National Newswatch

This is really just a vanity project for Jean Charest

Aug 7 2022 — Lorne Gunter — Jean Charest will not commit to supporting the Conservative Party of Canada in the next federal election unless he wins the party’s leadership next month. That makes his campaign nothing more than a vanity project. It’s all about Jean. All along, Charest’s campaign has been distinguished by its smug elitism and contempt for the Conservative […]

What Harper’s endorsement of Poilievre means

Jul 26 2022 — Lorne Gunter — Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s endorsement of Pierre Poilievre for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership is a big deal … in those parts of the country where Poilievre is already going to wipe the floor with the other candidates. That means Harper’s endorsement, given Monday, is important on the Prairies, in the interior of […]

Liberal MP admits achieving net-zero goal will be ‘painful’

Jun 12 2022 — Lorne Gunter — For once, a Liberal who isn’t spinning fairy tales about the coming disruption his party’s “green” policies will cause ordinary Canadians. Last Monday, during debate on this year’s federal budget, Whitby, Ont., Liberal MP Ryan Turnbull admitted, “Achieving net-zero is not going to be easy, that’s for sure … We are going to have to […]

Unpacking the Trudeau government’s latest assaults on privacy and liberty

Jun 5 2022 — Lorne Gunter — The federal Liberals have no concern for personal privacy or liberty. I don’t think that’s an overstatement. No doubt the Liberals will claim – again – that they are the party of the Charter. But the Liberals abandoned Canadians’ fundamental freedoms long ago. The latest example is Bill S-7, introduced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s […]

Trudeau is living in a dream world when it comes to economics

May 29 2022 — Lorne Gunter — Middle-class Canadian taxpayers are in for a world of hurt as a result of runaway Liberal spending. Since the Trudeau government came to power in 2015, federal spending has increased by 82 per cent from $248.7 billion under Stephen Harper to $452.3 billion in the current fiscal year. During that period, inflation has been just […]

Yet more Liberal falsehoods surrounding the convoy have been debunked

May 15 2022 — Lorne Gunter — When members of the Trudeau government insist they relied on advice from police before they brought in the Emergencies Act in February to clear a truckers’ convoy from downtown Ottawa, they’re, um, not being exactly truthful. A quick search of Postmedia’s archives shows that on at least six occasions during the state of emergency and […]

So what if Trudeau did say the F-bomb?!

May 8 2022 — Lorne Gunter — So what if he did? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was accused Wednesday by Conservative MPs of using the F-word in the House of Commons. Yeah, so? Would the MP or MPs who have never dropped an F-bomb please stand up. (I don’t mean in the Commons, I mean ever.)

Liberals continue to spread falsehoods about the convoy

May 1 2022 — Lorne Gunter — The Liberals keep repeating falsehoods about the Freedom Convoy to justify their invoking of the draconian Emergencies Act on Feb. 14. Pure misinformation. Nothing but fake news. And while it might seem like a stretch, these Liberal fabrications prove once again why it is dangerous to let them regulate the internet. (More on this in […]

Trudeau’s magic wand eco-measures are under scrutiny

Mar 20 2022 — Lorne Gunter — This has been a bad couple of weeks for the Trudeau government’s magic wand plans to save the planet. What do I mean by “magic wand?” Those are “green” measures we are assured will prevent climate change without costing jobs, reducing our standard of living or even making us notice much of a change in […]