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Compared to the Ford budget, Rae Days may not seem so bad

Apr 8 2019 — John Milloy — Although there is much speculation about the details of the Doug Ford government’s first budget, there is no doubt about its overall theme — spending cuts. Finance Minister Vic Fedeli seems poised to deliver a “tough-love,” “it’s-worse-than-anyone-thought,” “slash-and-burn” budget on April 11. The signs are everywhere. Since taking office, the Ford government ended the Ontario […]

Doug Ford government’s ham-fisted handling of autism reform

Mar 11 2019 — John Milloy — My heart goes out to parents of children with autism. They advocate for their kids with courage and I understand why they are angry with the government’s plan to cap treatment dollars. I also feel for the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services, Lisa MacLeod. Her heart is in the right place and as […]

Yes! Reform the PMO! But it’s easier said than done

Feb 20 2019 — John Milloy — Gerald Butts has resigned and Ottawa is awash with speculation about the next chapter in the SNC-Lavalin affair. My take on it is simple — I have absolutely no idea. And in the interests of full disclosure, I worked with Gerald at Queen’s Park and found him to be a capable and honourable fellow. What I do know, however, is that as the dust settles on this […]

Ontario Liberals’ existential crisis

Feb 10 2019 — John Milloy — Leadership fever has hit the Ontario Liberal Party. Liberal circles are full of gossip and speculation about who will replace Kathleen Wynne. There are even signs of the type of drama and intrigue that often accompanies these contests. The Liberal’s June annual meeting will be entertaining. Party members will face questions about the timing of […]

Doug Ford’s pre-Christmas attack on accountability

Jan 14 2019 — John Milloy — Several years ago a group of prominent Canadian authors were asked to come up with the three most boring words in the English language. Their answer: officers of parliament. OK, I made that up. But you have to admit discussions around the role of independent agents of the legislature ranks pretty high on the boring […]

Doug Ford and gun control

Dec 1 2018 — John Milloy — You can’t accuse Doug Ford of being inactive. Despite spending long hours fighting with the feds, dealing with sexual misconduct scandals and holding show trials of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals, our busy premier still has enough energy to dismantle government programs and eliminate officers of the legislature. Ford’s activist streak stops, however, when it comes […]

Ford is an opportunist who has an answer for every question, but is it the right answer?

Nov 5 2018 — John Milloy — Although I am not Doug Ford’s biggest fan, I do have some grudging respect for his political prowess. His ability to tap into Ontarians’ frustrations is impressive. Smart politics, however, doesn’t always equal good policy. A perfect example is the premier’s crusade against the way Ontario’s schools teach math. The Tories recently made the surprise […]

Our dirty little secret: No one has a monopoly on fairness

Oct 16 2018 — John Milloy — What do debates over Canada’s refugee policy, Ontario’s basic income pilot and Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination all have in common? It can be summed up in one word — fairness. Like so many policy discussions taking place today, proponents on both sides of these issues are desperately trying position themselves as representing the only […]

Fading accountability a crisis in our political system

Oct 1 2018 — John Milloy — I can’t decide whether recent events at Queen’s Park remind me more of childhood trips to the circus or that feeling I get watching the babysitter investigate a noise in the basement in one of those teenage horror flicks. Whether you want to laugh or turn away in fear, there is no question that it’s […]

Basic income program gave people enough to move on

Sep 4 2018 — John Milloy — Einstein apparently never defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Someone else did. Regardless of who said it, the sentiment applies nicely to the Ford government’s approach to poverty reduction. Their plan is simple: Kill the basic income pilot, halve expected increases and take 100 days to […]

An “Atlantic Community” to bolster the West

Aug 15 2018 — John Milloy — Is the West falling apart? Although news of the West’s demise may be premature, the increasingly erratic policies of US President Donald Trump are placing enormous pressure on the military and nonmilitary ties that bind us. And it’s not just the United States. Britain’s exit from the European Union, no matter how amicable the eventual […]