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Beware foreign influence in Canada’s resource sector and elections

Aug 9 2019 — Joe Oliver — Canadians should welcome Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s inquiry into foreign financing opposition to the oilsands because it will investigate a significant problem for the entire country. Nevertheless, it generated overwrought criticism from those who seek to belittle the issue. That reaction is not new. Back in January 2012, as minister of natural resources, I denounced […]

The climate alarmists are keeping poor people in the dark — literally

Mar 27 2019 — Joe Oliver — I recently returned from a Petroleum and Energy Summit in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG), which put into stark relief the moral imperative of developing fossil fuels, especially for the poorest people in developing countries. By implication, it reinforced the profoundly unethical stand of climate-change alarmists who are working to rid the world of […]

Carbon taxation needs public buy-in. Are you seeing much of that?

Jan 4 2019 — Joe Oliver — An important question in this year’s federal election will be whether Canadians hold the Liberal government to account for consciously inflicting an economic calamity on an energy industry that sits on the third-largest proven oil reserves in the world. The answer depends on whether the public buys into climate-change alarmism. We recently heard from a […]

Get ready for a transformation of our migration policy

Dec 9 2018 — Joe Oliver — Next week in Marrakesh, Morocco, Canada will sign the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration which Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said our government was actively involved in drafting. Canada will then be politically and possibly legally committed to migration principles that could erode our sovereignty, weaken our borders and cost billions. Yet […]

Climate change alarmists seriously harm the economy

Nov 29 2018 — Joe Oliver — Canada’s energy industry is in crisis mode. Our economy stands to lose over $45 billion annually due to the massive discount at which we sell oil to the U.S. because governments and environmental activists have blocked the construction of pipelines to tidewater. Their opposition is based on a profound belief that we must rapidly reduce […]

Provoking Trump to boost Trudeau just puts NAFTA at further risk

Sep 27 2018 — Joe Oliver — Harmful mistakes by government are rarely rewarded by a boost in popularity. But when it happens, it is fair to ask whether the damage was deliberately inflicted on the country just to achieve a paradoxical but predictable surge in the polls. The Prime Minister and his chief NAFTA negotiator, Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, […]

(Not)withstanding judicial overreach is healthy for democracy

Sep 20 2018 — Joe Oliver — Premier Doug Ford no longer needs to invoke the notwithstanding clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Ontario Court of Appeal stayed the lower court’s ‘dubious’ ruling overturning legislation to reduce the size of the Toronto City Council. Since Ford said he might use it in other instances and because the issue is […]

Joe Oliver endorses Maxime Bernier

Apr 5 2017 — Joe Oliver — It not easy for me to publicly support a candidate for leadership of the Conservative Party. I have worked very closely with many of the candidates in cabinet and caucus and consider them to be friends. However, the stakes are high and I believe it is exceptionally important that we elect the most able person […]

Stephen Harper will be remembered for impressive legacy

Aug 28 2016 — Joe Oliver — On Friday, our 22nd prime minister, Stephen Harper, ended a remarkable political career that included uniting conservatives and serving as leader of the country for almost a decade. He leaves behind a proud legacy — enhanced collective prosperity and security, and a principled Canadian presence on the world stage. People were aware of Harper’s cerebral […]

Electoral reform could blow up in Trudeau’s face

Jan 18 2016 — Joe Oliver — The Liberal government’s stated intention is to transform how we elect our Members of Parliament, without seeking the approval of the people in a referendum. That’s bad enough. But it looks like its unstated objective is to brazenly manipulate the electoral system for its partisan advantage, while avoiding public consent. While that may not be […]

The Loonie’s fall from grace

Jan 9 2016 — Joe Oliver — How the mighty dollar has fallen! Remember the days when the Loonie traded at a premium to the U.S. dollar? Those heady days are long gone and with it a measure of national pride. Now we have to contend with a discount of nearly 30%. Why did it happen? When will it end? What does […]

Time to get behind pipeline creation

Dec 28 2015 — Joe Oliver — Occasionally it takes an incredibly long time for people to get the screamingly obvious. Personal bias can make for wilful blindness. Or opinion leaders may not talk about things that go counter to their preferred narrative. At some point, the penny will finally drop on the enormous opportunity of building pipelines to move our oil […]