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A Conservative case of low self-esteem

Aug 2 2022 — Kelly McParland — In Great Britain the Conservative party has this quaint ritual it goes through when choosing a leader. In the early days of the contest, contenders are expected to appear together on a stage and engage in debate with one another. Later, when the list of hopefuls has been winnowed down to two, the remaining pair […]

Patrick Brown goes kablooey, again

Jul 6 2022 — Kelly McParland — The enduring image of Patrick Brown’s term as leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party is of a shocked and shaken-looking man fleeing down the halls of the legislature, pursued by a crowd of journalists baying for information.

Ontario’s mushiness a problem for Pierre Poilievre

Jun 14 2022 — Kelly McParland — This is just a guess, but it’s my sense that Canadians waste very little time pondering the mystic realities of Ontario. It’s got most of the population, much of the money, the biggest share of the voting pool and a blank sheet of a personality. The West has character, British Columbia has a vibe, Quebec […]

Centrist Doug Ford sows seeds of a new Conservative dynasty

Jun 3 2022 — Kelly McParland — Just before the polls closed Thursday in Ontario, a very excited Conservative spinner assured a somewhat skeptical television reporter that Doug Ford “is not a fiscal conservative in the sense of slashing deficits or slashing spending. He’s never going to be that guy, and I don’t think there’s much appetite for it.”

Pierre Poilievre is too big a risk to lead the Conservatives

May 13 2022 — Kelly McParland — Pierre Poilievre’s performance in the first two Conservative leadership debates is a strong argument against his suitability for the job of prime minister. Whether Conservatives nonetheless decide to put him in charge of the party will say a lot about their credibility as a potential alternative to the Liberal government.

It is time for the Tories to break up with Alberta?

Oct 12 2021 — Kelly McParland — Perhaps it’s time for the Conservative party to part ways with Alberta. Sit down on the couch, engage in a frank discussion about the relationship, and agree that it’s no longer working out the way both parties had hoped. While they enjoyed many happy years as partners, the sad fact is that their interests have […]

Conservatives are Justin Trudeau’s only hope of success

Mar 22 2021 — Kelly McParland — There can only be one reason why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is thinking of calling an election. That would be the Conservative party, which spent the weekend displaying its wares to a doubting audience. I feel for Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole. I watched his big address to the Tory party convention, and the guy put […]

Booting Sloan was just a start. O’Toole must get serious about distancing party from unsavoury elements

Jan 20 2021 — Kelly McParland — When I first read Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s assertion that “there is no room for the far right” in his “modern, pragmatic, mainstream” Conservative party, my plan was to write a column indicating it wasn’t good enough. Words are just words. He’d have to do more than that. He should start by dumping Derek Sloan, […]