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Canada quietly concludes additional auto talks with Japan

Dec 15 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Canada and Japan have agreed to additional trade rules on motor vehicle safety and environmental standards, according to a side letter tabled in the House of Commons Tuesday. The new measures take effect with the rest of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) trade deal on Dec. 30. North American auto manufacturers — Fiat […]

Premiers vent over climate ‘goal posts’ and internal trade at first ministers meeting

Dec 7 2018 — Janyce McGregor — The federal-provincial bluster leading up to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s fourth first ministers meeting didn’t translate into any dramatic showdowns. But as the talks wrapped up in Montreal Friday, it became clear the tension didn’t lend itself to any tangible progress, either. Several days of public bickering over the agenda, including a threat from Ontario […]

Canadian dairy processors quietly awarded benefits from new CPTPP imports

Dec 5 2018 — Janyce McGregor — While the dairy industry was warning about concessions forced upon Canada in the new North American free trade deal text last week, the federal government quietly awarded Canadian dairy processors almost exclusive rights to import nearly all of the dairy products set to arrive soon from countries like New Zealand under the new Comprehensive and […]

Confusion abounds over plans to sign NAFTA’s replacement on Friday

Nov 29 2018 — Janyce McGregor — As the clock continues to count down to a Friday signing ceremony for the revised North American trade agreement, the Canadian government still has not confirmed that it’s actually taking part. Mexico’s chief trade negotiator, Kenneth Smith Ramos, said on Twitter Thursday morning that he was on his way to Buenos Aires, Argentina to participate […]

Trudeau says government ‘still in discussions’ with U.S. on USMCA signing

Nov 28 2018 — Janyce McGregor — With roughly three hours to go before boarding a flight to Argentina for a meeting of G20 leaders, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this afternoon Canada is “still in discussions with the Americans” about signing the revised North American trade agreement at the summit. At a White House press briefing Tuesday, Donald Trump’s economic adviser […]

With three days to go until signing ceremony, USMCA text still not final

Nov 27 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Three days away from the target date for all three countries to officially sign the revised North American trade agreement, Canada and the United States are still haggling over what the deal actually says. An annex on duties Canada imposes on U.S. dairy, egg and poultry products that was posted online by the Trump administration […]

‘Striking’ APEC confrontation causes uncertainty ahead of G20

Nov 19 2018 — Janyce McGregor — The opening photo call at the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) summit Saturday turned out to be a useful roadmap for what unfolded in Papua New Guinea’s capital this past weekend. Front and centre in the shot: Xi Jinping. Stiff and straight, offering an authoritarian smile. Maybe it was the alphabet that put the Chinese president […]

APEC talks conclude without communique amid U.S.-China trade tensions

Nov 18 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Leaders have left the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Papua New Guinea without coming to a consensus on a final communique to describe what was agreed to at their talks. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told a late afternoon news conference in Port Moresby that when he left the summit, it appeared to be issuing only […]

Trudeau and Chinese premier reveal progress, even without formal trade talks

Nov 14 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Canada may not be in comprehensive trade negotiations with China, but a laundry list of outcomes from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hour-long meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday hints at what may be accomplished even without official talks. Canada also hopes to start official negotiations on a trade agreement with the Association of […]

Trudeau’s Singapore pitch: Canada ‘just getting started’ on trade

Nov 13 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Singapore on Tuesday afternoon primed to make his pitch to a Singapore business audience: Amid new barriers to trading with the U.S., why not consider Canada? Trudeau has a busy three days planned at the margins of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and East Asia summits. Canada […]

Trudeau to mark centenary of First World War armistice at Vimy Ridge, Paris

Nov 9 2018 — Janyce McGregor — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended the First World War at events in France this weekend — the first leg of a lengthy globe-circling journey that includes two major Asia-Pacific summits next week. The prime minister is expected to arrive early Saturday morning in northern France, heading […]