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The real Rouleau inquiry question: who was responsible for allowing the illegal trucker blockades to drag on?

Nov 30 2022 — Les Whittington — Justice Paul Rouleau’s report on the use of the Emergencies Act, due next February, will make for fascinating reading. But on the key prescribed point—whether the use of the act by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government was justified—Rouleau’s findings will probably amount to a technicality. What will be compelling is what Rouleau says regarding the […]

The sporting life and the cost of bad decisions

Oct 12 2022 — Les Whittington — The positive cultural value available from Canadian sport appeared to be on the upswing in 2019 when the CBC belatedly relieved us from having to put up with the backward, bigoted nonsense spewed by Don Cherry every week. After 38 years, the former Coach’s Corner co-host was fired for “offensive and discriminatory” comments on Hockey […]

What are people buying into with Poilievre?

Aug 24 2022 — Les Whittington — In 2008, when then-prime minister Stephen Harper delivered a formal apology to former students of the residential schools program, Pierre Poilievre said the Indigenous recipients of compensation payments needed to get to work, not get money from Ottawa. “My view is that we need to engender the values of hard work and independence and self-reliance. […]

Feds, Ontario must heed recommendations from inquiry into preventable murders of Ottawa Valley women

Aug 3 2022 — Les Whittington — Parliamentarians can expect to hear urgent requests this fall to finally do something about the shocking state of violence against women in Canada—a call for action fuelled by revelations of the repeated failures of authorities leading up to a triple femicide in Ontario. A coroner’s inquest jury looking into the preventable murders of three Ottawa […]

Ford gambling on Ontarians’ health in pre-election dice roll

Apr 20 2022 — Les Whittington — Whatever you can say about Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s handling of the pandemic, it clearly didn’t have anything to do with equal treatment of his province’s population. It emerged last year that private schools had been huge beneficiaries when the Ford government began handing out rapid tests (paid for by federal taxpayers) as Ontarians struggled […]

How many leaders will COVID blowback claim?

Feb 16 2022 — Les Whittington — Eventually we’ll find out how and why the Ottawa police managed to inspire an outpouring of illegal vehicle blockades and anti-government marches around the world. Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly unfortunately was clearly the wrong person at the wrong time. He admitted the local police mishandled the insurrection in the capital but then said his […]

Crisis or not, Canada’s right-wing sticks with the politics of anger and division

Apr 22 2020 — Les Whittington — Despite the need for the country to pull together in this emergency, Canada’s right-wingers appear incapable of resisting a Donald Trump-style campaign of inflammatory, xenophobic hype designed to spark anger and divide Canadians. At the federal level, it’s obvious the Conservative can’t stand it that the COVID-19 crisis has deprived them of the opportunity to […]

Trying to derail serious climate change action will someday be viewed as the crime it is

May 10 2019 — Les Whittington — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer kept joking at the press gallery dinner the other night about the persistent questions about his party’s lack of a climate-change plan six months before a federal election. Yes, yes, it’s coming, he chuckled. This while newly elected Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, now considered the leader of the right-wing “opposition” to […]

Liberals use budget to begin promised overhaul of Canada’s global posture

Mar 23 2016 — Les Whittington — As promised, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government took a stab in its first budget at overhauling Canada’s role on the world stage after a decade of Conservative foreign aid, defence and environmental policies. The Liberals announced a modest increase in international aid money, allocated cash to fund larger immigration quotas and provided about $10 million […]

Trudeau puts Canada in global spotlight

Dec 6 2015 — Les Whittington — Within a month of the swearing-in ceremony at Rideau Hall, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived at the make-or-break Paris climate change talks with a new message, a new style and a new co-operative spirit. Canada, which had earned a reputation as a laggard in the effort to tackle global warming, was ready to “take on […]

Trudeau calls on voters to end the ‘Harper decade’

Oct 17 2015 — Les Whittington — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau urged voters to end “the Harper decade” as he began a cross-country sprint that will take him from Halifax to Vancouver in the last days of the election campaign. “I think Canadians just need to look back over the last 10 years to realize that we can’t afford another 10 years […]