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Scathing report calls for RCMP to be overhauled in response to documented human rights violations of Canadian women

May 9 2022 — Kristy Kirkup — An alliance of organizations focused on women’s rights is calling for the federal government to establish an external review of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to address its treatment of women. The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action (FAFIA) released a new report on Monday on the national police force, saying it has a “toxic […]

‘It’s time to let the people in Ottawa get back to their lives,’ Premier Doug Ford says on fifth day of convoy demonstrations

Feb 1 2022 — Kristy Kirkup — Ontario Premier Doug Ford said both the province and the country hear concerns of protesters who have descended on to the nation’s capital, but it is now time to let people in the city resume their lives. While speaking in Ajax, Ont., Mr. Ford commented on the convoy that has brought Ottawa’s downtown core to […]

Ottawa to announce $40-billion for Indigenous child welfare compensation, reform in fall economic statement

Dec 13 2021 — Kristy Kirkup — The federal government is expected to announce this afternoon it has earmarked $40-billion in its fall economic statement on Indigenous child welfare compensation and long-term reform, The Globe and Mail has learned. Three sources have confirmed to The Globe that Ottawa intends to make its plans known this afternoon, with two saying the amount in […]

Former TRC commissioner Murray Sinclair to facilitate talks with Ottawa around compensation for Indigenous children

Nov 10 2021 — Kristy Kirkup — Former Truth and Reconciliation Commissioner Murray Sinclair will facilitate high-stakes compensation talks related to the welfare of Indigenous children with the goal of reaching a settlement by the end of the year, The Globe and Mail has learned. Mr. Sinclair, who left the Senate last January, will help to guide talks now underway in Ottawa, […]

Ottawa faces decision on ruling to compensate Indigenous children

Oct 25 2021 — Kristy Kirkup — Ottawa must decide this week whether to appeal a ruling upholding two human-rights-tribunal orders that would result in billions of dollars in compensation for Indigenous children, a choice that will be closely watched for the Liberal government’s commitment to reconciliation. The decision needs to be made by Friday, which marks one month since Federal Court […]

Canadians most often said Bernier, Trudeau should leave roles following election, according to Nanos Research poll

Oct 12 2021 — Kristy Kirkup — Maxime Bernier and Justin Trudeau were the two most common answers in a poll that asked respondents which of Canada’s federal party leaders they would like to see resign as a result of the outcome of this year’s election. Thirty-seven per cent of respondents told Nanos Research that Mr. Bernier, the leader of the far-right […]

Trudeau says travelling on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was a ‘mistake’ and that he regrets it

Oct 6 2021 — Kristy Kirkup, — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that travelling to Tofino on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation was a mistake and that he regrets it. While speaking to reporters in Ottawa for the first time since his trip to the popular B.C. tourist destination, Mr. Trudeau said that the first National day for Truth […]

Trudeau points to ‘wrong’ choices by Alberta, Saskatchewan during the pandemic, warns against Conservatives leading the country

Sep 19 2021 — Kristy Kirkup — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said Sunday the country is seeing what “wrong” choices have led to in Alberta and Saskatchewan during the pandemic, as he warned against the impacts of a federal Conservative government leading the country. While speaking to reporters following an event in Montreal on the final day of the campaign, Mr. Trudeau […]

RCMP Commissioner urged to issue directive on use of knee to neck

Feb 10 2021 — Kristy Kirkup — The RCMP is facing scrutiny over allegations that officers have used a knee to the neck to restrain Indigenous people during arrest. RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki must issue a clear directive to officers that this measure is prohibited and unjustified, a defence lawyer and a New Democrat MP say. Last year, worldwide protests followed the […]