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Barring a miracle by Trudeau, Biden will kill Keystone

Jan 19 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — The chances of U.S. president-elect Joe Biden reversing his decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline are between slim and none and slim just left town. It would only be news if he didn’t. Biden announced he would scrap Keystone eight months ago on May 18, 2021 as part of his successful campaign for the […]

Twitter’s self-righteous permanent banning of Trump hypocritical

Jan 10 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — Permanently banning Donald Trump from Twitter is an absurd and counterproductive decision that will play right into the outgoing U.S. president’s hands. It will provide rocket fuel to the belief among tens of millions of Trump’s 88 million followers that he was defeated by a Deep State conspiracy that never accepted his presidency as legitimate, […]

Jet-setting politicians undermine the case for lockdowns

Jan 5 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — The real issue with so many politicians of all political stripes flying out of the country over the Christmas/New Year holiday isn’t that they ignored the advice of their own governments not to do so. It’s that they’ve undermined the credibility of government-imposed public health measures and lockdowns to fight the pandemic, and handed their […]

Rod Phillips and the lost art of political leadership

Dec 31 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — During the Second World War, the late Queen Mother won the hearts of the British people by refusing Winston Churchill’s offer for her to take refuge with her children in Canada. “The children will not leave unless I do,” she said. “I shall not leave unless their father does, and the king will not leave […]

UN abandoned the fight for human rights in 2020

Dec 29 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — Human rights took another beating at the United Nations in 2020 — the global body formed after the Second World War, supposedly to protect them. Despite China’s brutal suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and persecution of its Uighur Muslim minority, the 193-member nations of the UN General Assembly voted in October to elect China […]

Time for Trudeau to ditch blame game

Dec 27 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — I have a New Year’s resolution for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After more than five years in power, he should take responsibility for his decisions, as opposed to blaming others. Trudeau isn’t the first politician to blame opponents and predecessors for problems he or she faces, nor for the opposition parties and premiers to blame […]

UN climate report reveals goals of Trudeau’s ‘Great Reset’

Dec 13 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was falsely condemned recently for trading in conspiracy theories. His accusers were Liberals and liberal media who misrepresented what “The Great Reset” of society — advocated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations (where it’s called “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”) — means.

Trump trumps Trudeau in reducing greenhouse gases

Dec 2 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — To understand the difference between climate change rhetoric and reality, consider this: After four years of President Donald Trump, the United States ispoised to meet and likely exceed its target of reducing its industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to human-induced climate change to 17% below 2005 levels by the end of this year.

Trudeau turns Canada into deficit-ridden, nanny state

Nov 30 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — When the history of the COVID-19 pandemic is written, it should include a chapter about how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engineered “The Great Reset” of the role government plays in our lives, without even bringing in a budget. How it wasn’t done in secret, but out in the open.

Karma’s a glitch, eh Prime Minister?

Nov 29 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — Proving yet again that what goes around comes around, the Trudeau Liberals, having accused the Conservatives all last week of spreading fake news about COVID-19, finished off the week on Friday by spreading fake news about the Conservatives and COVID-19.