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National Newswatch

Why do people hate Israel?

Nov 11 2023 — Marsha Lederman — Last Saturday, I met a man named Faisal Salama at a pro-Palestinian rally in Vancouver. Mr. Salama, 30, had just moved to the city. He is Palestinian – born in Kuwait, raised in Edmonton – and still has family in Gaza, including an aunt and first cousins, now displaced from the north as Israeli bombs […]

Fear has replaced hope in Israel. That must be resisted

Oct 18 2023 — Marsha Lederman — Israel’s national anthem is called Hatikvah: “The hope.” It’s hard to feel any hope at this moment, with so many deaths, including from that hospital blast in Gaza; as I write this, it’s still unclear who is responsible. When it was adopted as the anthem, Hatikvah symbolized hope for this refuge rising from the ashes […]

By playing gutter politics, the Manitoba PCs deserved to lose

Oct 5 2023 — Marsha Lederman — Before the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives lost the election, they lost the plot. And their soul. When you are campaigning on not searching a landfill site where police believe the remains of murdered women were buried – and what’s more, when you turn that message into an actual billboard – what does that say about your […]

Libraries must be curated, not culled with abandon

Sep 15 2023 — Marsha Lederman — School libraries have finite resources, including space, and will never be able to include every book that was ever published – nor every book that was once offered by that individual library. Collections are weeded not just to make space though – updates are needed when books are beyond repair, but also for textual accuracy […]

Our attitudes and rituals around divorce deserve a rethink

Aug 3 2023 — Marsha Lederman — Most people do not get married thinking they’ll become a divorce statistic down the road. But it happens. A lot. And if it does, the unhappy couple – and maybe their children – drown in things to navigate. In addition to the grief and emotional heavy lifting, there are ugly practicalities to work through. Who […]

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