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A basic income program is far from the ‘slam dunk’ many believe

May 23 2020 — John Milloy — Is a basic income on the horizon? Advocates would say “absolutely”. It seems a day doesn’t go by without another opinion piece pointing out that the pandemic has created the ideal conditions for its adoption here in Canada. People want radical change, especially for people who are struggling. COVID-19 may render millions permanently unemployed and […]

There is no quick or cheap way to fix our long-term care system

May 11 2020 — John Milloy — COVID-19 has shone a light on some of our society’s worst injustices. Our long-term care system is a prime example. The news cycle has been dominated by stories of overworked and underpaid staff, working in overcrowded and aging facilities that are subject to minimal inspection. “Do something” and “do it now” has been the cry […]

Ontario Liberal leadership hopefuls need to speak out on their personal worldviews

Dec 23 2019 — John Milloy — Ontario Liberals are in the middle of a leadership contest and, depending on who wins, Liberals could be making some fairly bold promises in the next provincial election: eliminating public funding of Catholic schools; free public transit; a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform; a basic income program; or the nomination of 30 Liberal candidates under […]

Religion and politics don’t need to be adversaries

Nov 15 2019 — John Milloy — There were many casualties in our recent federal election: truth, civility and reasoned public debate – to name only three. The greatest wounds, however, appear to have been inflicted on the notion that people of faith can contribute — in a positive way — to political discourse. Instead, we witnessed religious faith caricatured, maligned and […]

Religion and politics: How Andrew Scheer might find his JFK moment

Sep 14 2019 — John Milloy — In a recent opinion piece, National Post columnist John Ivison encouraged Andrew Scheer to directly confront those trying to portray him as an ultra-conservative Catholic harbouring a secret agenda to ban abortion and curb LGBTQ rights. Ivison suggested Scheer adopt the strategy used by John F. Kennedy during the 1960 election campaign. Trying to reassure voters […]

A premier and his cellphone

Aug 4 2019 — John Milloy — There was something endearing about Doug Ford’s unusual habit of giving out his personal cellphone number to anyone and everyone. He invited them to call or text him with questions or concerns. The practice was so unorthodox that when he ended it a few weeks ago it made headlines. According to Ford’s office, the phone […]

Premier Ford: You need to change more than just your players

Jul 2 2019 — John Milloy — It’s not the best of times for Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives. As they begin their second year in office, the Ford government is trailing in the polls and the premier keeps being booed at public events. Although the recent cabinet overhaul and subsequent departure of the premier’s chief of staff may help, a big part of […]