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Justin Trudeau is Canada’s greatest drug policy reformer – but he can, and must, do even more

Aug 26 2023 — Kennedy Stewart — After doing all I could to save those dying from toxic drugs while serving as a member of Parliament and then mayor of Vancouver, including multiple face-to-face discussions with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, I’ve come to see Mr. Trudeau as Canada’s greatest drug policy reformer. By legalizing cannabis and broadening harm reduction efforts, he has […]

How federalism failed Canadian cities during COVID-19

Jun 7 2023 — Kennedy Stewart — COVID-19 was a tough stress test for Canada’s federal system of government. Our largest cities continue to suffer significant pandemic-related economic and social damage, in part due to provincial governments sweeping constitutional responsibilities they wish to avoid onto municipalities. These “creatures of the province” have become rugs provinces use to hide their problems. COVID-19 lifted […]

We can fix gender inequality in Parliament

May 5 2016 — Kennedy Stewart — Next week Parliament begins debating Bill C-237, the Candidate Gender Equity Act. My private member’s bill seeks to change our electoral laws and incentivize political parties to run more women candidates during elections. With Canada ranked 60th in the world when it comes to electing women MPs, it is clear we are not doing enough […]

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