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Conservatives rally around carbon tax opposition

Feb 18 2018 — Jaime Watt — In October 2016, Prime Minister Trudeau’s announcement that Canadian provinces would be required to adopt carbon pricing was met with wide political agreement. Both the United States and China had recently agreed to the Paris climate accord, and provincial governments in Canada’s three largest provinces had already committed to some form of carbon pricing.

Toronto police culture still harms LGBTQ community

Feb 11 2018 — Jaime Watt — Last week, Toronto celebrated an inauspicious occasion: the 37th anniversary of Operation Soap. Better known as the Toronto bathhouse raids, Operation Soap saw dozens of Toronto police officers storm four bathhouses and arrest more than 250 gay and bisexual men on a variety of humiliating charges. Lives were changed forever — jobs lost, reputations destroyed, […]

Post-scandal PCs poised for a dramatic revival

Feb 4 2018 — Jaime Watt — “Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated,” Mark Twain once said after an overeager newspaper prematurely posted his obituary following an illness. The same might be said of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. For months now, the fortunes of the Ontario Liberals have been in the doldrums. Despite thoughtful efforts by both her government and […]

This year a critical one for all federal parties

Jan 28 2018 — Jaime Watt — As hard as it is to believe, we’re not that far away from another federal election. As politicians arrive back in Ottawa and the House of Commons resumes sitting on Monday, the 2019 election will be on their minds. Last year was, comparatively speaking, a tough one for the governing Liberals. While they maintained a […]

Don’t be fooled by the foolishness, Trump is getting things done

Jan 21 2018 — Jaime Watt — The spectacle continues. It’s fair to say that the presidency of Donald Trump looks, from the outside, to be nothing short of a circus. The last week alone served up a heaping helping of the ridiculous. The president referred to a handful of nations as “s—hole” countries, which the media gleefully plastered as headlines all […]

President Winfrey has its allure, but another celebrity is not the solution

Jan 14 2018 — Jaime Watt — It seems that with politics, just like Hollywood, what’s old is new again. In Hollywood, the old ideas include Star Wars, Roseanne, Jurassic Park, Jumanji and many more. In politics, it’s Mitt Romney, Justin Trudeau, Caroline Mulroney and now Oprah. Winfrey first flirted with politics back in 2008 when she endorsed then-presidential candidate Barack Obama. […]

Trudeau’s heartfelt apology to LGBTQ2 community welcomed

Dec 3 2017 — Jaime Watt — Formal apologies issued by political leaders are as controversial as they are challenging to get right. To many, these apologies seem like political tools, cynically used to garner or retain votes in certain communities. Others see them as a way for the government, at no cost, to show it is acting on an issue. After […]

King St. transit plan a kingmaker for Tory

Nov 26 2017 — Jaime Watt — Something had to give. Until very recently, King St. looked more like a parking lot than the central artery of Canada’s financial district. Today, you can shoot a cannon down the street and be confident that you wouldn’t strike a car or truck. In July, Toronto’s city council approved a one-year pilot project focused on […]

Singh does not need a seat in Commons

Nov 19 2017 — Jaime Watt — New NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh does not need a seat in the House of Commons. There was a time when the Commons was both the symbolic and functional home of Canadian politics, but it matters less today than it ever has before. These days, proposed legislation is introduced at photo-ops that are both televised and […]

Patrick Brown’s clever strategy is withstanding Liberal attacks

Nov 12 2017 — Jaime Watt — The Ontario Liberals have now served in government for more than 14 years. It’s an incredible accomplishment: few governments in Canada have secured so many consecutive mandates, especially in today’s turbulent political environment. That longevity has not been a fluke. The Ontario Liberal Party has been led by leaders who have connected with Ontarians and […]

Russia inquiry may not be enough to bring down Trump

Nov 4 2017 — Jaime Watt — Yet another shoe has dropped in the investigation into Russia’s involvement in the last U.S. presidential election. Close associates of President Donald Trump have been indicted, including his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort. Many view the Russia inquiry, overseen by special counsel Robert Mueller, as the silver bullet to the Trump presidency. These opponents believe […]

How charismatic Singh is a threat to Trudeau

Oct 22 2017 — Jaime Watt — No doubt that the federal Liberals followed the results of the New Democratic Party’s leadership contest with great trepidation. Jagmeet Singh’s election is a monumental breakthrough for Canada’s community of visible minorities. But Singh represents a formidable new presence on Canada’s political stage for even more reasons.

Far too soon to waste time predicting the next PM

Oct 16 2017 — Jaime Watt — There are still two years to go until the next federal election, but last week media outlets and polling firms began releasing polls and prognosticating about who the next prime minister of Canada will be. Horse race journalism is once again the order of the day, even though the horse race is meaningless this far […]

The changing faces of Canadian politics

Oct 8 2017 — Jaime Watt — As the seasons have changed, so too has the Canadian political landscape. The October 2015 election of a Liberal government led by Justin Trudeau began a major shift from dominance by Baby Boomers to a younger generation. Voters chose Trudeau’s youth and optimism over the experience of the other party leaders.

Tory’s fall into Trudeau’s tax trap

Sep 24 2017 — Jaime Watt — As Parliamentarians made their return to the House of Commons this past week, there was a marked difference in the moods of Liberal and Conservative members. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives were cheerfully optimistic about their future, while Liberal government members were considerably less upbeat. The reason: the federal government had just endured weeks of critical commentary […]