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Basic income program gave people enough to move on

Sep 4 2018 — John Milloy — Einstein apparently never defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Someone else did. Regardless of who said it, the sentiment applies nicely to the Ford government’s approach to poverty reduction. Their plan is simple: Kill the basic income pilot, halve expected increases and take 100 days to […]

An “Atlantic Community” to bolster the West

Aug 15 2018 — John Milloy — Is the West falling apart? Although news of the West’s demise may be premature, the increasingly erratic policies of US President Donald Trump are placing enormous pressure on the military and nonmilitary ties that bind us. And it’s not just the United States. Britain’s exit from the European Union, no matter how amicable the eventual […]

Reforming Parliament: Time to hear from all the players

Jun 20 2018 — John Milloy — Is representative democracy in Canada in trouble? The Samara Centre for Democracy, a Canadian charity working to improve politics thinks so.  Their recently released report, Flip the Script, paints a grim picture of Canada’s system of elected representation.  Based on interviews with 54 Members of Parliament exiting after the 2105 federal election, it portrays a hyper-partisan House […]

Congratulations on winning the election — now what?

Jun 9 2018 — John Milloy — Elections by their very nature produce those who are victorious and those who are defeated. For both, the resulting upheaval to their lives can be dramatic. Thursday’s provincial election was no exception. For some, it means heading to Queen’s Park as a newly elected Member of Provincial Parliament. For others, it marks the end of […]

An all-candidates’ debates survival guide

May 12 2018 — John Milloy — Ontario’s election campaign has officially begun and those poor souls who have decided to put their names on the ballot are about to start one of the most intense periods of their lives: The equivalent of being asked to write a final exam, play the star forward in a championship game, and shine on a […]

A papal apology? Bishops need to get their story straight

Apr 25 2018 — John Milloy — Should Pope Francis visit Canada and apologize for his church’s role in the horrors of the residential school system? The ham-fisted way that Canada’s Catholic bishops have handled this question is threatening to destroy any remaining credibility they have on Indigenous issues and is undermining their influence in other public policy debates. The request seems […]

They fixed the price of bread! Why does nobody seem to care?

Feb 27 2018 — John Milloy — We live in a world of public outrage. Whether we are talking about sexual misconduct, the US gun culture, injustices against Canada’s Indigenous Peoples or even efforts by Tim Hortons to penalize their lowest-paid employees, people are saying: Enough is enough – this kind of behaviour must stop! In the words of Howard Beale, the […]

Ontario’s legislative session hasn’t even begun and MPPs are probably already wondering when they can go home.

Feb 16 2018 — John Milloy — Watching the three-ring circus that passes for Ontario politics these days, you forget that the legislature hasn’t even started its spring session. When it does begin next week, it is certain to be a wild ride. With an election in early June, the stakes are high. And for the PCs, caught in a leadership soap opera, this […]