National Newswatch

Clement forced out of caucus after complaints from women about social-media interactions

Nov 7 2018 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Tony Clement has been pushed out of the Conservative caucus by party Leader Andrew Scheer after a number of women complained on social media Wednesday about the MP’s persistent online interactions with them. A day earlier, Mr. Clement, who has represented Parry Sound-Muskoka in Ontario since 2006, acknowledged sending sexually explicit images to a person […]

Maxime Bernier taps into immigration controversy as he launches People’s Party of Canada

Sep 14 2018 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Former Conservative MP Maxime Bernier has officially launched the People’s Party of Canada, saying the nascent political formation will fight for new rules to determine which immigrants are allowed into Canada and a smaller annual intake of refugees. A former Conservative leadership candidate, Mr. Bernier said he wants his new party to be known for […]

Overwhelming majority of Tory MPs have no intention of joining Bernier, survey reveals

Aug 28 2018 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Almost all Conservative MPs are closing the door to ever joining the new right-wing party being set up by Quebec MP Maxime Bernier, with only a handful not responding to queries about their intentions following Mr. Bernier’s move. The results of an e-mail survey of the entire Conservative caucus show overwhelming opposition toward Mr. Bernier’s […]

Maxime Bernier quits to launch new party, criticizes ‘morally corrupt’ Conservatives

Aug 23 2018 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Quebec MP Maxime Bernier is quitting the Conservative caucus to create a new right-wing party, using his exit to launch a series of scathing attacks against Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and his former colleagues. “I have come to realize over the past year that this party is too intellectually and morally corrupt to be reformed,” […]

Scheer admits to smoking marijuana in the past, says he still opposes government’s plan for legalization

May 7 2018 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer smoked marijuana as a young adult, but still opposes the Liberal government’s plan to legalize the drug, his office says. Mr. Scheer made the admission on a popular Quebec television show on Sunday, on which co-host Dany Turcotte also invited Mr. Scheer to this summer’s gay pride parade in Montreal. Mr. […]

Kevin O’Leary uses Olympic charity to attract donors to pay off debt from failed leadership bid

Mar 13 2018 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Kevin O’Leary is using a taxpayer-funded program for Olympic athletes to attract donors to an event to pay down the $530,000 debt remaining from his failed federal Conservative leadership bid. As part of his sales pitch for the April 5 event in Toronto, Mr. O’Leary, a well-known businessman and television personality, is promising to match […]

Trudeau should reimburse cost of his Bahamas trip to taxpayers, opposition says

Dec 21 2017 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Opposition parties are calling on Justin Trudeau to pay back taxpayers for his pricey trip to the Aga Khan’s private island after the Ethics Commissioner ruled the Prime Minister broke Canada’s ethics law over two all-expenses-paid family trips to the Bahamas. Conservative ethics critic Peter Kent said Mr. Trudeau owes Canadians some, if not all, […]

Opposition accuses Liberals of protecting friends, other ‘big fish’ named in Paradise Papers

Nov 6 2017 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canada Revenue Agency will delve into all Canadian cases raised in the latest leak of offshore financial records, while refusing to comment on the specific allegations touching his party’s top fundraiser, Stephen Bronfman. During Question Period, the Conservative Party and the NDP accused the government of protecting friends of […]

Duffy sues Senate, government for almost $8-million

Aug 24 2017 — Laura Stone and Daniel Leblanc — Senator Mike Duffy is suing the Senate and the Attorney-General of Canada for $6.5-million in general damages, $300,000 for loss of income and benefits and $1-million in punitive damages, court records show. Mike Duffy’s lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon, has called a news conference in Ottawa on Thursday afternoon. Mr. ‎Duffy is arguing that the Senate and […]