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Liberals bet it all on billions from Morneau

Mar 18 2019 — Kelly McParland — Deep down inside, hidden in a spot where conscience seldom goes, even resolute Liberals must feel a tinge of embarrassment at how far and fast the Trudeau government has slid from the ideals that got it elected. If the latest strategy succeeds — and that’s a big question considering how badly previous attempts have failed […]

The real Trudeau emerges at last

Mar 4 2019 — Kelly McParland — Of all the words written or spoken about the crisis devouring the Trudeau government, perhaps the most enlightening were the foolish remarks offered by Jati Sidhu, a Liberal member from British Columbia. “The way she’s acting, I think she couldn’t handle the stress,” he opined in the wake of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s astonishing testimony. “I think […]

Canadians are suckers. Just look at our oil exports

Oct 15 2018 — Kelly McParland — If you haven’t been reading the business pages, you might not know that Canadian ingenuity has developed a stunning new business model: producing expensive oil and giving it away cheap. The gap between Canadian and U.S. oil is nudging US$50 a barrel. Alberta gets around US$26 a barrel, while West Texas Intermediate is in the […]

Who will save the Conservative Party from self-destruction?

Feb 19 2017 — Kelly McParland — At some point pretty soon, some high-ranking, thoughtful Tory – if such a thing is out there – has to step back, survey the Conservative landscape and call a halt to the party’s self-destruction. As in: “Hold on, what are we doing here? This is nuts. Let’s try again, from the beginning. All together now: […]