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Brison was a bright light who personified sunny ways

Jan 12 2019 — Jim Meek — Scott Brison, who hails from an area of Nova Scotia where the phrase “old Tory warhorse” might have been coined, marked his resignation from cabinet this week by celebrating his husband Maxime Saint-Pierre and their twin daughters. Brison’s story — he ran for the leadership of Canada’s two major political parties and became its first […]

Morneau’s credibility meltdown spectacular

Oct 22 2017 — Jim Meek — Finance Minister Bill Morneau has seen the enemy and it is he — or “him” if you like the language of the street. It turns out Morneau was the guy using a tax loophole; he was the multi-millionaire with a secret villa in France; he was the cabinet minister who waited till his neck was […]

Toss Trudeau’s misbegotten tax scheme onto the ash heap

Oct 7 2017 — Jim Meek — Aside from the duplicity of the Trudeau government’s tax attack on small business, you have to question the politics at play. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s tax “reforms” have Liberal backbenchers squirming in their constituencies, friendly premiers worried about losing doctors to the United States, and old allies questioning their loyalty to the Grits. Admittedly, Canadians […]

Why the climate change deniers are winning

May 7 2016 — Jim Meek — Green Party leader Elizabeth May got herself into a spot of bother this week by talking about climate change as Fort McMurray was being evacuated. Indeed, Elizabeth of the Margaree — she was raised on Cape Breton Island — endured a lecture from our Justin as the fires burned unchecked on the scorched western plain. […]

Sorry, Mr. Pearson, there’s no peace to keep

Feb 15 2016 — Jim Meek — Governing Canada is a simple job — for about eight weeks every four years. During an election campaign, running the country seems as easy as a February margarita by a Caribbean pool. During the 2015 campaign, for instance, Prime-Minister- in-Waiting Justin Trudeau was clear about his view of Canada’s bombing campaign against the Islamic state. […]

Pipeline paralysis, vacuum of environmental leadership

Dec 6 2014 — Jim Meek — Ever get the feeling this country couldn’t build a pipeline if its life depended on it? I’m starting to, as the usual heap of scorn gets dumped on the Energy East pipeline proposal. Energy East, like the Northern Gateway and the Keystone XL pipelines before it, was supposed to move Alberta crude to world markets. […]

Trudeau shallow, callow, but he’s not Steve

Oct 11 2014 — Jim Meek — I confess a longstanding weakness for the blarney of Brian Mulroney, and I figure his assessment of Justin Trudeau is bang-on. The former prime minister, a Tory, says the Liberal leader may only need one policy, going into the next federal election — “he’s not Stephen Harper.” Mulroney’s a big-picture thinker — if he were […]

Watchdogs, whistleblowers, snoops & narcissists

Mar 1 2014 — Jim Meek — Once you know the Department of Defence put horses on the payroll in 1952, it doesn’t surprise you that it spent $14,000 last year to determine what Canadians think of superheroes. The superhero survey was highlighted this week when the annual Teddy Awards, recognizing the “best of the worst in government waste” in 2014, were […]

Harper the bus driver running low on loyalty

Oct 26 2013 — Jim Meek — Ever wonder how many people will fit under Stephen Harper’s bus? The prime minister’s loyalists struggled to throw three of the living dead into the path of the moving wheels this week — senators Mike Duffy, Patrick Brazeau and Pamela Wallin. Political homicide was the only strategy left to the Harper team, after the trio […]

A ‘values’ vote helps sweep McNeil into power

Oct 9 2013 — Jim Meek — After decades of electing assorted mucky-mucks to the province’s top political job, Nova Scotians have put a community college graduate and former appliance repairman in the premier’s office. In the 43 years before Tuesday’s vote, Nova Scotians elected four lawyers, two doctors and one teacher to the premier’s office. Yes, other men have occupied the […]