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Policy-making needs an equity lens, all year round

Feb 28 2021 — Jaime Watt — Sun., Feb. 28, 2021timer3 min. read Black History Month presents an annual opportunity to reflect on the achievements and legacy of Black Canadians. But the month itself is more than that. It is also a good time to consider the impacts our systems of public policy development and implementation have in terms of anti-Black racism. […]

Lagging vaccine rollout could cost Liberals in a big way

Feb 7 2021 — Jaime Watt — When this all started, it’s fair to say that no one, no government, could be truly prepared for what was to come. And so, Canadians responded with their characteristic reasonableness. They supported the government as it scrambled to launch a blizzard of programmes and plans in response to a crisis, the dimensions of which were […]

The GameStop frenzy has some precedent

Jan 31 2021 — Jaime Watt — For the past year, the word “unprecedented” has been overused to the point of farce. From the pandemic to the final, violent gasps of the Trump administration — and more recently, the presidential inauguration — there has been plenty of cause to trot it out.

O’Toole makes Conservative party his own

Jan 24 2021 — Jaime Watt — The ejection of the lamentable Derek Sloan from the Conservative caucus this week marks Erin O’Toole’s most important and consequential moment since his election as party leader. It is the precise moment O’Toole made the party his own. Think of it as his very own Sister Souljah moment — a deliberately engineered decision that served […]

Vaccine arrival is a jab in the arm for political leaders

Dec 13 2020 — Jaime Watt — On Tuesday, 90-year-old Margaret Keenan became the first patient outside of clinical trials to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, a few short days after the U.K. became the first country to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. Keenan’s jab brought with it a collective sigh of relief from every corner of the world as the moment we have […]

GOP election denialism is really about winning crucial Senate run-offs

Nov 16 2020 — Jaime Watt — While the sane world acknowledges — and in many corners, celebrates — president-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Donald Trump and much of the Republican Party hang onto their election denialism the way Linus hangs onto his blanket. From an anthropological perspective, it is a fascinating phenomenon: there is clear cognitive dissonance in accepting the surprisingly strong […]

Biden is the man to lead a divided government and country

Nov 8 2020 — Jaime Watt — On Friday afternoon, it looked increasingly likely that Joseph R. Biden Jr. would secure the 270 electoral votes needed to earn the title of president-elect. It also became clear he wouldn’t be given the tools to drive sweeping change anywhere other than at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. True, Biden has probably sent Trump packing from the […]