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Trudeau says Canada will not be ‘bowled over’ by U.S. in NAFTA talksd

Mar 14 2018 — Katie Simpson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today Canada will not be “bowled over” by the United States at the NAFTA negotiating table, offering new insights into the ongoing trade talks. Justin Trudeau made the comment to a steel worker in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, as he greeted employees arriving at the local factory’s morning shift. Workers […]

Canada just lost a key ally in the Trump administration in Rex Tillerson

Mar 13 2018 — Katie Simpson — Mike Pompeo is U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the new Secretary of State — and Canada is not likely to be at the top of Pompeo’s priority list. The planned meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un and ongoing tensions with Russia over election interference are clearly going to be far […]

Time crunch looms over seventh round of NAFTA talks

Feb 25 2018 — Katie Simpson — NAFTA negotiators are hoping to pick up where they left off in Montreal in January and make more progress behind the scenes in Mexico City this week. But if that progress is going to be meaningful, observers warn the talks are going to need to move faster than they have in the past. The political […]

eBay CEO expected to push Trudeau on duty threshold

Feb 8 2018 — Katie Simpson — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sits down with eBay CEO Devin Wenig in San Francisco on Thursday, there is one divisive issue that is expected to come up. The online sales giant has been pushing Canada to boost its de minimis threshold — the value of goods Canadians can bring into Canada without incurring duties […]

Trudeau to meet with Amazon, eBay CEOs on 4-day U.S. trip

Feb 7 2018 — Katie Simpson — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is gearing up for four days of critical meetings with lawmakers and business leaders as he heads out on yet another trade and investment mission to the U.S. But Trudeau has one closed-door discussion planned that’s certain to get more attention than the rest. On Thursday, he will be meeting with […]

Political posturing casts sour tone over Montreal NAFTA talks

Jan 23 2018 — Katie Simpson — The sixth round of NAFTA talks has barely started in Montreal, and yet the political posturing behind the scenes is already casting a sour tone over the meeting. The Canadian Press reported that the Americans are not only frustrated with Canada over the lack of progress, but also the recent complaint made against the U.S. […]

North Korea threatened with more sanctions, isolation at diplomacy summit

Jan 16 2018 — Katie Simpson — North Korea is facing a new warning to change its behaviour or face more sanctions. The threat was delivered by Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chyrstia Freeland as she opened today’s summit on stability and security in the Korean Peninsula. “Investing in nuclear weapons will lead only to more sanctions and to perpetual instability on the […]

Conservatives demand Trudeau appear before ethics committee after Aga Khan vacation

Jan 5 2018 — Katie Simpson — The Conservatives are demanding the prime minister answer more questions about his ethics-code breaking vacation on the Aga Khan’s island. A meeting will be held next Tuesday to discuss whether the government’s ethics committee should invite Justin Trudeau to testify before its members. The gathering comes at the request of Conservative ethics critic Peter Kent, […]

Canada’s NAFTA charm offensive kicks into high gear

Jan 5 2018 — Katie Simpson — The new year begins with Canada relying on an old strategy for saving the North American Free Trade Agreement. Three cabinet members are in the United States this week to promote trade, and more are expected to head south as part of Ottawa’s renewed charm offensive. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is in Kentucky for […]

John Kerry vacationed on Aga Khan’s private island during Trudeau visit

Dec 21 2017 — Katie Simpson — Former U.S. secretary of state John Kerry was on the Aga Khan’s private island at the same time as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ill-fated family vacation last Christmas break, CBC News has learned. After almost a year of of opposition attacks, Trudeau was forced to apologize on Wednesday for the way he handled the trip, […]

Firm that investigated Ghomeshi claims now probing allegations of inappropriate behaviour in PMO

Dec 15 2017 — Katie Simpson — A high-profile employment law firm has been hired to probe allegations of inappropriate behaviour within the Prime Minister’s Office. Rubin Thomlinson LLP is the independent third party handling the investigation into Claude-Éric Gagné, the deputy director of operations within the PMO. Janice Rubin, who led the independent investigation of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation following the […]