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Getting out from under Canada’s retaliatory tariffs can be a ‘heavy lift’

Aug 12 2018 — Janyce McGregor — The federal government has yet to make public any instances of Finance Minister Bill Morneau relieving a business of the burden of paying the retaliatory tariffs Canada levied against American products on July 1. Meanwhile, Americans are exempting some businesses from paying their original steel and aluminum tariffs — through a process a U.S. Senate […]

Canada braced for hard bargaining on dairy when NAFTA talks resume

Aug 10 2018 — Janyce McGregor — The United States has unfinished business with Canada’s supply-managed dairy, egg and poultry sectors if bargaining to modernize the North American Free Trade Agreement gets down to the short strokes this fall. U.S. farmers could have sold more of their products into Canada under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement between 12 Pacific Rim countries […]

No ‘deals under pressure’: EU takes trade worries to White House

Jul 25 2018 — Janyce McGregor — U.S. President Donald Trump bragged on Twitter Tuesday that “everybody’s talking” now and ready to negotiate trade terms with the United States because of his administration’s aggressive tariff policy. But there’s no evidence the White House is listening to the chorus of voices advising against his presumptive follow-up tariff target: auto imports. There’s also no […]

Doug Ford’s first premiers’ meeting more cordial than confrontational

Jul 21 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Opinions varied on what Doug Ford might do when he gathered with other premiers at this week’s Council of the Federation in Saint Andrew’s, N.B. Would the new Ontario premier want to make a big splash? Or hang back at his first summer premiers’ meeting, listening and strategizing? Ontario premiers have traditionally played a consensus-build

Provinces agree to raise personal exemption for interprovincial booze sales

Jul 20 2018 — Janyce McGregor — The amount of liquor individuals can bring across a provincial boundary for personal use is set to double, following a deal struck at the Council of the Federation meetings late Thursday in Saint Andrews, N.B. Canada’s provinces and territories, which have jurisdiction over the sale of alcohol, formed a working group on alcoholic beverages last […]

Ontario to back Saskatchewan court reference on federal carbon tax plan

Jul 19 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Premier Doug Ford announced Thursday that Ontario will intervene in support of Saskatchewan’s court reference case, challenging the federal government’s right to impose a carbon tax on provinces that don’t comply with its climate change plan. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe and his Ontario counterpart on Wednesday evening after arriving in Saint Andrews, N.B., for two […]

A winning formula? China invests in Canadian dairy to help feed its baby boom

Aug 2 2017 — Janyce McGregor — Donald Trump called Canada’s supply-managed dairy sector a “disgrace.” Indeed, Canada’s strict system of production quotas, import restrictions and price and quality controls is a perennial target for free traders. But guess who likes it? The biggest market Canada is wooing right now: China. Supply management is a big reason why a Chinese corporation is […]

Canada gives in to EU concerns, revises plan for European cheese imports

Aug 1 2017 — Janyce McGregor — Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne has disappointed Canada’s dairy industry with a reworked plan for how nearly 18,000 tonnes of European cheeses will be imported once Canada-EU trade deal takes effect in September. A much-anticipated announcement came Tuesday on how Canada will allocate tariff rate quota (TRQ) for 16,000 tonnes of fine cheese and 1,700 tonnes […]

Trump administration reveals goals ahead of NAFTA talks with Canada, Mexico

Jul 17 2017 — Janyce McGregor — United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer has released his negotiating objectives ahead of talks to revise the North American Free Trade Agreement next month, and several will pose problems for Canada at the bargaining table. In an 18-page summary released Monday, the USTR outlines how the U.S. will seek to eliminate NAFTA’s Chapter 19 dispute […]