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Trudeau should read the charter and honour his father

Jan 20 2018 — Licia Corbella — Pierre Elliott Trudeau — one of the main architects of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how cavalier his eldest son is with its contents. So to refresh Trudeau Junior’s memory, here are some key components of the charter, which is pinned to […]

Omar Khadr’s rights more important than Canadian charities’ rights

Jan 17 2018 — Licia Corbella — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will have his chance to prove that he treats Canadian churches and social agencies with the same respect he showed convicted terrorist Omar Khadr when those faith groups’ applications for Canada Summer Jobs grants are processed in the next few weeks. The federal government has effectively prevented faith-based social agencies and […]

In the name of tolerance, Trudeau attacks faith and those who serve others

Jan 11 2018 — Licia Corbella — In the name of “inclusion” and “tolerance,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government are excluding and being intolerant to faith-based social agencies and churches from even applying for the Canada Summer Jobs program that provides subsidies to hire summer students. In so doing, Trudeau will hypocritically be harming the very people he claims […]

Trudeau may be first sitting PM slammed in ethics breach, but he’s not the worst

Dec 27 2017 — Licia Corbella — Just because he’s the first, doesn’t mean he’s the worst. Yes, Justin Trudeau has become the first sitting prime minister in Canadian history to officially be cited for violating parliamentary ethics rules. Compared to some of the ethical breaches made by previous prime ministers, however, Trudeau’s violations are mild by comparison. On Dec. 20, Mary […]

Jason Kenney plans to keep swimming forward to ensure Alberta’s future

Dec 19 2017 — Licia Corbella — A political junkie acquaintance of mine who nominally knows Jason Kenney described the 49-year-old United Conservative Party leader as “the Great White Shark of Canadian politics.” A shark, I wondered. “Yeah, he doesn’t sleep, he always moves forward, he’s efficient and he shreds his prey.” It’s a pretty good analogy. On Monday morning, however, Kenney […]

Harry’s gonna marry! Why that matters for all of Canada

Nov 28 2017 — Licia Corbella — Harry’s to marry! Hooray! You don’t have to be a monarchist to thrill at the news that a royal wedding is in the works now that the Crown’s one-time bad boy, Prince Harry, will marry Toronto-based, California-born actress Meghan Markle in the spring. News websites around the globe and social media sites were abuzz about […]

UCP’s Jason Nixon is a giant in every way

Nov 4 2017 — Licia Corbella — While Jason Kenney, the United Conservative Party’s newly elected leader remains out of the legislature until he can win a seat in a byelection, he has put his assembly duties in the capable and very large hands of Jason Nixon. Most Albertans, however, likely have little knowledge of just what a giant of character Alberta’s […]

All UCP leadership hopefuls are great choices but Kenney is best

Oct 28 2017 — Licia Corbella — Unlike past leadership contests for the centre-right party in this province, Albertans will not suffer a hangover of regret the morning after Saturday night’s United Conservative Party leadership results are revealed. While it’s not yet known who the new leader will be, what is known is regardless of who wins the vote tonight, the fledgling […]

Desire to erase our history is growing farcical

Aug 29 2017 — Licia Corbella — At first I thought it was fake news. Who could blame me? I was perusing Twitter on Tuesday night and read the following headline: “ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee Off UVa Game to Avoid Offending Idiots.” I clicked on the link and it led me to an odd rant on a website called […]

UCP leadership battle one of quality

Aug 5 2017 — Licia Corbella — The joke on social media is that the new United Conservative Party could run a Labrador retriever as its leader and win the next Alberta provincial election. Judging from the recent Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll that ran earlier this week, it appears there may be some truth behind that jest. The poll surveyed 2,100 Albertans July […]

Our LNG could help the world cut CO2

Jul 30 2017 — Licia Corbella — You’ve heard the expression that when it comes to helping the environment we are to “think globally and act locally.” Well, when it comes to significantly reducing CO2 emissions, a professor from the University of British Columbia has turned that saying on its head. To paraphrase, Wenran Jiang is urging policy-makers and environmentalists to think […]