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Trudeau can promote world peace by embracing fossil fuels

Mar 15 2022 — Kenneth Green — The sudden reappearance of a blatant “hot” large-scale war of conquest in Europe has shocked a Western world grown complacent about the prospect of such things. What Vladimir Putin has once again unleashed on Ukraine and the world is an abomination, and we must all hope for a quick cessation of violence and return to […]

Alberta desperately requires regulatory reform

Nov 10 2018 — Kenneth Green — Clearly, Alberta’s economy has suffered in recent years, due in part to world oil prices, which plummeted in 2014, and limited pipeline capacity, which fetches Canadian oil producers depressed prices for Canadian oil exacerbated Alberta’s economic woes. A number of metrics indicate that oil and gas investment in Alberta is in steep decline. According to […]

Trump introduces serious headwind to Canada’s competitiveness

Apr 5 2017 — Kenneth Green — To the predictable howls of environmentalists, President Donald Trump has finally turned his pen on Barack Obama’s climate change policies. Signing an Executive Order (EO) titled “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth,” President Trump, surrounded by coal miners at the EPA headquarters in Washington, commenced the unravelling of a significant part of his predecessor’s climate […]

Premiers pledge to make energy poverty worse in Atlantic Canada

Aug 20 2016 — Kenneth Green — Last week, the premiers of Atlantic Canada met with federal Environment Minister Katherine McKenna to discuss energy planning for the region’s future. Things discussed included the building of a “clean electricity future,” and a “national price on carbon,” which was described as “impending” in a news article covering the meeting. Atlantic Canada is, indeed, a […]

Keystone: Obama’s slow motion Kabuki theatre

Mar 6 2015 — Kenneth Green — On Feb. 24, President Barack Obama vetoed Senate Bill 1, a.k.a. “The Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.”  Mr. Obama’s action was not only predictable, it was virtually inevitable given: a) the political polarization in the United States; b) unrelenting environmental opposition to the pipeline; and c) a certain amount of congressional over-reach. But the presidential […]

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