National Newswatch

Trudeau Liberals shouldn’t shelve $100 billion climate plan

Sep 15 2020 — Linda Solomon Wood — As of Sunday, around 4 million acres have been scorched by wildfires in California, Washington and Oregon. These fires are a reminder that for all our struggles with COVID-19, climate change remains the number one threat against human civilization. Yet even now, we can’t even acknowledge this reality. The Liberal government was expected to unveil […]

RCMP, let journalists witness Unist’ot’en Camp

Jan 15 2020 — Linda Solomon Wood — Members of the Wet’suwet’en First Nation have fought for many years to keep three pipelines from running through their land in northern B.C. At stake, the protesters say, is their way of life, their culture and their system of governance which was recognized by the Supreme Court of Canada in the landmark Delgamuukw decision in […]

Science v. religion and the new Governor General under fire

Nov 6 2017 — Linda Solomon Wood — In July 1925, the State of Tennessee put a substitute biology teacher named John Thomas Scopes on trial for teaching children about evolution in the Tennessee public schools. The American Civil Liberties Union hired Clarence Darrow as the defence in what H.L. Mencken, writing for the Baltimore Sun, coined as the ‘Scopes Monkey Trial’. The […]