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PM’s massive climate spending fails to achieve promised results

Jun 19 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — To put it in popular culture terms, believing the Trudeau government is going to achieve any climate change target it sets for itself is like believing Lucy is going to hold the football for Charlie Brown so he can kick it. Liberal governments have failed to achieve every greenhouse gas emission reduction target they’ve promised […]

Feds cried wolf in invoking Emergencies Act

Jun 12 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — So far, the various justifications the Trudeau government has given for invoking the Emergencies Act against the Freedom Convoy protests have fallen apart. Consider the record to date. Neither the RCMP nor Ottawa police asked the federal government to invoke the act, contrary to claims by Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino.

Stop blaming climate change for political incompetence

May 29 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — Politicians today love to blame the damage caused by every extreme weather event on “climate change” because it masks the crisis governments are responsible for — Canada’s fragile and aging public infrastructure. From Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, to provincial premiers, to municipal mayors, they pontificate endlessly about “climate change” as if there were never storms, […]

Trudeau’s carbon tax cheques will make most of us poorer

May 15 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — There’s good news and bad news about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax for residents of the four provinces where it applies — Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The good news is that starting July 15 and four times annually after that, individuals and families living in these provinces are going to receive tax-free cheques, […]

Conservatives playing hardball — like everyone else

May 8 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — People who believe the Liberals are the natural governing party of Canada are predictably clutching their pearls and wagging their disapproving fingers at the political brawl in the Conservative leadership race. That’s because they’re offended that conflict, both externally against one’s political opponents and internally with one’s ostensible allies, is how political parties evolve.

Does Guilbeault read his reports before releasing them?

Apr 17 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — Does federal Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault know what’s in his own plan to reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions? He’s denying a Toronto Sun column by Kris Sims, B.C. Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, that his government is planning a new surtax on pickup trucks. “This so-called fee on trucks doesn’t exist,” Guilbeault said, insisting […]

The Great Convenor of the Great Reset

Mar 20 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly gave us a glimpse into the mindset of the Trudeau government last week when she described Canada’s role in international affairs as a convenor of meetings. “We’re a middle-sized power and what we’re good at is convening and making sure that diplomacy is happening and convincing other countries to do […]