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Justin Trudeau is suddenly the new enemy of the militant climate crusade

Apr 19 2017 — Kevin Libin — Another day, another disappointment for Bill McKibben. The eco-activist, author and co-founder of the anti-carbon lobby group, confessed Monday that he’s been let down yet again, this time by our own prime minister, Justin Trudeau. Worse, McKibben wrote in the U.K.’s Guardian, Trudeau has proven himself to be phonier than even Donald Trump. The […]

Emails show Rachel Notley’s NDP meddling further in the running of Alberta’s Heritage Fund

Mar 27 2017 — Kevin Libin — In October, Alberta’s NDP government instructed the Alberta Investment Management Corp. (AIMCo), the managers of the province’s Heritage Fund, to call up the Financial Post. That, after a column (written by me) revealed that the government had been letting its political priorities seep into what was supposed to be an arm’s-length relationship with AIMCo, which […]

Kathleen Wynne’s sleazy, desperate hydro ploy to fool Ontarians is, well, brilliant

Mar 2 2017 — Kevin Libin — Ontario’s Liberal government is already being savaged for its latest scheme to quell the provincial outrage over out-of-control electricity rates. Even before the plan was official, the details that were leaked to the Toronto Star — reporting that power-bill costs would be “smoothed out” by rearranging contracts at lower rates, but longer periods — were […]

The only Fake News the government wants you to see is Government Fake News

Jan 24 2017 — Kevin Libin — WARNING: The following article is currently under review by Heritage Canada’s Current Events and News-Substantiating Oversight Regulator (CENSOR) and is not currently verified by the government as legitimate news. The reader should be aware this might or might not be “fake news.” We recommend not consuming this news until after the official review is completed, […]

Trudeau’s Liberals can’t smile away the fact that Trump is about to eat Canada’s lunch

Jan 9 2017 — Kevin Libin — Canada’s Liberal government has a welcoming message for foreign companies that might be concerned about a protectionist post-Trump America: Come on up, we’re open for business! Only, not if you’re in the drywall business. Last week Canada’s trade tribunal ruled to uphold punitive tariffs on U.S. sheetrock imports to Western Canada, since they were found […]

Cheer up, Canada — President Donald Trump just might be good for you

Nov 9 2016 — Kevin Libin — Take heart, Canada! Don’t let the dour faces on American television, journalist Twitter, and our own CBC get you down. They might all be miserably contemplating the next four years under the ethically challenged but transformational Donald Trump, instead of the ethically challenged establishment-entrenched Hillary Clinton they clearly hoped would win. Tuesday might have delivered […]

Alberta keeps coming up with creative new ways to scare away badly needed investment

Aug 3 2016 — Kevin Libin — All our happy eco-warrior politicians keep assuring us we can “green” the economy without hurting our prosperity. Isn’t it strange then that, whether it’s the Toronto greenbelt making scarce housing pricier, Ontario’s renewables doubling electricity costs, or Alberta’s billion-dollar power-market boondoggle, somehow all these green schemes keep costing Canadians a fortune?

Hooray for the provincial ‘free-trade deal’ that isn’t ‘free,’ isn’t a ‘deal,’ and is still a big secret

Jul 25 2016 — Kevin Libin — How could anyone not be excited about the new free-trade deal among the provinces? Well, perhaps it’s not accurate to call it a “free-trade” deal — even though the provinces insist on calling it that — since the premiers and territorial leaders who announced it Friday intend to carve out protections for their favourite rent-seekers […]

Enter Jason Kenney, Canada’s fiercest carbon-tax killer

Jul 7 2016 — Kevin Libin — It’s Stampede week in Calgary, which means it’s the anniversary of that time when Stéphane Dion, leading the Liberals in the 2008 federal election campaign, rode into town promising he would convince Albertans to support his plan for a carbon tax. He had swagger. He had a cowboy hat. He was hankering for an Olde […]