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Liberals to scrap policy that rejects sick, disabled immigrants

Nov 22 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Canada is committed to ditching a policy that rejects immigrants because they’re sick or disabled and could be a drag on the health system, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says. Calling it an “important and sensitive” issue, Hussen said the government will look at all options to revamp the 40-year-old policy, which bars entry to applicants […]

15,000 on Canada’s deportation list, but some ‘uncooperative’ countries won’t take their citizens back

Nov 20 2017 — Kathleen Harris — More than 15,000 foreign nationals are on Canada’s deportation list, but some can’t be removed because their home country won’t take them back. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) confirms some countries either delay or refuse to repatriate their citizens who are here illegally, but will not divulge which ones as it might “impact diplomatic […]

Canada, China partner on project using apps, texts to treat mental health

Nov 9 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Canada and China are partnering on a five-year project to enhance mental health treatment through the use of smartphone apps, text messaging and electronic medical records. The $2.15 million split-funded project, called EMBED, will be announced later today on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam and aims to close the mental […]

‘It’s groundbreaking’: Independent senators gain more resources, committee clout

Nov 8 2017 — Kathleen Harris — A group of independent senators has gained more political power in Parliament. Senate caucuses and the Independent Senators Group (ISG) reached a deal Tuesday on the distribution of committee seats, leadership positions and financial resources. The agreement provides proportional representation for Senate resources and responsibilities in relation to the size of parties and parliamentary groups. […]

Funding uncertainty could stall LGBT refugee resettlement, advocates say

Nov 4 2017 — Kathleen Harris — The Liberal government says it’s committed to bringing more LGBT refugees to Canada, but advocates say funding uncertainty, lengthy processing and lack of specialized training for visa officers are threatening resettlement efforts. Next year, Canada will bring in about 43,000 refugees, among them lesbian, gay, transgender and other people facing persecution based on sexual orientation. […]

Strengthen immigrant integration strategy or risk public backlash, experts warn

Oct 29 2017 — Kathleen Harris — As the Liberal government gets set to bring at least 300,000 immigrants to Canada next year, experts say a more robust integration strategy is needed to ensure their economic success and prevent a public backlash. This week Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen will unveil immigration levels for 2018, including targets for the number of economic migrants, […]

Bill Morneau set to confront ethics controversy over financial assets

Oct 19 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Embattled Finance Minister Bill Morneau will address a growing ethics controversy this afternoon in Ottawa, but insists he sought and followed advice from the federal ethics commissioner “to the letter.” Morneau held an event Thursday at a farm in eastern Ontario to announce the government would take a “step back” from another of its contentious […]

‘We are less as a country’: Politicians pay tribute to Gord Downie

Oct 18 2017 — Kathleen Harris — Politicians are paying tribute to Canadian icon Gord Downie following his passing, praising him as a musical legend, loving man and strong advocate for reconciliation with Indigenous people. The Tragically Hip frontman died Tuesday night at age 53. He was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer in 2015. Tears flowed from […]

Liberals prepare to reveal 2018 immigration plan they say will boost economy, help refugees

Oct 15 2017 — Kathleen Harris — The Liberal government is finalizing its 2018 immigration plan, aiming to strike the right balance amid a global migration crisis, a surge in illegal border-crossers and persistent labour gaps across the country. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen recently wrapped up cross-country consultations and is preparing to table the annual immigration levels in the House of Commons […]