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Embassy caught off guard when Tory senators met with Sessions

Jul 17 2018 — Kyle Duggan — Canada’s diplomatic mission in Washington was caught off guard by a high-profile spring trip where a trio of Tory senators met with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other Trump administration officials to discuss cannabis legalization. Internal emails obtained by iPolitics through Access to Information show Canada’s embassy in Washington, Global Affairs and other officials […]

Kicked out of shadow cabinet, Maxime Bernier raises $30,000

Jun 15 2018 — Kyle Duggan — In spite of his recent demotion to the backbenches, Conservative MP Maxime Bernier is proving that his fundraising chops are still strong. Just a few days after being booted from his role as innovation critic after he re-circulated a controversial promo-chapter from his shelved book project, Maxime Bernier raised a cool $30,000 in one day. […]

Trudeau accuses Scheer of playing Senate games to try to slow down pot bill

Jun 13 2018 — Kyle Duggan — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing the Opposition Conservatives of playing games in the Senate with the Liberal government’s cannabis legalization framework. Trudeau, when asked Wednesday morning about his government’s rejection of more than a dozen changes to Bill C-45 the Senate is proposing, defended the bill’s original intent of allowing Canadians to grow up […]

Tory senators meet with U.S. Attorney General to talk pot legalization

Apr 4 2018 — Kyle Duggan — Three Conservative Senators are meeting with Trump administration officials in Washington today to talk about Canada’s plans to legalize cannabis. The trio – Sens. Claude Carignan, Denise Batters, and Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu – said in a joint statement that they were dissatisfied with explanations from top bureaucrats and Liberal cabinet ministers testifying on how legalizing cannabis […]

Canadians consumed about $6 billion worth of cannabis in 2015: StatsCan

Dec 18 2017 — Kyle Duggan — Canadians consumed nearly 700 tonnes of cannabis in 2015, with a total value ranging somewhere between $5 billion and $6.2 billion, according to rough estimates compiled by Statistics Canada. The estimates were drafted to add cannabis data to the nation’s statistical system ahead of the federal government legalizing recreational consumption of marijuana. The agency suggests […]

Cities want a third of cannabis excise tax revenues

Dec 6 2017 — Kyle Duggan — Canada’s cities say they want in on the federal government’s proposed excise tax on cannabis sales in Canada because they’ll have to bear the brunt of enforcement on the “front lines.” The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is asking that a full third of the proceeds of the Liberal government’s proposed excise tax go to municipalities, […]

Tories ahead in third quarter fundraising, Liberals closing gap

Oct 31 2017 — Kyle Duggan — The big blue Conservative machine is still leading the pack in party fundraising, but the Liberals appear to be narrowing the gap. Third quarter fundraising figures released through Elections Canada show the opposition Conservatives brought in $3.6 million in donations, with the governing Liberals lagging behind them at $3.1 million. The Conservatives are down slightly […]

Singh has a 62 per cent chance of winning NDP leadership: Mainstreet

Sep 29 2017 — Kyle Duggan — Mainstreet Research says the odds of winning the NDP leadership race are in Jagmeet Singh’s favour right now – but no matter who wins, it will take a few rounds of voting before the new leader is named. Mainstreet ran a series of simulations based on iPolitics/Mainstreet polling, which was sponsored by Friends of Canadian […]

Sparks fly as O’Leary and Wynne spar in open letters

Jan 23 2017 — Kyle Duggan — Conservative leadership contestant Kevin O’Leary is hitting back at Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for political barbs she shot his way over the weekend when she said comments he made about Ontario’s auto sector and new carbon tax were flatly wrong. Wynne published an open letter that criticized O’Leary over claims he reportedly made that Ontario […]

Trudeau vacationing in Bahamas, PMO says

Jan 2 2017 — Kyle Duggan — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is vacationing in the Bahamas, his second Caribbean winter holiday in a row. The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed to reporters Monday that Trudeau has flown to Bahamas’ capital city Nassau for his vacation – after previously not providing a location to reporters. “Here is what I can confirm,” PMO spokesperson Andrée-Lyne […]

Trudeau: 18 is a “reasonable compromise” for minimum age on pot

Dec 15 2016 — Kyle Duggan — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave something of an endorsement to the marijuana legalization task force’s recommendation to set a minimum age of 18 for recreational marijuana use. Asked about the report’s recommendation by reporters at a news conference Thursday, Trudeau replied that 18 or 19 would be a “reasonable compromise” for a minimum age for […]

Lankin swipes at Tory senators for taking shots at new Senate appointees

Nov 3 2016 — Kyle Duggan — If you think the new independent Senators are “small l” liberal elites appointed just to pass Liberal bills, don’t tell that to Sen. Frances Lankin. At an iPolitics/Policy Magazine panel event, Lankin took a shot at Conservative senators “attempting to discredit” the new Senate selection process by calling the new independents, essentially, “Liberals in sheep’s […]