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The Big Short: Big policy initiatives but short on fiscal prudence

Mar 22 2016 — Kevin Page — For its first budget, the Liberal government leveraged its 2015 electoral platform to deliver on promises to be a more interventionist government. Several legacy programs were announced today, with still more to come — one can surmise, given the scope of their promises — in subsequent years. The budget will be remembered for a number […]

Finance ministers need to have tough conversation

Dec 14 2014 — Kevin Page — Federal, provincial and territorial finance ministers are holding a pre-budget meeting in Ottawa on Sunday. This ought to be a momentous occasion. Sadly, though, it will likely be something far less than that. It’s a shame that in a federation such as ours, in which intergovernmental collaboration is essential to economic success, the federal government […]

Before we can fix our economy, we must fix government

Jan 19 2014 — Kevin Page — The American educator and philosopher John Dewey once remarked that “we only think when we are confronted with a problem.” As a great procrastinator, that quote has always resonated with me. As did another Dewey remark: “We can have facts without thinking but we cannot have thinking without facts.” As we set out into 2014, […]

Forget the Senate — it’s time for Parliament to get serious

Sep 6 2013 — Kevin Page — Ottawa is going to be a busy and interesting place over the next few months. As the leaves turn colour in the Gatineau Hills, there will be a speech from the throne and an Economic and Fiscal Update. When the snow comes and the canal freezes over, we’ll have a budget. Besides the weather, our […]