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Canadians can expect tight supply when cannabis edibles become legal mid-December, officials say

Jun 14 2019 — Kathleen Harris — Canadians should expect a small initial supply of cannabis edibles when they become legal in mid-December, and the limited range of products won’t include goodies that might appeal to kids, government officials say. Health Canada released new regulations on cannabis edibles, beverages, topicals and extracts today — products that will be on the legal market […]

Advisory council calls for $15B universal, single-payer pharmacare plan

Jun 12 2019 — Kathleen Harris — An advisory council appointed by the Liberal government is recommending the establishment of a universal, single-payer public pharmacare system. The council’s 171-page report, released Wednesday, calls for the creation of a new drug agency that would draft a national list of prescription medicines that would be covered by the taxpayer, beginning with an initial list […]

Senate committee pushes Liberals to delay asylum seeker clampdown

Jun 7 2019 — Kathleen Harris — A Senate committee is urging the government to delay implementation of a controversial change to Canada’s asylum laws for one year in order to limit harm to the most vulnerable refugees. That postponement is one of several recommendations by the social affairs, science and technology committee, which studied a proposed amendment to the Immigration and […]

Justice committee votes to expunge Conservative MP’s ‘hurtful’ remarks to Muslim witness from official record

Jun 4 2019 — Kathleen Harris — The House of Commons justice committee in Ottawa has voted to strike controversial remarks from Conservative MP Michael Cooper from the record. Liberal MP Randy Boissonnault put forward the motion on Tuesday morning, calling Cooper’s comments “discriminatory, hurtful and disrespectful.” Over the weekend, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer removed Cooper from the justice committee after the […]

Senate could expedite bill on judicial sexual assault training after 2-year wait

Jun 3 2019 — Kathleen Harris — After languishing in the Senate for two years, a private member’s bill that would require judges to undergo training on Canada’s sexual assault laws could soon pass swiftly through the Red Chamber. Former interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is speaking tonight before the Senate legal affairs committee on Bill C-337, known as the Judicial Accountability […]

Federal government could face new lawsuit over family reunification program

Jun 2 2019 — Kathleen Harris — The federal government is facing an angry backlash and the prospect of more legal action by Canadians trying to bring their parents or grandparents into the country. Outraged applicants are considering their next steps after learning the government made a secret settlement with more than 70 litigants and granted them coveted spots to apply to […]

Trudeau drove a ‘hard bargain’ on new NAFTA talks, Mike Pence says

May 30 2019 — Kathleen Harris — U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence said today that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stayed firm throughout tough negotiations to reach a new NAFTA deal. Visiting Ottawa for talks with Trudeau on pushing ratification of the renegotiated trilateral trade deal between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, Pence called it a “historic opportunity” to strengthen economic ties between the […]

Federal government quietly offered a settlement to halt lawsuits over immigration program

May 30 2019 — Kathleen Harris — The federal government made a secret settlement to quash two lawsuits that claimed its contentious online application process to reunite immigrant families was flawed and unfair, CBC News has learned. To resolve the group litigation, the government awarded at least 70 coveted spots to applicants allowing them to sponsor their parents’ or grandparents’ immigration to […]

Revamped citizenship guide still a work in progress as election nears

May 19 2019 — Kathleen Harris — A promised overhaul of Canada’s citizenship guide remains a work in progress with just months left in the Liberal government’s mandate. That leaves newcomers to the country with the existing guide — which is riddled with historical gaps and outdated information — as their primary document for preparing for the citizenship test. The government is […]

Trudeau ‘disappointed’ by ‘backsliding’ on abortion rights in U.S.

May 16 2019 — Kathleen Harris — Prime minister blames ‘conservative’ politicians for new restrictions on abortion access. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today he is “deeply disappointed” by “backsliding” on abortion rights in the U.S. and around the world, and promised that Canada will remain a staunch defender of a woman’s right to choose. Trudeau said Canadians can feel reassured that […]

Budget watchdog to crunch numbers on political campaign promises for 1st time

May 2 2019 — Kathleen Harris — For the first time, Canada’s budget watchdog has a mandate to cost out election campaign promises, but the uptake from political parties isn’t clear. Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) Yves Giroux said he has hired a new team of economists and accountants with expertise in various fields, including taxes, defence procurement and student financial assistance.