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The case for firing the governor of the Bank of Canada

Jun 1 2022 — John Williamson — Canadians should expect two things from their central bank: independence and single-mindedness. And if the governor of the Bank of Canada can’t deliver on these two essential components of the job, then he or she should be replaced by someone who can. When it comes to monetary policy, the Bank of Canada’s only job is […]

How Ottawa can fight for the rights of Hong Kong-Canadians

Feb 11 2021 — John Williamson — I was fortunate enough to live in Hong Kong during the handover from Britain to China in July 1997. And while there was much excitement in the air, there was also a great deal of nervousness about the future. Would Hong Kong’s tremendous economic success and vitality be sufficient to convince Beijing to preserve its […]

Fix the flaws in CERB to keep momentum in the economy

Apr 14 2020 — John Williamson — Anyone who’s ever had the misfortune to run out of gas knows it’s a lot easier to keep pushing a car that’s rolling than it is to get one started from a dead stop. The same holds true for the Canadian economy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic crisis. Due to lock-downs, social distancing […]