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Needed badly — economic reality and common sense

Jul 21 2022 — Joe Oliver — Like other western nations, Canada is suffering through a period of economic irrationality, rooted in progressive ideology, green fixation and groupthink, rather than data, economic principles and common sense. Recently, the consequences of policies based on delusion and fantasy have come home to roost, demanding a fundamental rethink of cherished shibboleths.

Lament for a misgoverned nation

Jun 27 2022 — Joe Oliver — As they prepare to celebrate their country’s 155th birthday, Canadians are suffering at the hands of a divisive, incompetent government that has undermined prosperity, freedom, parliamentary responsibility, the independence of institutions, national unity and our country’s global standing. Unless the unsavoury confidence-and-supply agreement with the NDP unravels or the Liberal caucus rebels against an increasingly […]

The Liberals’ 2022 budget could have been even worse

Apr 12 2022 — Joe Oliver — Canadians had every reason to fear Thursday’s federal budget, especially in light of the NDP sell-out to the Liberals for a mess of rewarmed pottage that may keep them in power until 2025. Although Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland did not disappoint with $60 billion in new spending, it could have been even worse based on […]

The Conservatives’ opportunity

Feb 4 2022 — Joe Oliver — The Conservative caucus’ decisive vote to oust Erin O’Toole and select a new leader provides a golden opportunity to rebuild Canadians’ lost trust in government and present them with a vision that reflects the Canada they know and love. In the last two years, the state has intruded massively in the lives of Canadians, who […]

Health-care reform could be COVID’s silver lining

Jan 19 2022 — Joe Oliver — Health care has long been a third rail of Canadian politics. No politician dares challenge the religious-like certainty that our system is inviolable, even though only North Korea and Cuba are as rigid in banning the private sector from participation — are they really the company we want to keep? — and even though we […]

Policy should prioritize personal prosperity

Jan 7 2022 — Joe Oliver — Canadian economic policy should focus, not just on aggregate economic growth, but on personal prosperity, which has stagnated during the last 15 years. When the subject is the economy, Canadians typically think about gross domestic product or GDP, the value of all the goods and services produced in Canada in a year, which was running […]

The fiscal update — you reap what you sow

Dec 21 2021 — Joe Oliver — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s fall economic statement is thin gruel — an inadequate and misdirected plan that does not deal with critical economic problems, many brought on by her government’s exploitation of the pandemic to increase the role of the state in society through out-of-control spending, direct and indirect taxes, intrusive regulation and counter-productive energy […]

The Trudeau Liberals learn nothing and forget nothing

Nov 30 2021 — Joe Oliver — Talleyrand, diplomat and schemer extraordinaire, said of the Bourbons who ruled France both before and after the revolution that “They learned nothing and forgot nothing.” The same can be said of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his entitled coterie of acolytes and puppet-masters (yes, both). They have learned nothing from egregious ethical breaches and economic […]

Our energy self-delusion continues

Oct 26 2021 — Joe Oliver — Economically developed countries have committed to start transitioning off fossil fuels, even though that commitment is disconnected from technological and economic reality. As a result, their policies have exacerbated a global energy crisis, with severe geopolitical and domestic implications. Canada is an active participant in the self-delusion.

We need to rethink relations with China

Oct 8 2021 — Joe Oliver — Exhilaration and relief are subsiding following the two Michaels’ liberation from 1,020 days of inhumane imprisonment. They personally will have to cope with the psychological side effects for some time, in spite of their remarkable resilience. As a nation, we need to begin a hard-nosed rethink of our relationship with China, one consistent with our […]

Conservatives must persuade the electorate, not pander to the left

Sep 24 2021 — Joe Oliver — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s strategy to broaden the Tory base did not achieve the breakthrough he sought, so it is time for a deep rethink. Every progressive, and most of the mainstream commentariat, endlessly proclaim that the only road to victory for Conservatives is to embrace the values and policies of the centre-left. In their […]

Yes, a Tory minority could govern

Sep 16 2021 — Joe Oliver — Despite recent movement in the polls it’s still possible that when all the votes are counted Canada may have a minority Conservative government. The numbers are within the margin of error and the Tories tend to outperform poll predictions by a point or two. There is no possibility they would win a plurality of seats […]