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Feds using predictive analytics to craft youth policy

May 29 2019 — Kathryn May — The federal government is wading into the area of predictive analytics to try to help build more effective programs and policies before they are approved and funded. The Chicago-based data firm Mission Measurement, home of the Impact Genome Project, has already received $324,000 in federal contracts, and is currently working with federal departments to improve […]

What ever happened to deliverology?

May 15 2019 — Kathryn May — Mention “deliverology” to a public servant working on the policy frontlines, and you’ll get either a shrug or a grumble. The trendy management theory that took the federal bureaucracy by storm three years ago has struggled to live up to the initial hype. Still, the person responsible for the public management approach believes it is […]

The renegade team trying to disrupt government hiring

Dec 27 2018 — Kathryn May — A renegade group of Ottawa-based federal public servants are building the world’s first recruitment engine for gig workers who want to work in government. GC Talent Cloud is already attracting international attention for trying to reimagine the way the federal government hires for short-term work. The pilot project is currently housed within the office of […]

PSAC threatens to campaign against Liberals if public servant pay issues aren’t fixed

Apr 30 2018 — Kathryn May — The largest federal union is threatening to campaign against the Liberal government in the next election as part of “escalating action” to resolve the Phoenix disaster and pay Canada’s public servants properly. Robyn Benson, president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), urged 500 delegates at the opening of the union’s triennial convention Sunday […]

Mounties gearing up for ‘historic’ certification vote to unionize

Apr 18 2018 — Kathryn May — RCMP officers have reached another milestone in their drive to form their first union. The National Police Federation, which applied to represent 18,000 RCMP members, said a certification vote will be held this spring for Mounties to decide on the labour organization to represent them. The Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board, which […]

Call centre swamped by bureaucrats reporting Phoenix overpayments

Jan 11 2018 — Kathryn May — Thousands of public servants have been trying to report overpayments issued by the problem-plagued Phoenix pay system before a looming tax form deadline — only to get a busy signal. The Phoenix call centre, which typically gets about 2,000 calls a day, was hit with 12,000 calls Wednesday, causing the overloaded system to drop most […]

Hartt remembered as Mulroney’s ‘irrepressible’ outsider

Jan 5 2018 — Kathryn May — Stanley Hartt came to Canada’s public service as an outsider with an “irrepressible mind” for ideas and the complete confidence of Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, making him a key player in reforming the tax system, negotiating the free trade agreement and introducing the unpopular GST. The well-connected lawyer and veteran Bay Street deal maker came […]

Feds roll out new mandatory Phoenix training

Dec 1 2017 — Kathryn May — The federal government shifted its position on new training for the Phoenix pay system and is now making it mandatory for all employees and managers in its bid to stabilize the pay crisis. Treasury Board Secretary Yaprak Baltacıoğlu notified departments this week that the new training program will be mandatory and that all employees should […]

Federal government overpaid more than 20,000 public servants

Dec 5 2016 — Kathryn May — The malfunctioning Phoenix pay system that left thousands of Canada’s public servants unpaid has also doled out millions of dollars in overpayments to 13,700 employees since its ill-fated launch. A letter sent to MPs on the government operations committee says a total of 20,600 public servants had received overpayments of more than $56 million by […]

NDP: Foote hiding behind her deputy minister in Phoenix fiasco

Nov 25 2016 — Kathryn May — The NDP is accusing Public Services Minister Judy Foote of dodging political accountability by having her deputy minister publicly take the heat for the Phoenix payroll debacle. NDP MP Erin Weir told the Commons late Thursday that Foote is “hiding” behind her deputy minister, Marie Lemay, who has been thrown into the spotlight by holding […]