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North Korea threatened with more sanctions, isolation at diplomacy summit

Jan 16 2018 — Katie Simpson — North Korea is facing a new warning to change its behaviour or face more sanctions. The threat was delivered by Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chyrstia Freeland as she opened today’s summit on stability and security in the Korean Peninsula. “Investing in nuclear weapons will lead only to more sanctions and to perpetual instability on the […]

Conservatives demand Trudeau appear before ethics committee after Aga Khan vacation

Jan 5 2018 — Katie Simpson — The Conservatives are demanding the prime minister answer more questions about his ethics-code breaking vacation on the Aga Khan’s island. A meeting will be held next Tuesday to discuss whether the government’s ethics committee should invite Justin Trudeau to testify before its members. The gathering comes at the request of Conservative ethics critic Peter Kent, […]

Canada’s NAFTA charm offensive kicks into high gear

Jan 5 2018 — Katie Simpson — The new year begins with Canada relying on an old strategy for saving the North American Free Trade Agreement. Three cabinet members are in the United States this week to promote trade, and more are expected to head south as part of Ottawa’s renewed charm offensive. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is in Kentucky for […]

John Kerry vacationed on Aga Khan’s private island during Trudeau visit

Dec 21 2017 — Katie Simpson — Former U.S. secretary of state John Kerry was on the Aga Khan’s private island at the same time as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ill-fated family vacation last Christmas break, CBC News has learned. After almost a year of of opposition attacks, Trudeau was forced to apologize on Wednesday for the way he handled the trip, […]

Firm that investigated Ghomeshi claims now probing allegations of inappropriate behaviour in PMO

Dec 15 2017 — Katie Simpson — A high-profile employment law firm has been hired to probe allegations of inappropriate behaviour within the Prime Minister’s Office. Rubin Thomlinson LLP is the independent third party handling the investigation into Claude-Éric Gagné, the deputy director of operations within the PMO. Janice Rubin, who led the independent investigation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation following the […]

Union leader to talk NAFTA with top Trump adviser, again

Dec 12 2017 — Katie Simpson — The head of Canada’s largest private-sector union is set to talk NAFTA with one of Donald Trump’s most trusted cabinet members. Jerry Dias, the president of Unifor, will meet with U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, in Washington, on Thursday. It will be the fourth meeting this year between the pair, who have come to regularly […]

Canadians detained in commercial dispute looming over Trudeau trip to China

Dec 2 2017 — Katie Simpson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may want to focus on trade, tourism, and business opportunities during his trip to China, but there is a pressing problem threatening to knock him off his positive message. He is facing growing pressure to resist entering free trade talks with China until a commercial dispute involving detained Canadians is resolved. […]

Trade ministers back away from NAFTA negotiating table

Nov 15 2017 — Katie Simpson — The politicians overseeing the renegotiation of NAFTA won’t be meeting face to face at the end of this round of talks, unlike the previous four rounds of discussions. According to a news release, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Mexican Secretary of the Economy Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal do not […]

Conservative MP Karen Vecchio says she faced harassment on Parliament Hill

Nov 2 2017 — Katie Simpson — On the same day the federal government released a report on harassment in Canadian workplaces, a Conservative MP says she experienced intimidation on Parliament Hill and that she complained to senior officials. Karen Vecchio told CBC News she faced harassment from an MP after she witnessed a sexist remark directed at her colleague, Dianne Watts, […]

Government consultation hears women in workplace under-report harassment for fear of retaliation

Nov 2 2017 — Katie Simpson — Through a number of public consultations, the federal government has heard evidence suggesting the fear of retaliation is keeping some Canadians from reporting sexual harassment in the workplace. And when those incidents are reported, the workers said that often, the situations were “not dealt with effectively.” This anecdotal evidence is just one of the findings […]

Trudeau dismisses concerns free trade with China will hurt Canada-U.S. relationship

Oct 27 2017 — Katie Simpson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said strengthening trade ties with China does not put the Canada-U.S. relationship at risk, shrugging off concerns raised Thursday by a member of his NAFTA advisory council. Speaking in Quebec Friday, Trudeau said diversifying Canada’s trading partnerships could actually help trade negotiators who are in the middle of difficult NAFTA talks. […]