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Forget 2016. This time, Donald Trump faces destruction

Apr 13 2020 — Lawrence Martin — Since the 2016 shocker, there’s always been a tendency to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt when talking about his re-election chances. When all his negatives are raised, knees invariably start jerking. “Ah, but look what happened last time,” comes the response. He was counted out and still won. When it’s noted that […]

Acquittal assured, it’s now carte blanche for King Donald

Feb 1 2020 — Lawrence Martin — So what can be said for American fair trials now? Democracy demands a fair trail, the Constitution demands a fair trial, the people demand fair trials. But the President of the United States gets a trial without witnesses. “Sham” cried the Democrats over and over again as Donald Trump was assured acquittal late Friday on […]

Rona Ambrose is the right choice for Washington ambassador

Dec 3 2019 — Lawrence Martin — If, as reported, Justin Trudeau is considering Rona Ambrose for the post of Washington ambassador, what an intriguing and inspired choice she would be. For starters, in an era of venomous political polarization, this would be a splendid show of bipartisanship. Never has a government chosen its U.S. ambassador from the ranks of the Official […]

The anti-tax delusions of Donald Trump and Andrew Scheer

Nov 8 2019 — Lawrence Martin — Did Andrew Scheer really say that? At the Conservative Leader’s Wednesday scrum, while referencing policies to deal with the climate crisis, he claimed, “I’ve never known a problem to be solved by a new tax.” Was he kidding? Didn’t sound like it. And as could be imagined, the Twittersphere lit up with scornful jabs. How […]

Constant cries about Trump’s instability simply aren’t enough

Sep 11 2018 — Lawrence Martin — Here in the hysteria capital of the constellation what a time it’s supposedly been for the Democrats. The funeral of John McCain, a Republican giant, was turned into an anti-Trump chorus. The eulogies sounded like they were concocted in the Democratic Party war room. Bob Woodward’s well-documented book Fear arrived. It depicted the White House […]

Canada’s frustrating year in Trumpland

Dec 19 2017 — Lawrence Martin — The customarily calm David MacNaughton, our Canadian ambassador in Trumpland, couldn’t hide his irritation. Following a trade commission hearing on the American bid to put astronomical tariffs on the sale of Canadian-made Bombardier jetliners, he met with reporters. “The whole thing” he alleged, “is quite absurd.”

The big files save Trudeau from a sophomore slump

Apr 18 2017 — Lawrence Martin — After a first year in which Justin Trudeau’s Liberals gained a lot of plaudits, the consensus was that Year Two would be more difficult. Tough hurdles awaited them. How would they deliver on pipelines and, at the same time, climate change? Carbon taxes were opposed on the right, pipelines stirred protests on the left. How […]

Trudeau – a fine communicator, a faltering democrat

Mar 28 2017 — Lawrence Martin — The House of Commons is on yet another break. It’s on break almost half the year. Before the latest one, I stopped in at Question Period to catch the Conservatives mopping the floor with the Liberals over their proposal to reduce the Prime Minister’s appearances at QP to one a week. A nice break from […]

Tory race down to three – and that’s the way it will stay

Mar 15 2017 — Lawrence Martin — The 14-person race for the Conservative leadership is down to three: Maxime Bernier, Kevin O’Leary, and Andrew Scheer. Insiders tell you this, polls tell you this – and there’s another thing. It’s the format of the leadership campaign. The process serves to make it a low-key affair from start to finish. Leading candidates will remain […]

In search of a hot issue, Conservatives come up cold

Mar 7 2017 — Lawrence Martin — Seeking an issue that connects, the Conservative Party is again focusing on taxation. Carbon taxes have got to go, cry Tory taxophobes in the leadership debates. In the overflow field of 14, Michael Chong is the sole exception. He is booed lustily at every debate. But if he faced a cross-section of the country, Mr. […]

Chrystia Freeland’s Kremlin ban is a badge of honour

Feb 22 2017 — Lawrence Martin — Our Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, will not be sitting down for borscht and blini in Russia any time soon. Maybe never. She holds a rare ministerial distinction. She’s banned from that land. She was blacklisted three years ago, along with 12 other Canadians, in retaliation for sanctions imposed in response to Russian aggression in […]