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Will the world’s people destroy their only home?

Aug 2 2023 — Les Whittington — From Alaska’s northernmost city of Barrow to the island of Rhodes in Greece, people have been coping with the impact of unprecedented heat this summer. On the Greek island, tourists and residents took action to try to put out fires at seaside resorts, and visitors later went on with their holidays at fire-scarred beaches. Tens […]

Trickle-down economics: the hoax that will not die

Jun 7 2023 — Les Whittington — As the next federal election draws nearer, Canadians will be hearing a continuing refrain from the Conservatives on the need for tax cuts to reduce the tax burden and help spur economic growth. Party leader Pierre Poilievre is already playing this card, as has every leader of Canada’s main right-wing party going back 40 years. […]

Searching for consensus in a divided country

Apr 5 2023 — Les Whittington — Sometimes people pull together in hard times, but the political fault lines in Canada only seem to be hardening in the tumultuous aftermath of the pandemic. The response to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s latest attempt to balance the country’s priorities in the face of gathering regional, economic, and political headwinds is a reminder of how […]

The politics of budget-making as Canadians brace for stagflation

Mar 15 2023 — Les Whittington — Budgets are always a balancing act, but Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland will be walking a virtual high wire with her March 28 economic and fiscal plan. The federal government is running out of options as it confronts the aftermath of a once-in-a-century health emergency, the inevitable rude awakening from a decade of artificially low borrowing […]

Will the West’s support for Ukraine stand the test of time?

Mar 8 2023 — Les Whittington — Some analysts appeared surprised that Russian President Vladimir Putin had survived in office for a year after launching a disastrous attempt at a quick military takeover of neighbouring Ukraine. Putin has made Russia a subject of international condemnation, caused long-term damage to the domestic economy, callously sent tens of thousands of Russian soldiers to their […]

Trudeau looks to gather momentum in clean tech race after potentially game-changing signs from U.S.

Jan 18 2023 — Les Whittington — It’s hard to know if U.S. President Joe Biden can really look past Pennsylvania when it comes to international commerce. But history-making developments brought about by the Russians and Chinese in the past few years appear to be forcing a reshaping of the Democrats’ inveterate protectionist mentality. Expecting a narrative in which Prime Minister Justin […]

The real Rouleau inquiry question: who was responsible for allowing the illegal trucker blockades to drag on?

Nov 30 2022 — Les Whittington — Justice Paul Rouleau’s report on the use of the Emergencies Act, due next February, will make for fascinating reading. But on the key prescribed point—whether the use of the act by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government was justified—Rouleau’s findings will probably amount to a technicality. What will be compelling is what Rouleau says regarding the […]

The sporting life and the cost of bad decisions

Oct 12 2022 — Les Whittington — The positive cultural value available from Canadian sport appeared to be on the upswing in 2019 when the CBC belatedly relieved us from having to put up with the backward, bigoted nonsense spewed by Don Cherry every week. After 38 years, the former Coach’s Corner co-host was fired for “offensive and discriminatory” comments on Hockey […]

What are people buying into with Poilievre?

Aug 24 2022 — Les Whittington — In 2008, when then-prime minister Stephen Harper delivered a formal apology to former students of the residential schools program, Pierre Poilievre said the Indigenous recipients of compensation payments needed to get to work, not get money from Ottawa. “My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self-reliance. […]

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