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Elections Canada failed to guarantee access for Indigenous voters during the 2021 federal election

Mar 13 2022 — Jaime Watt — You likely didn’t hear about it, as the issue hardly made a splash in the news: during our September federal election, 205,000 mail-in ballots were uncounted. This issue is especially troubling for its outsize impact on Indigenous communities, and stacks on other, similar failures. There are 274 First Nations communities in Canada that lack access […]

‘One lockdown too many’: Ontario’s election will be a messy affair, and leaders must embrace the uncertainty

Mar 6 2022 — Jaime Watt — It was only four years ago today that Ontario Progressive Conservative organizers, staff and candidates were consumed by an all-out sprint to elect a new leader — while managing the predictable party infighting, desperate as they were to present a viable alternative to the Wynne Liberals. Back in 2018, perfectly naturally, many assumed that this […]

Joe Biden is correct to keep soldiers out of Ukraine. Now he must explain why — and what comes next

Feb 27 2022 — Jaime Watt — Any discussion of Russia-Ukraine should begin with an acknowledgment that millions will be devastated by Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion. Lives will be lost and a great price will be paid in terms of Ukraine’s political viability and long-term prospects. It is heartbreaking to watch a country that has made such profound and hard-won progress fall […]

Wedges provide no route out of this political sand trap. Above all, Canadians seek an end to divisions

Feb 20 2022 — Jaime Watt — “Wedged” has emerged as the buzzword to sum up our current political climate. The term has been deployed by politicians of all stripes to describe the current state of the nation, as disunity and division reach a new, brutally low nadir. The convoys have exploited the most consequential pressure points in Canadian politics, blurring the […]

An invasion of Ukraine would be a catastrophe — but a larger crisis is already underway

Feb 13 2022 — Jaime Watt — Even setting aside the impact of COVID-19, this year’s Olympic opening ceremony felt decidedly different from Beijing 2008. After all, China’s stance on the world stage has changed significantly, from semi-engaged world power to overarching behemoth. The consequences of that change were visible in the stands of the Bird’s Nest stadium last week. Unlike in […]

It’s now or never for the Conservative party

Feb 6 2022 — Jaime Watt — The ousting of leader Erin O’Toole this week was not a referendum on his performance, but rather symptomatic of larger fractures in the Conservative party. A coalition that was founded to work in spite of — or even because of — regional and ideological tensions now appears incapable of agreeing upon a coherent set of […]

Understanding the gulf in opinion on mandates is crucial for addressing anti-vaccine sentiment

Jan 16 2022 — Jaime Watt — As countries around the world grapple with the issue of mandatory vaccinations, the U.S. Supreme Court dealt the Biden administration’s approach a major blow on Thursday. It blocked the president’s workplace vaccine mandate, allowing only a significantly diminished provision for federally funded health-care providers. The court ruled that Biden had crossed a bridge too far. […]

Prince Andrew’s legal manoeuvring over sexual abuse suit jeopardizes the foundation of the monarchy

Jan 10 2022 — Jaime Watt — The House of Windsor is no stranger to a good scandal: The abdication crisis. Charles and Camilla. “Megxit.” But far from an episode of “The Crown,” which contains the fallout within a neat 58 minutes, all of these crises have had long-term repercussions for the institution of the monarchy. Specifically, they have undermined its image […]

Ban on conversion therapy is a momentous occasion for LGBTQ rights — and a vindication of pragmatic opposition

Dec 5 2021 — Jaime Watt — Like so many Canadians, I sat transfixed and seized with emotion on Wednesday, as Canada’s House of Commons unanimously passed legislation to ban the long discredited and violent practice of conversion therapy. It is rare for such an important issue to be handled with such grace in modern politics. Even more remarkable is what Canadians […]

Europe’s woes offer a stark reminder that pandemic politics is ultimately an expectations game

Nov 28 2021 — Jaime Watt — History is once again convulsing Europe. As COVID cases surge, the continent is gripped by crisis after crisis, triggering an ugly collision of public health issues and social conflict. Meanwhile, the leadership of Belarus, along with Vladimir Putin, have manufactured a destabilizing humanitarian crisis at the continent’s eastern border. Canadians can count ourselves fortunate to […]