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‘She’s way out of her league’: Steel exec slams Freeland’s handling of tariff fight

Oct 19 2018 — Katie Simpson — A prominent Canadian steel executive told MPs this week that Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland​’s “ego” is getting in the way of ending American tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. Barry Zekelman, the chairman and CEO of Zekelman Industries, delivered a scathing assessment Thursday of how the Liberal government is handling the tariff fight with […]

From clashes to candy, the evolution of Chrystia Freeland’s relationship with her U.S. trade counterpart

Oct 10 2018 — Katie Simpson — Inside an upscale semi-detached home, in the heart of one of Toronto’s most desirable neighbourhoods, two unlikely friends sat down for dinner. After thirteen months of bitter trade talks, complete with shouting outbursts and blunt exchanges, Canada’s foreign affairs minister invited her U.S. counterpart to a celebratory meal at her home on Tuesday evening. Chrystia […]

Liberals to face ‘louder’ criticism at home over NAFTA, Conservatives vow

Sep 17 2018 — Katie Simpson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is about to become the target of sharp criticism at home over his government’s handling of NAFTA negotiations. The Conservatives say they are “frustrated” with the way the Liberals have managed the talks to date and will be more vocal in highlighting their concerns going forward. “You’re going to hear the […]

Canada prepared to play deadline spoiler in NAFTA talks: source

Sep 14 2018 — Katie Simpson — In the face of mounting pressure to wrap up NAFTA negotiations by the end of the month, a senior source suggests Canada is comfortable with missing that deadline. The source who spoke to CBC News on background, due to the sensitivity of the talks, said the external political pressure “is not a good enough reason,” […]

High level NAFTA preparation meetings set for Ottawa on Wednesday

Aug 7 2018 — Katie Simpson — Canada’s ambassador to Washington will be in Ottawa Wednesday for a series of high level discussions with Canadian officials to prepare for the resumption of NAFTA negotiations. David MacNaughton is expected to sit down with members of the Prime Minister’s Office — including Chief of Staff Katie Telford — and trade officials to discuss strategy […]

U.S., Australia undermining China’s trading relationship with Canada, ambassador suggests

Jul 10 2018 — Katie Simpson — China is keen to launch formal free trade talks with Canada, but its envoy to Ottawa suggests that Canada’s own allies could be souring the relationship. During an hour-long interview with CBC News conducted Monday through an independent Mandarin translator, China’s ambassador to Canada accused the United States and Australia of smearing China’s reputation. “I […]

Trump’s lumber tariffs make home ownership too expensive for more than a million Americans

Jun 22 2018 — Katie Simpson — One of Donald Trump’s protectionist “America first” policies is partly to blame for making home ownership too costly for more than one million Americans. According to the U.S.-based National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), American tariffs on Canadian softwood lumber have caused housing prices in the United States to jump by an average of $9,000 […]

NAFTA talks reach make-or-break point

May 6 2018 — Katie Simpson — NAFTA negotiators are nearing the end of the runway. Observers tracking the ups and downs of these intense trade talks say that if Canada, the United States and Mexico can’t get something on paper over the next few weeks, negotiations could easily drag on into 2019.

Canada and U.S. clash over sunset clause in ‘forceful’ NAFTA talks

Apr 25 2018 — Katie Simpson — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and her American counterpart in the NAFTA talks had a “fairly forceful” exchange of views Tuesday over the American side’s demand for a sunset clause, a source tells CBC News. A senior source with direct knowledge of the situation said tensions emerged when Freeland and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer […]