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An election ‘about nothing’? Far from it — the last six weeks fundamentally changed the political dynamic and our expectations

Sep 26 2021 — Jaime Watt — The dust is quickly settling on an acrimonious and confusing election campaign. And with post-mortems well underway, parliamentarians find themselves returning to a House of Commons that, at first glance, looks much like it did at dissolution. Throughout the country, there is a pervasive sense that this was the election that nobody wanted, that it […]

The pandemic has emboldened supporters of the People’s Party of Canada. Whoever forms government will need to contend with them for years to come

Sep 19 2021 — Jaime Watt — One of the most unfortunate stories from this campaign is that of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC). Once an annoying, perhaps even amusing, splinter group, the collective has now firmly found its place, alone, along on the extremist fringe. Two years ago, the PPC was a quaint curiosity for journalists to cover on a […]

Winning trust, not debates, will prove decisive in this election

Sep 12 2021 — Jaime Watt — As their respective war rooms gear up for the final week of the election campaign, Conservatives and Liberals alike will be working overtime to launch one final knock-out blow. Those hoping such a blow might have come during the leaders’ debates this week are no doubt disappointed. Although these debates do not usually have a […]

In an aspirational election, Jagmeet Singh has a chance to break away

Aug 22 2021 — Jaime Watt — Over the past week, as each federal leader has criss-crossed the country, each has tried to use personality and personal charisma to steal the show and run away with the momentum that’s needed to win. RCAF Dad, a.k.a. Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, has been meeting Canadians and pitching his platform. Green Leader Annamie Paul has […]

World leaders seem to think the Trump years were nothing but a bad dream. It’s time for them to wake up

Jun 20 2021 — Jaime Watt — Last week’s G7 summit in Cornwall was the very model of modern, multilateral politicking. Against the backdrop of sunny beaches and clear blue skies, leaders of some of the world’s largest economies walked and talked, posing together every step of the way. Pre-summit hopes had been in overdrive. Cornwall was, after all, the first such […]

This Pride month evokes the tension between battles for legal rights and public recognition. For Canadians, that history is unique

Jun 6 2021 — Jaime Watt — Happy Pride. It’s become a refrain you’ll hear again and again this month — from colleagues, friends, family, your favourite sports team, your bank, your dentist… Indeed, Pride, and the deluge of rainbow ribbons that arrives with it, has become the event of the season for corporate Canada. Most would agree that the rush of […]