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Doug Ford has no mandate to sell off the Greenbelt

Nov 29 2022 — John Milloy — The Ford government is messing with the Greenbelt and Ontarians should be furious. I say this as someone who was part of the McGuinty government that brought the Greenbelt to life in 2005 — one of the most important accomplishments of my time in office. The idea was simple — take two million acres of […]

This should be the Green Party’s moment

Aug 30 2022 — John Milloy — As the world burns, the federal Green Party leadership race officially opens this week. According to one media report, party members have made many suggestions about how to showcase candidates. Beyond the usual debates, some want those vying for the top job to participate in an open mic night or engage in on-line game competitions. […]

Politicians should admit their dumb mistakes

Jun 27 2022 — John Milloy — I can finally admit it: during my 20 years as a political staffer and elected politician I was involved in many political coverups. Don’t get too excited, they weren’t the type of coverups that you see in movies or read about in political thrillers — no Canadian versions of Watergate, Irangate or any other gate. […]

Why the Ontario Liberals and NDP should not merge

Jun 6 2022 — John Milloy — Should the Ontario Liberals and the NDP merge? As both parties lick their wounds after a devastating election defeat, having them join forces seems like a logical next step. A united left could have theoretically beaten Doug Ford. Progressive values would have reigned in Ontario and all would be well. It sure is tempting for […]

Some tips for Doug Ford during his second term in office

Jun 4 2022 — John Milloy — Although the size of Doug Ford’s election victory was surprising, the fact that he won was hardly shocking. Voters often reward first-term governments with another mandate. Now for the tricky part — the second term. Second-term governments are strange animals. On the one hand, those in power better understand the intricacies of governing. At the […]

Election debates lack real purpose

May 20 2022 — John Milloy — Why do we have leaders’ debates? I suspect those Ontarians who bothered to watch the most-recent election debate are probably asking themselves that very question — I know that I am. It’s not that there was anything particularly wrong with the evening and kudos to both the moderators and party leaders for all trying their […]

The Bloc demonstrated a shallow understanding of religion, a narrow view of secularism, and a lack of imagination in trying to end prayer in the House of Commons

May 18 2022 — John Milloy — Don’t blame me. With all that is going on in the world, it wasn’t I who decided that the House of Commons should spend a full day last week discussing whether to continue opening their daily session with a prayer. Nevertheless, for those interested in the intersection between faith and politics, the debate on the […]

Let’s take a deep breath over Roe V. Wade

May 7 2022 — John Milloy — Could we all take a deep breath? A leaked draft decision from the U.S. Supreme Court about abortion has created a bizarre political firestorm here in Canada. The most dangerous place to be these days is between a live microphone and a Canadian politician wanting to tell us how they will fight until their dying […]

What’s Doug Ford got to hide in his mandate letters?

Apr 5 2022 — John Milloy — Premier Doug Ford doesn’t want you to see his ministerial mandate letters. In fact, he is so determined that you never see them that he is taking his case to the Supreme Court of Canada — all on the taxpayer’s dime. With so many other things to worry about — high gas prices, rising COVID-19 […]

The role of religion in the Ottawa protest

Mar 1 2022 — John Milloy — The end of the “freedom convoy” in Ottawa has already led to much soul searching — how could it have happened? One of the topics certain to be discussed is the role that the Christian faith played in the protest. There were a lot of Christians up in Ottawa — you could see it in […]

Election forum shows how religion and politics can indeed mix

Sep 10 2021 — John Milloy — It has become almost accepted wisdom in Canada that religion and politics should never mix. That doesn’t mean that politicians don’t like to talk about religion. On the contrary, many seem to enjoy talking about it as long as they can cast it in the most-damning light possible. The current federal campaign is no exception. […]