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Don’t bet on the Emergencies Act inquiry hurting Trudeau

Nov 23 2022 — Lawrence Martin — The inquiry into whether Justin Trudeau’s use of the Emergencies Act was justifiable has a rather peculiar look. Inquiries normally investigate something that went wrong. Not this one. This one is probing an action that worked, that went off with few hitches, that was met, for the most part, with public acceptance. The issue of […]

Is Pierre Poilievre really a freedom fighter?

Aug 24 2022 — Lawrence Martin — “Young people want freedom from the woke control freaks in government, media and academia,” Pierre Poilievre said recently on Twitter. “That is why they are supporting my campaign to put them back in charge of their lives.” Mr. Poilievre’s campaign for the federal Conservative leadership has been successful, and he’s now in a strong position […]

Pierre the Polarizer has got the Conservative Party – and he could certainly take the country, too

Jul 7 2022 — Lawrence Martin — The Conservative Party of Canada was taken over by its hardline Reform wing 20 years ago. The Reformers vanquished the old progressive Tories. Now, with leadership frontrunner Pierre Poilievre and with Trumpism as a backdrop, they’re doing it again, re-entrenching on the ideological hard side. As for the old Tories, they’re boneyard-bound again. Even after […]

Against both Russia and China, what chance does the U.S. have?

Jun 2 2022 — Lawrence Martin — H.R. McMaster, who served as former U.S. president Donald Trump’s second national security adviser, is exceptional in several ways. For starters, he’s a cerebral Republican – a contradiction, you might say, given the party’s current cranial afflictions. He’s an intimidating presence, bald and built like a tank. He manned one of them in the deserts […]

Trudeau’s advantage: His house united, the other divided

May 18 2022 — Lawrence Martin — The Conservatives are at it again. Warring, big time, among themselves in the leadership campaign. Moderates vs. hardliners. The temperates vs. the troglodytes, with the trogs said to be in command. The party has long been afflicted by fratricidal urges. But a saving grace has been that infighting on the Liberal Party side has often […]

In the face of global disorder, Trudeau’s team is timid

May 12 2022 — Lawrence Martin — Think of it this way, said Frank McKenna, the former New Brunswick premier and ambassador to Washington. “Canada has what Russia has.” In the absence of that pariah state as a supplier of oil, gas, grain, other critical minerals and resources, Canada, he said, can do much more to fill the void. Addressing a Canadian […]

The Conservatives’ torment: Constantly losing to a Trudeau

Apr 13 2022 — Lawrence Martin — With the Conservative leadership race in full swing and a Trudeau at the nation’s helm, there’s something Conservatives might bear in mind. It is their record against Pierre and Justin Trudeau. In the eight elections in which the Conservatives have faced a Trudeau, they’ve lost no fewer than seven of them. The only time they […]

Jagmeet Singh puts on a rare display of integrity in politics

Mar 25 2022 — Lawrence Martin — The reaction to the deal between Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh has typified the politics of our time. While the NDP Leader wanted to focus on how his agreement with the Prime Minister would bring better dental care, health care and more affordable housing to Canadians, what most observers wanted to talk about were the […]

The end of Trudeau? A Charest leadership win makes it likely

Mar 17 2022 — Lawrence Martin — Up until the current Conservative confrontation, leadership campaigns in Canada have been notable for their lack of noteworthiness. For the Liberals, they’ve been foregone conclusions. Jean Chrétien won the prize with ease, Paul Martin the same. Michael Ignatieff was anointed. Only the surprise win by Stéphane Dion in 2006 produced drama. The Conservatives could hardly […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: Jean Chrétien Leaves Politics – for the First Time

Feb 27 2022 — Lawrence Martin — It was big news on this date in 1986, when Liberal MP and former cabinet minister Jean Chretien announced his resignation from politics.  To help us mark this anniversary involving Canada’s 20th Prime Minister, I’ve turned for help to Lawrence Martin, the author of a two-volume biography of the Little Guy from Shawinigan.  Lawrence is, […]