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Why everyone in the Conservative Party should want John Baird to run

Feb 13 2020 — Kory Teneycke — Leadership races are an opportunity for political parties to course-correct. They are a place to test new policy approaches and hopefully capture the imagination of Canadians. At their best, they are made-for-TV electoral death matches. They are exciting! At least they are supposed to be. It is hard to imagine a race more boring than […]

Gun change would double prison population

Mar 4 2014 — Kory Teneycke — Late last week, the RCMP tweaked the list of firearms allowed under Canadian law, changing two popular lines of guns from “non-restricted” to “prohibited”. The CZ 58 and Swiss Arms rifles that were made prohibited look scary. The CZ resembles the iconic AK-47, and the Swiss Arms rifles look like something you would see in […]