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Jason Kenney treated with kid-gloves, Indigenous protestors with assault rifles

Feb 12 2020 — Linda McQuaig — I want to start by turning myself in to Jason Kenney’s investigators. I admit to being against further oilsands development, making me a person of interest to the sleuths in Kenney’s $30-million “war-room” who are tasked with vilifying oilsands critics. Of course, they’re really hoping to unmask “foreign-funded special interests,” and I don’t have a […]

Jason Kenney attacks ‘green left’ — which is most of the country

Oct 23 2019 — Linda McQuaig — Claiming that Albertans feel “betrayed” and “unwelcome in our own country,” Jason Kenney had clearly hit the sweet spot of Alberta politics: raging against Ottawa. Only a day after Monday’s federal election, the Alberta premier was in full battle mode, honing his mission to defend the oil industry, stir up Western resentment and stick it […]

Trudeau’s climate package looks reasonable but invites disaster

Jul 3 2019 — Linda McQuaig — It’s possible that the world’s top climate scientists are lying. If so, we can relax and feel confident that Justin Trudeau has dealt with the climate crisis in the appropriate way. Although the prime minister approved the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline last month, he’s vowed to channel pipeline profits into clean energy projects. […]

Trudeau should consider buying GM and making electric cars

Jan 16 2019 — Linda McQuaig — Long after the last factory has left Ontario, one can imagine Doug Ford still sporting a full-on Cheshire grin as he puts up billboards proclaiming the province “Open for Business.” Certainly, the premier didn’t seem even slightly embarrassed that he’d posted his billboards along the American border just before America’s biggest automaker announced plans last […]

Ford knows to keep secret where he’ll swing his axe

May 9 2018 — Linda McQuaig — Doug Ford learned a key lesson observing the crushing electoral defeat of his predecessor: never reveal where the bodies are to be buried. Former Conservative leader Tim Hudak went into the last Ontario election humming the familiar right-wing refrain about government waste and inefficiency. But he made things specific: he said he’d eliminate 100,000 public […]

The Kinder Morgan compromise

Apr 11 2018 — Linda McQuaig — Last time I checked, Alberta’s oilfields had not been seized by marauding bands of eco-warriors. But you might be confused into thinking so by the inflamed rhetoric coming out of Ottawa and Alberta. We’re told that the country faces a national crisis over the resistance to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline, following an ultimatum by […]

Climate change won’t wait for political change

Feb 15 2018 — Linda McQuaig — With opposing factions deeply entrenched on either side of the climate change divide, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to think he’s found the sweet spot of Canadian politics dithering in the middle. But trying to find some happy middle ground doesn’t work when the force to be reckoned with is nature. You can’t cut a […]

Morneau and Trudeau are looking out for the rich

Nov 23 2017 — Linda McQuaig — There’s lots of lamenting about the way the rich keep getting richer while ordinary folk struggle to keep their heads above water. Along with the lamenting, there’s usually some resigned muttering about how it’s all just part of today’s global economy. But there’s a much simpler explanation: our governments keep passing laws that make the […]

The tax fixer for the Canada’s rich

Nov 7 2017 — Linda McQuaig — After weeks of trying to look tough on rich tax avoiders, the Trudeau government got walloped this week with revelations about wealthy Liberal fundraisers — notably the Bronfman family — stashing millions in offshore tax havens. The dramatic leaks from the “Paradise Papers” have exposed a world where the rich manage to store much of […]

Demise of Sears Canada should be catalyst for change

Oct 26 2017 — Linda McQuaig — Suddenly jobless after two decades as a sales manager for now-defunct Sears Canada, Rose Dalessandro found herself unable to pay for dental appointments for her two children. She could blame her financial difficulties and the demise of the once-mighty Canadian retail giant on the usual suspects — poor management, globalization, the rise of internet shopping.

Time to end tax breaks that benefit the rich

Sep 27 2017 — Linda McQuaig — Twenty-five years ago, Brian Mulroney’s Conservative government introduced a tax change beneficial to wealthy families owning private trusts. One of the arguments used to justify the change was that it would help families with a trust support a disabled child. The image of helping a disabled child certainly softened the image of what the government […]

NAFTA needs an overhaul to improve workers’ rights

Aug 6 2017 — Linda McQuaig — With the chaos of the Trump administration as a backdrop, Canadian diplomats will arrive in Washington later this month for NAFTA talks that they hope will be no more than a skinny renegotiation. According to Canadian lore, the North American Free Trade Agreement has been a great boon to Canada, so our fingers should be […]