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More concerning revelations about the Liberals’ latest gun bans

Oct 17 2020 — Lorne Gunter — I shudder to think what gun owners in this country would have done without Dennis Young, the firearms researcher who has provided so much useful information on federal gun control efforts over the past 25 years. Working out of his home in Alberta, Young, a former Mountie and Parliament Hill staffer, has dug up more […]

Does the federal NDP even have any relevance now?

Oct 11 2020 — Lorne Gunter — What do we need an NDP for? I mean it. At the moment, the New Democrats are acting like flunkies for the Liberals. They are doing the political equivalent of holding the Liberals’ handbags, fetching them coffee and making sure their dry cleaning is picked up and their shoes polished.

Yet again, Liberals feel the rules aren’t for them

Sep 20 2020 — Lorne Gunter — Surely David MacNaughton, Canada’s former ambassador in Washington, knew his contacts with two cabinet ministers, the head of Canada’s armed forces and assorted senior political staffers and bureaucrats were a violation of federal conflict of interest rules. Before being appointed to our embassy in the U.S. capital, MacNaughton had been the head of StrategyCorp and […]

Canada may soon see Screw the West 2.0

Sep 6 2020 — Lorne Gunter — Like father, like son. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reportedly readying a throne speech that will propose to remake Canada in his ultra-“progressive,” super-“green” image, it’s instructive to reflect on a speech his father delivered while prime minister 40 years ago this week.

Conservative leadership race spins its wheels

Aug 16 2020 — Lorne Gunter — The national Conservative leadership race is entering its final week before voting closes. It’s probably unfair to say no one cares. The party claims to have sold nearly 280,000 memberships, so at least some people are interested. (Although in the 2016 leadership campaign, the candidates sold 260,000, so this year’s total is nothing new.)

WE scandal speaks to Trudeau’s character and judgment

Aug 2 2020 — Lorne Gunter — If we didn’t already know it, we have learned from the WE Charity scandal that our prime minister, Justin Trudeau, is a vacuous, spoiled narcissist who never learns from his mistakes, fires anyone who challenges him and always blames others for the problem he creates. Sound familiar?

The continuing pandemic debate about wearing masks

Jul 19 2020 — Lorne Gunter — We have to take the politics out of COVID masks. The police shooting of a man in Ontario who refused to wear a mask while grocery shopping shows the extremes to which the mask debate has gone. The shooting was the man’s own fault, according to official reports. After the man assaulted workers at Easton’s […]

Here’s why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders

Jul 12 2020 — Lorne Gunter — On Wednesday, during one of the House of Common’s rare sitting days permitted by our current Liberal minority government, there was an exchange between Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that does as much as anything to explain why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders. It also explains why Liberal voters continue to […]

Trudeau is right to not engage in hostage diplomacy

Jun 28 2020 — Lorne Gunter — As a frequent, harsh critic of our prime minister, it’s only fair I give Justin Trudeau a pat on the back this week for his willingness to stand up to a former Supreme Court justice, two former ambassadors to Washington, a former NDP leader, three former foreign ministers, four former ambassadors to the United Nations […]

Gun controls hardly accomplish what its advocates think

Jun 21 2020 — Lorne Gunter — Gun controls do nothing to prevent murders or suicides in Canada. Dr. Caillin Langmann, an emergency medicine professor at Ontario’s McMaster University, has completed a very thorough study of gun controls and their impact on crime dating back to the 1970s. His conclusion: “No beneficial association was found between legislation and female or male homicide […]

Legit handgun owners wrong targets to curb gun violence

May 31 2020 — Lorne Gunter — This past Tuesday afternoon, Dimarjio Jenkins, a 21-year-old Toronto rapper whose stage name was Houdini, was shot dead on a downtown street near the CN Tower while innocent families dodged bullets and scrambled for cover. Already on social media, the harrowing, daylight attack – 23 shots fired in a matter of seconds – which left […]