 2021 — and in the process, setting out Britain’s starting position for future bilateral trade talks. The new list published Tuesday replaces a temporary regime announced […]

Not so ready-to-pick: growers have been left hanging by COVID-19

May 17 2020 — Janyce McGregor — In any year, a series of early May frosts killing off tens of thousands of dollars worth of asparagus might keep Norfolk County’s asparagus growers up at night. But this year, Ontario produce farmers have another problem: not enough workers to pick their crop, with the first harvest starting this weekend. “This will go down […]

Federal plan to redirect $50M in surplus food not as simple as it sounds

May 14 2020 — Janyce McGregor — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a $50 million surplus food purchase program last week, it seemed like a win-win: instead of letting the food that restaurants can’t use right now go to waste, the federal government would help redistribute excess inventory to organizations that help feed vulnerable populations. But what the food sector wants […]

MPs to debate increasing dairy commission’s borrowing limit

May 13 2020 — Janyce McGregor — The House of Commons reconvenes today to debate legislation to permanently increase the Canadian Dairy Commission’s (CDC) borrowing limit to half a billion dollars. The Crown corporation intends to purchase more surplus butter and cheese to help farmers and processors weather the COVID-19 pandemic. On May 5, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Agriculture and Agri-Food […]