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Sustainable Procurement for a Greener Economy

Aug 5 2022 — Mark Lambert — The Federal Budget 2022 saw the Government of Canada return to many pressing social priorities that had been put on the backburner by the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology companies who work with the Canadian government should place close attention to new sustainability procurement rules. The concept of sustainable procurement is widely known and adopted globally but […]

The Prerequisite for a National Digital ID Strategy: Trust

Apr 22 2022 — Mark Lambert — The pandemic pressed fast forward on technology and created an expectation for faster and better digital services. The mandate letters of the Trudeau administration are a clear signal that the government has no intention of taking its foot off the gas. Rather, efforts related to expanding open data initiatives and leveraging data to expand and […]

Citizens’ expectations have been raised for government services. How prepared are we?

Oct 13 2021 — Mark Lambert — During the COVID-19 pandemic Canadians had to rely on social services more than any time in our modern history. Millions of citizens were kept safe and received economic lifelines by programs that were created and deployed by governments and their private sector partners with unprecedented speed. Canadian services agencies were at the front line of […]

Better Public Services Could be an Enduring Legacy of the Pandemic

Aug 21 2020 — Mark Lambert — The COVID-19 pandemic has turbocharged the drive to digital government. Moving with unprecedented speed, public sector organizations across the globe have set up critical new services and delivery models. In many cases, technology innovation that would have taken years to implement has happened virtually overnight. One great example was the Canadian Government’s implementation of the […]