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Who will save the Conservative Party from self-destruction?

Feb 19 2017 — Kelly McParland — At some point pretty soon, some high-ranking, thoughtful Tory – if such a thing is out there – has to step back, survey the Conservative landscape and call a halt to the party’s self-destruction. As in: “Hold on, what are we doing here? This is nuts. Let’s try again, from the beginning. All together now: […]

You could say Trudeau’s Liberals accomplished one thing this year — disappointing everyone

Dec 20 2016 — Kelly McParland — My favourite end-of-year review so far is one that ran in the Toronto Star under the guise of an editorial that wagged a worried finger at Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government. The Star doesn’t like criticizing Liberals. It’s proud of its heritage as Canada’s leading purveyor of righteousness. But sometimes it recognizes the unpleasant need to […]

The sad state of the Tory leadership race

Oct 13 2016 — Kelly McParland — Maxime Bernier’s candidacy for the leadership of the federal Conservative party reminds me of an old joke, adapted here for a Canadian audience: A visitor to Conservative headquarters is being led through a hall filled with stuffed filing cabinets. “What’s in there?” he asks. “Oh, those are some of Maxime Bernier’s ideas,” his guide replies. […]