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Here’s some important political advice for Lisa Raitt

Jun 18 2019 — John Robson — Don’t make friends of your enemies by making enemies of your friends. And don’t say things you aren’t prepared to defend. Dear Ms. Raitt: How’s it going? No, I shouldn’t ask. You tweeted something about climate change without thinking then retracted it in a panic and now look spineless and clueless. So here’s some advice. […]

Andrew Scheer has chosen a weird moment to go soft

May 28 2019 — John Robson — Not much surprises me in politics anymore. At least not if it’s feebly bad. But is this really the time for Andrew Scheer to go mushy on balancing the budget? The CBC thinks so, saying “The Liberals were counting on tying Scheer to the Ford government’s austerity. That’s going to be harder now.” Um didn’t […]

If we’re offering advice, here’s mine for Scheer and Trudeau

Jan 12 2018 — John Robson — Coming soon to a political party near you: Exciting promises of yet more government. Unless my bucket of cold water gets there first. My Post colleague John Ivison just offered some “observations and advice” for 2018, starting with, “The Liberals really, really need to legalize pot by Canada Day” to shake “the ‘promise-breakers’ tag” and […]

The problem is, much of the blame for the Liberals’ failures really does belong to the voters

Feb 6 2017 — John Robson — When the Trudeau Liberals folded like cheap lawn furniture on electoral reform, a number of people denounced them as arrogant liars. But what if they sincerely meant what millions of voters sincerely believed? NDP leader Thomas Mulcair called their promise that first-past-the-post would soon be toast “a massive political deception.” (Yes, he is still their […]

Trudeau slips up and reveals his preference for Quebec again

Jan 25 2017 — John Robson — We got quite a blast from the past last week when Justin Trudeau refused to answer questions in English on his reconnecting with Canadians tour “since we’re in Quebec.” What was the nice man thinking? OK. Maybe he wasn’t “thinking” in the normal sense of that word. We have long known he tends to stick […]

Parliament should have a vote on Supreme Court appointments

Aug 2 2016 — John Robson — Canada finally has a semi-transparent system for choosing Supreme Court judges. And high time too. Provided it works as advertised, which things in government rarely do. In announcing the new process Prime Minister Justin Trudeau notes the outsized influence of Supreme Court judges in overruling parliament, influencing our economy and “cultural mores” and redefining our […]

The Liberals’ unnecessary pot problem

Jun 6 2016 — John Robson — Having promised to legalize marijuana, the Trudeau ministry is now trying to figure out how. It’s not the sort of thing that should perplex people in government. Trudeau’s often-mocked pledge to legalize pot was entirely sensible on all kinds of grounds. First, a free society does not tell adults how to conduct their personal affairs. […]

Unity through division won’t help Alberta unite the right

May 9 2016 — John Robson — There are any number of ways a proposal to unite the right in Alberta — by splitting it further — could fail. The most likely is also the most obvious: by adding a third conservative option to the Progressive Conservative and Wildrose parties, as suggested by a new grassroots organization, votes on the right would […]

The need for humane treatment at the slaughterhouse

Apr 29 2016 — John Robson — It may seem paradoxical, or political correctness gone mad, for Earl’s restaurant chain in Edmonton to boast of serving only humanely slaughtered beef. How can you put a gloss on killing something for food, draining its blood, cutting up its body and selling the bits to be chewed and swallowed? By saying “Please” first? But […]

Vancouver’s perverse pipeline politics

Apr 20 2016 — John Robson — Canada’s debate over pipelines and energy policy has become uncomfortably reminiscent of the tale of the Little Red Hen. The hen, you may recall, planted some seeds, cut the wheat and made the bread all by herself when the other animals declined to help. Yet when the time came to eat the bread, there they […]

Where, oh where has the Liberal party gone?

Apr 5 2016 — John Robson — Does anybody remember the Liberal Party of Canada? It may seem an odd question to ask given Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s current glamorous domination of Ottawa. But while his Liberals are once again triumphant, their party is undertaking a risky transformation from old-line political party into some new and trendy form of social media meme. […]