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Where are the new ideas in this Conservative Party leadership race?

May 13 2020 — Kory Teneycke — Other than a general election, a leadership race is the best opportunity a political party has to broaden its appeal outside of its traditional voter coalition. And that is an opportunity the Conservative Party can’t afford to squander. The very fact there is a leadership race is an indication that a political party needs to […]

Scheer is a zombie Opposition leader for the zombie apocalypse

Apr 7 2020 — Kory Teneycke — We can add the undead wandering the halls of Parliament to the litany of COVID-19 horrors. I am referring, of course, to Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer, whose political body went cold on Dec. 12 when he resigned in an effort to stave off an avalanche of negative stories about his personal expenses and poor election […]

Why everyone in the Conservative Party should want John Baird to run

Feb 13 2020 — Kory Teneycke — Leadership races are an opportunity for political parties to course-correct. They are a place to test new policy approaches and hopefully capture the imagination of Canadians. At their best, they are made-for-TV electoral death matches. They are exciting! At least they are supposed to be. It is hard to imagine a race more boring than […]

Gun change would double prison population

Mar 4 2014 — Kory Teneycke — Late last week, the RCMP tweaked the list of firearms allowed under Canadian law, changing two popular lines of guns from “non-restricted” to “prohibited”. The CZ 58 and Swiss Arms rifles that were made prohibited look scary. The CZ resembles the iconic AK-47, and the Swiss Arms rifles look like something you would see in […]