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What Putin the hockey player doesn’t understand

Mar 31 2022 — Ken Dryden — Vladimir Putin likes hockey. Every year, he builds an ice rink in the middle of Moscow’s Red Square. For any occasion he can devise, he puts on his hockey equipment and plays. It’s not a surprise that Putin feels as he does. Russians love hockey for the same reason Canadians do. It comes straight from […]

Justin Trudeau shows he fits on the big stage in Washington

Mar 14 2016 — Ken Dryden — The United States is the world’s Broadway. It is the big stage. It is where the world’s entertainers, artists, athletes, businesspeople and politicians are ultimately tested. Many of them in their own, sometimes very large, home ponds are gigantic fish. But the big stage can swallow them up and shrink them to chorus-like size. Justin […]

In Canada, inspiration isn’t hard to find

Jul 1 2015 — Ken Dryden — Last year at this time I was asked to be the guest editor for the Canada Day edition of the Star. I was excited about it, and also anxious. I knew I didn’t want the edition to be a lot of words from people who most of their lives have worked to define Canada: Canadians […]

A tale of two campaigns: before the debate and after

Jun 7 2014 — Ken Dryden — This election is about two campaigns — BD, before the debate, and AD, after the debate. Or is it? BD, through the clutter of announcements and headlines, the campaign for the three main parties was about jobs and how to create them — by reducing costs, lowering taxes and cutting public sector jobs, to eliminate […]

Now, Quebec must decide what to stand up for

Apr 10 2014 — Ken Dryden — It is hard to imagine how Pauline Marois could have run a worse campaign. Just a few weeks ago, her Parti Québécois was on its way to a majority victory and a third referendum. Quebec voters’ minds were focused on the past, where she wanted them – on the provincial Liberals’ record in government, kept […]

Why Rob Ford is mad as hell

Dec 19 2013 — Ken Dryden — Many highly educated, politically sophisticated, well-off people voted for Rob Ford in the last Toronto mayoralty election. It was not for no reason. Despite a recent run of weeks that could hardly be worse for Mr. Ford – admissions of crack cocaine use, drunkenness, lies, cover-ups, personal meltdowns, international ridicule – 42 per cent of […]

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