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Shorter fall campaign anticipated by many political watchers

Aug 14 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — There are less than 10 weeks left until voters go to the polls as scheduled on Oct. 21 and it’s an open question as to when the federal election campaign will officially begin, but many political observers anticipate a shorter campaign this fall, close to the 36-day minimum. “What is abundantly clear from everything I’ve […]

Majority of Canadians may support TMX, but the project remains an electoral risk for Liberals: pollsters

Jul 17 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — Recent polls may indicate a majority of Canadians support the government’s plowing ahead with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, but with further opposition actions expected, experts say the best Liberals can likely hope for is to not lose too many progressive voters. “It’s very unlikely that it’s going to help them win support anywhere […]

‘We have to be part of it’: Indigenous MPs talk need for better representation

Jun 19 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — More electoral education, mentorships for rookies, and proactive party policies will help bring about a needed increase in Indigenous representation in federal politics, from the elected-level down, say Indigenous MPs and a former candidate. The last 150 years of Canadian history have shown the devastating impact government policy can have on Indigenous lives, the residential […]

Indigenous women look to federal parties to commit to national inquiry calls in October platforms

Jun 5 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — With the release of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls’ final report and recommendations, Indigenous women say they’re looking to all federal parties to pick up the inquiry’s calls in their platforms for October. “I’m really hoping that all the parties will make a commitment to what their platform will […]

Recent events have broken trust in Liberal government, say Indigenous leaders, and it could lead to punishment at the polls in October

Apr 8 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — Indigenous leaders from across Canada say their trust in the Liberal government’s promise of a renewed relationship with Indigenous peoples has been broken and they’re looking for concrete action, soon, or it could mean punishment at the polls in October. “The prime minister may have meant what he said, and I don’t doubt that he […]

NDP taking ‘nothing for granted’ in Burnaby South as top Hill staffers, B.C. MPs working to get Singh elected

Jan 21 2019 — Laura Ryckewaert — The NDP is drawing on support from top Hill staffers, B.C. NDP MPs, and party resources “all over the Lower Mainland” to get NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh elected in the February byelection in Burnaby South, NDP MPs and strategists say. The byelection is considered critical to the party’s overall fortunes and Mr. Singh wants to […]

Senior staff shake-up in the Prime Minister’s Office

Dec 20 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — An end-of-year senior staff shake-up has taken place in the Prime Minister’s Office, as part of which, Brian Clow has been promoted to the title of executive director of Canada-U.S. relations and issues management. A string of changes were announced in a recent memo to staff from PMO chief of staff Katie Telford and principal […]

‘Failure is not an option’: NDPers say they’re optimistic heading into 2019, despite falling political fortunes, but much rides on Singh’s byelection win

Dec 10 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — Despite trailing in fundraising and opinion polls, and a steady loss in vote-share in federal byelections since 2015, NDPers say they’re optimistic the party can turn things around and be competitive in 2019, but much hangs on new leader Jagmeet Singh’s upcoming byelection campaign. “There’s a corridor available for the NDP to do the critique […]

‘I think I’m having withdrawal pains already’: Centre Block’s denizens prepare for the big, historic, and emotional move

Nov 26 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — Packing for any move can be a meticulous thing. Piles of papers and books and memories have to be sorted through, deciding what to take and what to toss. Artwork and furniture has to be carefully catalogued and wrapped, ensuring precious items arrive safely in new homes. It’s much the same for the remaining occupants […]

Conservative MP Kent’s Instagram, Facebook accounts recently hacked, says more needs to be done to protect politicians, political parties from cyber threats

Oct 29 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — Conservative MP Peter Kent says his Instagram and Facebook accounts were recently hacked and shortly before officials from the Communications Security Establishment warned MPs that federal political parties, politicians, and traditional and social media will be more vulnerable to cyber threats in the next election. Mr. Kent (Thornhill, Ont.) said he started receiving “strange” messages […]

Major Conservative ad buy an ‘opening salvo’ for 2019 aimed at introducing Scheer to suburban men, female voters, say experts

Oct 22 2018 — Laura Ryckewaert — The Conservative Party’s reported $2-million national ad push is its “opening salvo” of the 2019 election, and pollsters and strategists say the two ads currently on airwaves are both aimed at introducing new leader Andrew Scheer and putting “pocketbook” issues in focus in the lead-up to the next campaign. “I would consider this the opening […]