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Scheer’s carbon fantasies as bad as Trudeau’s

Apr 29 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — It’s bad enough when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misleads Canadians by claiming we can reach our international commitments to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change through his national carbon pricing plan. But it’s no better when Conservative leader Andrew Scheer claims he can do so without the measure if he wins the […]

Liberal climate crusaders exposed

Apr 2 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Trudeau government’s approach to addressing climate change — a combination of arrogance, ignorance and wishful thinking — has been on full display in Ottawa in recent days. On Sunday, on CTV’s Question Period, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna repeatedly dodged basic questions from host Evan Solomon on how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reach his […]

On Jerusalem Scheer’s right, Trudeau’s wrong

Mar 9 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has admirably committed his party to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if it wins the 2019 federal election. As the Tories logically state on their website: “Canada’s Conservatives recognize the obvious fact that Israel, like every other sovereign nation, has a right to determine where its capital is located.”

Conservatives are cowards on Indigenous issues

Jan 10 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — As long as Conservatives fail to develop a coherent policy for dealing with Canada’s Indigenous people, panicked overreactions like federal party leader Andrew Scheer firing Sen. Lynn Beyak from the Tory caucus will rule the day. Beyak has been in trouble with the Conservative hierarchy ever since she said residential schools did a lot of […]

Trudeau doesn’t understand the nature of evil

Jan 6 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — Is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau so blinded by his naive belief that “diversity” and “inclusiveness” are Canada’s unique gifts to the world, that he’s undermining our safety and security? Does he understand the nature of evil, that ideologies of hatred exist that no amount of Canadian “niceness” can appease?

Trudeau’s government just plain cruel

Dec 6 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s favourite boasts about his Liberal government – perhaps his very favourite – is its great compassion for ordinary Canadians. Ordinary Canadians who are Thalidomide survivors, disabled veterans, diabetics, retail employees and small business owners would beg to disagree.

We already know Trudeau’s ethical standards

Nov 29 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — In the Kabuki theatre of Parliament Hill, the fact Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer called Wednesday for Finance Minister Bill Morneau to resign means hell could freeze over before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will fire him. Because that’s the issue, since Morneau has no intention of resigning. Morneau just finished daring Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre to […]

How universities killed free speech

Nov 23 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — Academic freedom — for conservatives — died a long time ago. So can we please end the pretence that universities today are bastions of free speech and that Wilfrid Laurier University’s appalling treatment of graduate student Lindsay Shepherd was an aberration? What happened to the 22-year-old Shepherd has been the norm in universities for at […]

What’s really dumb? Trudeau’s carbon pricing plan

Nov 12 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — A trick politicians use to intimidate us on the subject of human-influenced climate change is to leap from the fact that because scientists say it is real, we must support whatever they propose to address it. This is absurd. How to address human-influenced climate change involves economic policies that are political decisions, not scientific ones. […]

Where’s Trudeau’s campaign against offshore tax dodgers?

Nov 6 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — Of the many poses Justin Trudeau has adopted since becoming prime minister, his performance as the defender of “tax fairness” for the middle class has been the most laughable. Until it blew up in their faces, Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau spent weeks portraying small business owners across Canada as corporate fatcats, whom they […]

Trudeau’s Titanic lie heading for an iceberg

Nov 5 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — When the next in the series of the United Nations’ never-ending, carbon-spewing, climate change road shows gets underway in Bonn, Germany, Monday, Canadians will be told two big political lies. The first is that the Paris climate accord, signed two years ago, still has a chance to lower global greenhouse gas emissions to what it […]

How dare Stephen Harper attack Liberals!

Oct 31 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Trudeau Liberals are shocked, SHOCKED! that former prime minister Stephen Harper has dared to write a memo to his business clients accusing the Grits of “napping on NAFTA.” To hear them tell it, Harper has betrayed Canada by writing, “I fear that the NAFTA re-negotiation is going very badly.” According to Harper’s briefing note […]

Morneau’s fall economic statement reveals Liberals’ commitment to never-ending deficits, debt

Oct 25 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — Tuesday’s fall economic statement by Finance Minister Bill Morneau demonstrates why nothing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says in the 2019 federal election campaign about Canada’s debt and deficits can be trusted. Contrary to every message Trudeau delivered both before and during the 2015 election, Morneau laid out the real Liberal agenda going forward, which, to […]

Wynne Liberals broke every rule in the book

Oct 18 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — Normally, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk’s complete evisceration of how Premier Kathleen Wynne plans to pay for her “Fair Hydro Plan” would be an election game changer. That is, the final nail in the coffin of the Wynne government’s financial credibility, leading to its defeat at the polls in June. Lysyk’s findings, released Tuesday, are devastating […]

Trudeau’s tax flip, flops

Oct 16 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein — Even when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does the right thing, he has to be dragged kicking and screaming into doing it. Take his hasty resurrection Monday of his previously broken election promise to cut the small business tax rate from 11% to 9% by 2019. The fact Trudeau now intends, albeit belatedly, to keep this […]