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Mayor of latest Canadian town to be hit for online ‘ransom’ calls for national strategy

Jun 11 2019 — Katie Simpson — Canadian municipalities are “sitting ducks” for “cyber terrorists,” says the mayor of Stratford, Ont. — the latest Canadian community to find itself targeted by an online ransom attack. Dan Mathieson said that if his fellow mayors across the country don’t start working together on the problem, more communities may be hit by online extortionists holding […]

Ontario Liberal MPs want to run on economy rather than environment in October

May 14 2019 — Katie Simpson — Ontario Liberal MPs would rather spend time talking about Canadians’ economic anxieties instead of environmental issues during the fall federal election campaign, according to a caucus document obtained by CBC News. A ranked list of Ontario Liberal caucus priorities for the 2019 platform places personal financial security issues first, with environmental concerns relegated to seventh […]

Ottawa considering new retaliation to end U.S. tariff fight, source says

Mar 29 2019 — Katie Simpson — Canada is considering new ways to retaliate against the United States in hope of getting steel and aluminum tariffs lifted. A senior source with direct knowledge of the situation says Canada is considering launching consultations on whether it should increase its retaliatory tariffs. The source says Canada is “going to have to refresh our retaliation […]

Canada dusts off old message for new anti-tariff charm offensive

Jan 10 2019 — Katie Simpson — The prime minister’s inner circle is ramping up another lobbying push in Washington to terminate American tariffs on steel and aluminum. Two senior government sources say that ministers with connections to American national security portfolios will be tasked with reaching out to specific U.S. officials to push Canada’s anti-tariff message. The campaign is based on […]

‘Absolutely false’: U.S. ambassador denies political motive behind Huawei exec’s arrest

Dec 11 2018 — Katie Simpson — Donald Trump’s top representative in Canada is denying Chinese claims of a political motive behind the arrest in Canada of a key executive with the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei. U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft said the claim circulating in Chinese state media that Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s arrest in Canada was politically engineered to punish Chinese […]

Opposition parties demand Trudeau explain his plan to end U.S. tariffs

Dec 4 2018 — Katie Simpson — It’s a political long-shot, but opposition parties are teaming up to find out more about what Ottawa is doing to get the Trump administration to lift its tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. Conservative and New Democrat MPs are calling for an emergency meeting of the Standing Committee on International Trade to consider a motion […]