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Lobbying commissioner clears Rob Silver, who is husband of PM’s chief of staff

Jun 10 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Rob Silver, the husband of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief of staff, has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the federal lobbying commissioner. Nancy Belanger says Silver spent about 70 minutes cumulatively talking to public office holders about two different emergency aid programs on behalf of mortgage finance company MCAP. She says MCAP […]

Medically assisted deaths rising as Canadians grow more comfortable with the idea

Jun 7 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Almost 7,600 Canadians received medical assistance to end their lives last year, continuing a trend of steady annual increases in cases since the procedure was legalized in 2016. Health Canada official Abby Hoffman provided the lastest statistics Monday at a meeting of the newly launched joint parliamentary committee that is reviewing Canada's assisted […]

Tories foil bid to cut short debate on bill to regulate online streaming services

Jun 4 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — An attempt by the Trudeau government to speed up controversial legislation to regulate online streaming services brought the House of Commons to a virtual standstill Friday. The minority Liberal government, with the support of the Bloc Québécois, had hoped to pass a motion to impose time allocation on a Commons committee that has […]

Liberals tap text messaging platform to directly connect with Canadians

Jun 4 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — The Liberal Party of Canada has adopted a new digital tool to more directly reach supporters and potential voters — the same one increasingly used by celebrities to interact more intimately with their fans through text messages. The party boasts that it is the first political party in the world to use Community, […]

Royal assent given to bill creating national day for truth and reconciliation

Jun 3 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — A bill creating a statutory holiday to commemorate the tragic legacy of residential schools in Canada received royal assent Thursday after passing unanimously in the Senate. The swift passage of Bill C-5 means Sept. 30 will become the first of what is to be an annual national day for truth and reconciliation. Both […]

Mike Duffy retires after career tainted by Senate expenses scandal

May 26 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Mike Duffy is retiring from the Senate, a parliamentary chamber that has been fundamentally transformed as a result of his turbulent 12-year term as a senator.Duffy was the central figure in the expenses scandal that rocked the upper house to its foundations in 2012 and eventually led to 31 criminal charges against him.He […]

Senate’s old guard and new guard clash over role of independent senators

May 25 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Two senators are seeking disciplinary measures against one another in what boils down to a clash between the new and old guards in the Senate.The dispute is between Sen. Pierre Dalphond, one of the new, more independent, less partisan senators, and Sen. Don Plett, leader of the Conservative Senate caucus, the last remaining […]

Hundreds of complaints about false statements during 2019 campaign investigated

May 12 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Elections commissioner Yves Cote says his office investigated some 400 complaints about false statements allegedly made during the 2019 federal election campaign.He says all but two or three have been resolved and none have been prosecuted.While 400 may seem like a large number, Cote says the complaints were clustered around roughly a half-dozen […]

BQ calls on Liberals to avoid pandemic election, despite voting non-confidence

May 12 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — After repeatedly voting non-confidence in the minority Liberal government, the Bloc Quebecois is now calling on the government to do everything possible to avoid an election during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-Francois Blanchet will use an opposition day Thursday to debate a motion calling on the House of Commons to declare […]

PM’s chief of staff offers to testify on Vance sexual misconduct allegations

May 6 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's chief of staff has offered to testify at a House of Commons committee investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against Canada's former top military commander. Katie Telford wrote members of the defence committee Thursday, offering to testify at their meeting Friday. Opposition parties have been demanding she appear to explain […]

Kenney under fire during Commons emergency debate on Alberta’s COVID-19 crisis

May 5 2021 — Joan Bryden — OTTAWA — Alberta's legislature may have been silenced but its partisan warfare relocated Wednesday to the House of Commons as MPs held an emergency debate on the province's soaring number of COVID-19 cases. Edmonton New Democrat MP Heather McPherson requested the debate and used it to blast Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's handling of the health […]