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Are Conservatives under Erin O’Toole going to face an epic defeat?

Jul 11 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Canadians don’t seem to like early elections, at least not those called just for the political advantage of a sitting government. I offer as exhibits David Peterson’s Liberals in Ontario in 1990 and Jim Prentice’s Tories in Alberta in 2015. In both cases, parties with strong majorities looked at the polls, thought they could increase […]

So much for Trudeau’s pledge to be open and transparent

Jun 26 2021 — Lorne Gunter — The Liberal government is suing the House of Commons and the Speaker to prevent MPs from getting their hands on documents pertaining to the firing of two scientists with connections to China from their jobs at Winnipeg’s National Microbiology Lab. No one, not even the librarian of Parliament, can find an example of the cabinet […]

Linking Israel to apartheid now ‘acceptable’ anti-Semitism

Jun 20 2021 — Lorne Gunter — If former Green MP Jenica Atwin had tweeted the white supremacist slogan “the Jews will not replace us,” it’s a safe bet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would not have welcomed her into the Liberal Party of Canada. But because hers was the more politically acceptable tactic of describing Israel as an apartheid state, she was […]

Weak-willed O’Toole ignores infrastructure bank boondoggle

Jun 20 2021 — Lorne Gunter — You can forgive yourself if you’ve never heard of the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB); the largely useless, ultra-expensive federal government boondoggle set up by the Liberals to boost the economy by funding infrastructure projects – “green” projects preferred. Most people in the infrastructure industry have probably never heard of the CIB, or wish they hadn’t.

Yet another nail in the coffin of Canada’s energy industry

Jun 13 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Coal produces “unacceptable environmental effects.” Plastic is “toxic.” The oilsands should be “phased out” and pipelines aren’t worth fighting for (except, of course, for the ones that bring gasoline, propane and other fuels to Ontario and Quebec right before a federal election). With an announcement Friday that Ottawa was effectively proclaiming federal jurisdiction over all […]

Canadian questions about the Wuhan Institute of Virology

May 23 2021 — Lorne Gunter — The Public Health Agency of Canada (the very same outfit behind the federal government’s chaotic, often self-contradictory response to the pandemic) will not say whether Xiangguo Qiu and her husband, Keding Cheng, were Canadian citizens when they worked at the agency’s high-security National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg – a Level-4 biocontainment facility.

We need science, not politics, to guide Canada’s re-opening

May 16 2021 — Lorne Gunter — The Americans’ Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the well-known CDC) had a major conversion this week. It finally let the science of COVID (and not the politics) drive its decision on what vaccinated Americans can and cannot do once they’ve had their shots. According to the CDC, fully vaccinated people have a very low […]

Jason Kenney is in trouble, but the question is how deep?

May 13 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Let me begin with an admission: Jason Kenney and I have been friends for 30 years. He was a frequent dinner guest in our home before he became a senior federal cabinet minister and ceased having time for social functions. But I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I didn’t tell him the truth. […]

Here’s why Bill C-10 is such a big problem

May 2 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Understand one thing: If the Liberals are able to pass Bill C-10 – an update of the Broadcasting Act – Canada will have the most-regulated Internet in the free world. “The plan is not for us to regulate all of the Internet,” Toronto Liberal MP Julie Dabrusin, told the Commons Heritage committee this week. Dabrusin […]

Here’s what massive emissions reductions really means

Apr 25 2021 — Lorne Gunter — On Thursday, as part of U.S. President Joe Biden’s virtual eco-summit of international leaders, our own Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged Canada to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 or 45% from 2005 levels by 2030. That’s up from the 30% cut Canada had been pledging. Are you as tingly as I am, fellow […]

O’Toole turns back on supporters with carbon tax proposal

Apr 16 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Not only is O’Toole embracing a carbon tax (although he doesn’t have the courage or honesty to call it that), he thinks those of us who oppose carbon taxes are dumb enough to be deceived by his sleight-of-language. Every time I hear federal Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole speak, I like him less and less. […]