National Newswatch

Asylum seekers paid up to $2K US each to be smuggled into Canada, U.S. border agents allege

Apr 21 2017 — Karen Pauls — U.S. border patrol officers claim to have documented multiple instances where they believe Nigerian nationals were smuggled into Canada from North Dakota. The apparent asylum seekers paid $2,000 US each and filed refugee claims after reaching Canada, according to affidavits obtained by CBC News. The RCMP and Canadian Border Services Agency announced human trafficking charges […]

Tory MP asks Manitoba review board to deny Vince Li more freedom

Feb 24 2016 — Karen Pauls — Conservative MP James Bezan wants the Manitoba Criminal Code Review Board to deny Vince Li’s request to live independently in the community — and he’s calling on Manitoba Justice to designate him a high-risk offender. Li was found not criminally responsible for beheading 22-year-old Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus in 2008. Li has changed […]

Royal Family support by Canadians waning, poll indicates

May 18 2015 — Karen Pauls — Many Canadians are losing interest in the happenings at Buckingham Palace, and don’t like the idea of Prince Charles taking over after Queen Elizabeth dies, a new poll released on Victoria Day indicates. “Just fewer than four in 10 favour abolishing monarchy in Canada upon the death of the Queen,” Forum Research says in a […]