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Ontario’s Doug Ford says he relies on COVID-19 ‘experts,’ but his government won’t identify them

Jun 9 2020 — Jonathon Gatehouse — Back at the beginning of April, Doug Ford made a promise to his province. Faced with a rapidly expanding COVID-19 outbreak, and a populace already chafing under shutdowns and restrictions, the Ontario premier agreed to share the scientific modelling of potential illnesses and deaths with the public. And he pledged full-transparency going forward. “You deserve […]

‘They don’t know if they’ve caught him’: Recordings reveal chaos of Nova Scotia manhunt

Apr 23 2020 — Jonathon Gatehouse — RCMP investigators in Nova Scotia haven’t finished tracing the path of the man they say killed 22 people last weekend, but newly obtained video and audio recordings capture the chaos and confusion surrounding their 13-hour manhunt. “Nova Scotians have lots of questions about what happened, why it happened, what things were done and what wasn’t,” […]

Renewed calls for a national handgun ban fail to move Ottawa

Aug 7 2019 — Jonathon Gatehouse — A weekend of violence in Canada’s largest city has led to renewed calls for a ban on the sale and possession of handguns, but the federal Liberals say that no such action will be taken until after the fall election. In an interview Tuesday with CBC’s Power & Politics, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale said […]

Andrew Scheer torques study in claim about the new NAFTA deal

Aug 2 2019 — Jonathon Gatehouse — In this online attack, Scheer tries to back up his claim by juxtaposing an October quote from the prime minister touting the benefits of the new NAFTA agreement with a line from a recent C.D. Howe Institute study that suggests the “negative elements outweigh the positives…” when it comes to the renegotiated trade deal.

The Conservative Party’s Kevin O’Leary factor

May 26 2016 — Jonathon Gatehouse — The brash businessman nicknamed ‘Mr. Wonderful’ is tops in the polls to lead the Conservative Party of Canada. But why would he want to? Kevin O’Leary’s stalker is occupying a strategic position by the elevators. Plump and pleasant-looking, with dyed-blond hair and a pink T-shirt, she has lain in wait for 45 minutes in the […]

All about Eve

Apr 5 2014 — Jonathon Gatehouse — Eve Adams, Dimitri Soudas and the real story behind the most dizzying show in Canadian politics. For weeks, Eve Adams has felt shaky; beset by headaches, frequently nauseous and generally exhausted. It’s the after-effects of a grade-2 concussion she suffered in late February when she slipped and hit her head on the ice outside a […]

Canada and Russia battle for the Arctic

Jan 5 2014 — Jonathon Gatehouse — It’s a hot fight over one of the coldest places on earth. Just in time for Christmas, Canada announced its intention to lay claim to the North Pole, some 800 km north of Alert, Nunavut, the country’s—and the world’s—northernmost settlement. However, in this case it’s not the sheet of sea ice that’s important, rather what […]

Newsmakers of 2013: Mike Duffy

Dec 15 2013 — Jonathon Gatehouse — Once the Tories’ star money-maker, Duffy emerged as the Prime Minister’s most formidable foe. “Wait! There’s even more!” Standing on the floor of the red chamber last October, Mike Duffy sounded like a huckster from a late-night infomercial. But it was a bankable truth. For most of 2013, the 67-year-old senator for P.E.I. dominated the political […]