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Military finds multiple gaps in support for victims of sexual misconduct

Mar 13 2018 — Kristen Everson — Almost three years after the Canadian Forces launched a mission to root out sexual misconduct in its ranks, the military has identified critical flaws in how it supports victims of harassment and other forms of inappropriate behaviour — and has given itself a long list of fixes to address the problems. Among other things, a […]

Veterans see access to medical marijuana curtailed over doctors’ concerns

Sep 1 2017 — Kristen Everson — Veterans who use medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder are having to go outside the network of clinics sanctioned by Veterans Affairs to get the drug due to concerns by doctors at the clinics about its effectiveness. The last operational stress injury clinic to prescribe medical marijuana to former soldiers stopped doing so in […]

Military, Veterans Affairs to test effects of medical marijuana on PTSD in clinical trial

May 6 2017 — Kristen Everson — The Canadian Forces and Veterans Affairs are setting up a clinical trial to evaluate the safety and efficacy of using medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress disorder in military members and veterans. A briefing note to the veterans affairs minister from October reveals a senior psychiatrist with the Canadian Forces “has drafted a preliminary protocol […]

Classified documents reveal Canada’s planned response to 9/11-style attack

Mar 1 2017 — Kristen Everson — Secret documents detailing Canada’s plans for responding to a Sept. 11-style attack include a scenario in which military fighter jets are forced to shoot down a hijacked commercial airliner to protect Toronto’s CN Tower. The documents contain precise details about how the military, RCMP and government would determine when to shoot down a hijacked plane, […]

Military chaplain adds adviser for Indigenous soldiers

Feb 12 2017 — Kristen Everson — Canada’s Indigenous soldiers have long gone without the kind of spiritual support offered to other members of the Canadian Forces. Now, with the appointment of the first Indigenous adviser to the military’s Chaplain General, the Canadian Forces’ spiritual leaders have someone to help them understand how best to support Indigenous soldiers across the military. In […]

Canadian Rangers lack support and health care access, military ombudsman says

Jan 23 2017 — Kristen Everson — The Canadian Rangers are not getting access to the health care services they deserve and lack sufficient support staff, according to the Canadian Forces ombudsman’s initial investigation into Canada’s northern patrol units. The Rangers are part of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, but are not considered reservists. Generally they are part-time volunteers from the remote […]

Air force warned readiness of fighter fleet was declining back in 2014

Dec 3 2016 — Kristen Everson — As the former Conservative government was leading the charge to bomb ISIS almost two years ago, the Royal Canadian Air Force was warning that its CF-18 pilots were not getting enough training time and that “resource reductions” were squeezing maintenance budgets. Documents obtained by CBC News make clear the military was concerned the combat readiness […]

Canadian Forces ombudsman to review Canadian Rangers program

Oct 27 2015 — Kristen Everson — The Canadian Forces ombudsman will conduct a full review of the Canadian Rangers program, CBC News has learned, following stories about deaths among members of the military’s northern patrol units. The military ombudsman is finalizing the scope of the investigation, but it will include health care, fitness and the reporting of injuries. Jamie Robertson, spokesman […]

Air force memo warns of risk to operations due to poor recruiting

Jun 25 2015 — Kristen Everson — Canadian military operations will suffer “devastating” effects if recruiting efforts for the Royal Canadian Air Force don’t improve, the commander of the air force was warned in a briefing note last fall. The blunt assessment from the director of the Air Personnel Strategy office, obtained by CBC News through access to information, came just as […]

49 Canadian Rangers have died since January 2011

Apr 21 2015 — Kristen Everson — Forty-nine Canadian Rangers and Junior Rangers serving in Canada’s Arctic have died since January 2011, according to numbers released by the Department of Defence. One of those deaths was service related, while the rest can be attributed “to health and hazard issues common in the larger population of the communities in which they live — […]