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Pipeline puts Alberta’s Notley offside with other NDPers

Nov 30 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — Late Tuesday afternoon, Prime Minister Trudeau and his government gave the green light to a pipeline that would carry heavy-oil through the most densely populated part of Western Canada. The Trans Mountain pipeline, a project of U.S. company Kinder Morgan, would allow tar sands oil producers to ship their product to China and other Asian […]

Trump helps make the argument for electoral reform in Canada

Nov 18 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — There is a connection between the election in the U.S. of an arguably extremist candidate and the Canadian push for electoral reform. Americans choose their president through a weird version of first-past-the post, in which all states (save two) assign all of their electoral college votes to the winner of the vote in their state, […]

New Canadian study explains why working class should be angry

Nov 14 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — An angry (white) working class, which has not experienced the benefits of trade and globalization, provided Donald Trump with his margin of victory in a few key states that had not voted Republican in decades. That’s what most who analyzed the results of last Tuesday’s vote are saying. Highly unionized populations in places such as […]

We’ve gone back to the age of political dynasties

Jun 10 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — The wife of a former U.S. president will, in all likelihood, be the Democratic nominee for the U.S. presidency. The eldest son of a long-serving Canadian prime minister is the current PM. The daughter of a revered Alberta NDP leader is the current (and first) NDP premier of that province. The son of a highly […]

Conservatives say goodbye to Harper and hello to an unsteady future

May 27 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — The Liberals and the Conservatives are holding overlapping conventions, which, for some, might entail a surfeit of political rhetoric. The Conservatives started first. In Vancouver, on Thursday night, they heard, for the first time since election night, from their outgoing leader, Stephen Harper. Those who remember former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s remarks in 1993, when […]

Pierre Karl Péladeau’s departure gives Parti Québécois an opportunity to redefine itself

May 3 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — Long before there was any hint he might have political ambitions, Pierre Karl Péladeau, media tycoon, appeared before a House of Commons committee to complain about CBC/Radio-Canada. Conservative Stephen Harper was prime minster then, and his caucus was full of MPs who had a particular loathing for the public broadcaster. They relished in describing the […]

Mulcair’s out. How did it happen and what’s next?

Apr 11 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — Canada’s New Democrats are now a party in search of a leader. Through most of its history, the NDP, and its predecessor, the CCF, focused more on party and program than on the singular magic of leadership. Leader-obsession was for the old-line parties, concerned about power and nothing but power. Tommy Douglas is a legendary […]

First Nations might be OK with Wernick in top job

Jan 27 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — If you were to listen to Conservative attacks you’d think the Trudeau government was soft on Islamic State terrorism, indifferent to the economic travails of the oil and gas industry, too ready to make nice with nasty Iran, insufficiently friendly to Israel, and not as supportive of Ukraine vis-à-vis Russia as it should be. Conservatives […]

Despite economic turmoil Trudeau must keep promises to Indigenous people

Jan 20 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — One gets the strong impression that the Indigenous file is one the prime minister really cares about. The Harper government’s approach ranged from passive aggressive to just aggressive to openly hostile, despite a brief glow after the official apology for residential schools. Justin Trudeau’s father, who served as prime minister from 1968 to 1984 (with […]

Trudeau faces big challenges restoring what Harper killed

Jan 8 2016 — Karl Nerenberg — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under pressure to restore many of the programs the Harper government abolished. The new PM did not need prodding to restore the Interim Federal Health Program for refugees, which Harper’s overzealous immigration maven Jason Kenney (darling of The Globe and Mail editorial board) so ostentatiously axed. The Conservatives had the […]

Trudeau cuts taxes for six-figure members of the ‘middle class’

Dec 15 2015 — Karl Nerenberg — Canada’s new government is, so far, on the right track on climate change. Its role in Paris has been a huge contrast to what we got from Stephen Harper’s series of passive-aggressive environment ministers. Who can forget John Baird at the 2007 Bali climate change conference, ducking away from media, pushing back on any constructive […]

Three ministers have big job of getting MMIW inquiry going

Dec 9 2015 — Karl Nerenberg — The new Liberal government is starting a process to create an inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls. We do not have a full-blown inquiry yet. That will take time. To get things started, three cabinet ministers will engage in consultations with Indigenous leaders, family members, front-line workers and women’s organizations. The three […]