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National Newswatch

Danielle Smith to invoke Sovereignty Act on Ottawa power rules next week, say sources

Nov 25 2023 — Jason Markusoff — The Danielle Smith government intends to put its Sovereignty Act into action next week to shield Alberta power companies from the proposed federal clean electricity regulations, CBC News has learned. The province will use the controversial law to introduce a resolution in the legislature that declares Ottawa’s plan to slash grid emissions an unconstitutional federal […]

Preston Manning’s fiction made real in his Alberta pandemic report

Nov 23 2023 — Jason Markusoff — Reform Party founder wrote imaginary post-COVID review, then repeated ideas for actual government panel. Preston Manning’s report on the government’s COVID response concluded that emergency management agencies should lead over the health department, demanded economic impact assessments for any health protections and criticized the courts’ deference to “demonstrably justifiable” limits on freedoms. You might think […]

Danielle Smith’s UCP base has big demands. She’s wary of going quite that far

Nov 5 2023 — Jason Markusoff — Alberta’s premier leads a party whose most active members almost unanimously want the province to refuse to house trans women in women’s prisons, and require schools to tell parents if their children want to secretly change their pronouns, as New Brunswick and Saskatchewan have controversially done. United Conservative Party members also voted unanimously at their […]

Alberta UCP activists want ‘control’ of party board — but to do what with it, exactly?

Nov 3 2023 — Jason Markusoff — David Parker’s bespectacled eyes widened as the leader of Take Back Alberta told fellow political activists what will go down at the United Conservative Party’s annual convention this weekend. It’s different from what most traditional politicos will say is happening at Calgary’s BMO Centre — a political schmoozefest where members get to clap thundersticks for […]

Ontario has concerns over Danielle Smith’s CPP exit bid, but also a stark lesson for her

Oct 26 2023 — Jason Markusoff — It may seem like a pile-on by now to Premier Danielle Smith and the United Conservatives. The Tory-run Ontario government came out Wednesday sounding the same alarm about Alberta’s pension-plan flirtation as have (deep breath) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, the Alberta NDP, British Columbia’s premier, Newfoundland and Labrador’s premier, the Calgary […]

Danielle Smith’s pension trifecta: Trudeau, Notley and Poilievre agree on something

Oct 21 2023 — Jason Markusoff — It’s not clear if Pierre Poilievre had already devised a position on Alberta’s proposed quitting of the Canada Pension Plan, but the Conservative leader issued one barely a day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed his own stance. The Liberals’ unusually forceful opposition to Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s pension ambition has doubled as a political […]

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