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It is time for the Tories to break up with Alberta?

Oct 12 2021 — Kelly McParland — Perhaps it’s time for the Conservative party to part ways with Alberta. Sit down on the couch, engage in a frank discussion about the relationship, and agree that it’s no longer working out the way both parties had hoped. While they enjoyed many happy years as partners, the sad fact is that their interests have […]

Conservatives are Justin Trudeau’s only hope of success

Mar 22 2021 — Kelly McParland — There can only be one reason why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is thinking of calling an election. That would be the Conservative party, which spent the weekend displaying its wares to a doubting audience. I feel for Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole. I watched his big address to the Tory party convention, and the guy put […]

Booting Sloan was just a start. O’Toole must get serious about distancing party from unsavoury elements

Jan 20 2021 — Kelly McParland — When I first read Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole’s assertion that “there is no room for the far right” in his “modern, pragmatic, mainstream” Conservative party, my plan was to write a column indicating it wasn’t good enough. Words are just words. He’d have to do more than that. He should start by dumping Derek Sloan, […]

Courting socons gave O’Toole the leadership, but also gives the Liberals ammunition

Aug 24 2020 — Kelly McParland — One thing the new leader of Canada’s official opposition will never have to worry about is the danger of being hacked by Russian evil-doers. A party that ends eight months of protracted leader-choosing by feeding mailed-in envelopes into letter-opening machines, removing the torn remnants and taping them together by hand needn’t be concerned with cyber-thieves […]

Does party leadership need to have always been a career goal?

Feb 3 2020 — Kelly McParland — If you were making a movie out of the Conservative leadership race, it would be something like the scene from the classic Marlon Brando film On the Waterfront, in which Terry Malloy, the boxer ordered to throw a fight, complains to his mobster brother, “I coulda’ been a contender. I could’ve been somebody.” The Tories […]

Canada could use a PM like Rona Ambrose

Jan 21 2020 — Kelly McParland — Just in case no one has made it clear to her yet, which seems unlikely, there are compelling reasons Rona Ambrose should quit stalling and seek the leadership of the Conservative party. She has been under pressure for some time, and is obviously torn, given that she hasn’t rejected the idea yet, even if it […]

Trudeau is still obsessed with photo ops. It’s time for something more substantive

Nov 14 2019 — Kelly McParland — So far, the net outcome of Justin Trudeau’s meetings with the leaders of opposition parties has been some awkward-looking photo ops of the prime minister gripping hands with disappointed-looking opponents. It’s not clear whether the disconsolate expressions are a holdover from the election results, or the result of meetings that appear to have produced little. […]

The Tories need a new leader

Oct 28 2019 — Kelly McParland — Lisa Raitt thinks Andrew Scheer should get a second chance at defeating Justin Trudeau, which is a nice thing for her to say but perhaps not the best path to victory for a party that notably underperformed in its recent attempt to oust the Liberals. As a non-insider with no affiliation to the apparently endless […]