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The federal government spent $23 million buying 631 new cars for the G7 summit. Now, it’s trying to sell most of them off

Nov 5 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — The federal government spent $23 million buying more than 600 brand-new cars for use at this year’s G7 summit — and is now struggling to sell them off second-hand. According to figures the Royal Canadian Mounted Police provided to the National Post, 431 vehicles were to purchased to be used for “motorcade” purposes, and another […]

Maxime Bernier believes in climate change, but defends argument that CO2 is just ‘food for plants’

Nov 1 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Maxime Bernier believes Earth’s climate is changing. However, he has “no opinion” as to the cause, and his new political party doesn’t plan to propose any specific climate policy ahead of next year’s election, instead trusting the private sector to solve the problem. In an interview with the National Post, the leader of the fledgling […]

Tories vow to fight appointment of Liberal chair chosen during song and booze-fuelled meeting

Nov 1 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Conservatives say the Liberals wanted revenge against a floor-crossing MP and didn’t follow proper procedure. Liberals say the Tories disrupted a meeting with alcohol. Conservative MPs are blasting the Liberals over what they say was a failed attempt to get revenge against a floor-crossing MP, putting the government and opposition in conflict over who is […]

‘Astonishing’ clause in new deal suggests Trump wants leverage over Canada-China trade talks: experts

Oct 1 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Canada’s efforts to forge trade deals with other countries are now far less likely to lead to free-trade negotiations with China, experts predict, because of a clause in the new North American deal that appears to give the United States unprecedented leverage over its partners’ other trading relationships. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which will replace […]

Payette defends approach to job, apologizes for ‘perception’ review of affiliated charities has taken too long

Sep 26 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Governor General Julie Payette is publicly apologizing to charitable organizations for the “perception” that it has taken too long for Rideau Hall to review its priorities and determine which relationships it will continue. In her first interview since the National Post published an investigation into her first year in office, Payette also defended her approach […]

With Bernier’s departure, the Conservative Party is finally Andrew Scheer’s. What will he do with it?

Aug 26 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — However much Maxime Bernier’s announcement he was quitting the Conservative Party may have disrupted the first day of the party’s policy convention, by Saturday evening, as the convention wrapped up, his departure had begun to seem a blessing for Andrew Scheer. Instead of sending the gathering of thousands party members into chaos, by quitting Bernier […]

Andrew Scheer explains his positions on Sir John A. Macdonald, campus free speech, abortion, porn and more

Aug 25 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — By Saturday morning, Andrew Scheer was in a good mood, ready to move past the drama of Maxime Bernier’s public exit from the Conservaitve Party. In a sit-down with Marie-Danielle Smith from the National Post at the Conservative policy convention in Halifax, the party leader explained his positions on some of the policy resolutions that […]

From embryos to Jerusalem and supply management to pornography, here’s what’s on the agenda at the Conservative policy convention

Aug 19 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — This week, the federal Conservatives are adding to their policy book for the first time under leader Andrew Scheer, and for the last time before the next election. On the table for the rank-and-file to discuss at the party’s convention in Halifax are changes to positions on everything from immigration to abortion to freedom of […]