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Carbon tax ruling is a modest win for Trudeau—but after a string of losses, whatever works

May 3 2019 — Jason Markusoff — Let’s recap the last six months for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He became landed in the middle of a tug-of-war between China and United States over Huawei, prompting the vise of Chinese pressure upon imprisoned Canadian citizens and restrictions on agricultural products. He lost two top cabinet ministers and his principal secretary in a cascading […]

The RCMP have questions for Jason Kenney’s team on voter fraud allegations

Mar 28 2019 — Jason Markusoff — A conservative operative named Hardyal “Happy” Mann was fined $9,000 Wednesday donating someone else’s money to the 2017 UCP leadership campaign of Jeff Callaway, the “kamikaze” candidate that Jason Kenney’s campaign coordinated to attack his key rival, Brian Jean. Alberta’s election commissioner has now levied $35,000 in fines for improper donations and other misdeeds on […]

Where in Canada will the Greens win next?

Jan 9 2019 — Jason Markusoff — Peter Bevan-Baker got sent to the basement in 2015 when he first won a seat as Green party leader in Prince Edward Island. The legislative office building’s main floors were always set aside for Liberals and Conservatives, with one tiny basement space for rare times in provincial history anybody else had won. Then a by-election […]

Stephen Harper’s own words: ‘I was never in the job to be liked’

Jul 12 2018 — Jason Markusoff — In mid-June, former prime minister Stephen Harper gave speeches to small chambers of commerce in Lloydminster, Sask., and Leduc, Alta. In keeping with his desire not to comment on what his successors are doing, his speech largely stuck to global political trends, trade and business opportunities. But the audiences wanted to know about his views […]

What on earth is Stephen Harper up to?

Jul 12 2018 — Jason Markusoff — The former prime minister is back—with a new book, a consultancy and a flurry of lucrative speaking engagements. He also took his one-man show to Trump’s doorstep. At the Lloydminster Exhibition’s Stockade Convention Centre, the stage’s black drapes are accented with a sash-like green curtain and a banner of logos for Reid Signs, Atlas Appraisal […]

The Tory MP who made his peace with Pride Week

Jul 27 2017 — Jason Markusoff — Jim Eglinski shrugs off his participation in the flag-raising to kick off Pride Week in Jasper, Alta., as no different from a French school’s Franco-Albertan flag ceremony in Hinton, an hour’s drive east. “They invite me just like hundreds of other organizations around the riding, and I treat them the same as others. If I […]

Michelle Rempel demands more from politics—on the left and right

Feb 10 2017 — Jason Markusoff — For a prolific policy tweeter, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel sure seems to bemoan the reduction of debates into 140-character beefs. For an often relentless partisan who was a campaign regular defending her party on TV talk shows, she sure has regrets about how Conservatives have handled themselves on immigration issues, then and now. But she […]

Ezra Levant: The Rebel’s unrepentant commander

Jan 24 2017 — Jason Markusoff — Minus-18 in the middle of a Calgary cold snap be damned, about 1,000 Albertans trundled into a downtown hotel ballroom to grow somehow more outraged over Rachel Notley’s carbon tax. Many were already feeling the bite of economic downturn, starved for contracts or unemployed. They brandished signs, mostly against the NDP, but many questioning the […]

The Alberta PCs are burning. That’s fine by Jason Kenney.

Jan 18 2017 — Jason Markusoff — Two months from now, Jason Kenney will win control of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives, a party that nobody can really claim they control at present—except perhaps this insurgent leadership candidate and would-be party dissolver. One of his supporters on Monday night e-mailed me a short video file (a gif, for you hip kids out there) […]

Justin Trudeau’s false Davos dichotomy

Jan 9 2017 — Jason Markusoff — Rather than rub elbows and clink cognac glasses with celebrities and the global elite next week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will spend days touring the coffee shops and winter fairs across his country. Sounds a bit clichéd, doesn’t it? Let’s try that a different way. Rather than an extraordinary once-a-year opportunity to help nurture major […]