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The myth of 100% renewable energy

Jul 25 2017 — John Barrett — A debate has erupted in the climate science community about a Stanford University professor’s high-profile 2015 study that claimed all of the US’ energy requirements could be met with 100 per cent renewable by mid-century, largely using wind, water and solar with energy storage.  This debate has the potential to impact national policy and Canada’s […]

Ontario’s Nuclear Advantage: Low-cost electricity, jobs & growth, health & clean air

Feb 23 2017 — John Barrett — Ontario has a nuclear advantage.  Unfortunately, many in the province don’t realize it — or how much it benefits them.  The Ontario Government’s Long-Term Energy Plan, expected to be released shortly, provides a timely opportunity for some fresh thinking about nuclear energy. When we flick on the lights, turn on the computer, or charge electric […]