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No one in French Canada cares about Trudeau ‘groping’

Jul 9 2018 — Lise Ravary — While the English-language media in Canada are getting their knickers twisted in a knot over what Justin Trudeau did or did not do to a young female reporter 18 years ago, francophone media have been going out of their way to ignore the story. Or give it as little coverage as possible. Meanwhile, the CBC […]

Quebec’s fascination with Lucien Bouchard still runs strong

Aug 28 2014 — Lise Ravary — On Monday at 9pm, 190,000 Quebecers were glued to their televisions sets. It was not their passion for hockey that kept them indoors on a beautiful summer night, but their other love, Québec politics. Télé-Québec was showing Nation — Huis clos avec Lucien Bouchard (“In camera with Lucien Bouchard”), a 90-minute candid and sometimes confrontational […]