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Ontario’s deepening hydro mess

Aug 11 2022 — Mark Winfield — Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives went into the 2018 Ontario election campaign promising, among other things, to fix the province’s “hydro mess.” In practice, fixing the hydro “mess” turned out to be a lot more complicated than it sounded. In the end, the first Ford government did little more than double down on its Liberal predecessor’s […]

Ontario election: 4 ways Doug Ford has changed the province’s politics

May 17 2022 — Mark Winfield — The dismal environmental record of the Doug Ford government in Ontario is well-documented. Despite some recent moves on “greening” the steel sector and electric vehicle manufacturing initiatives, the province is on track to see major increases in greenhouse gas emissions, particularly from the electricity sector. The government’s emphasis on highway expansion in the Greater Toronto […]

Election night frustrations for the Greens highlight electoral system flaws — again

Oct 23 2019 — Mark Winfield — About 4,000 activists and pro-pipeline supporters gathered on the steps of the Alberta legislature in Edmonton on Oct. 19, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Dave Chidley Mark Winfield, York University, Canada For an election that was sometimes described as being about “nothing”, it turned out to be an important one for climate change policy and the environment. […]

Will Doug Ford’s promises exacerbate Ontario’s problems?

Jun 18 2018 — Mark Winfield — Incoming Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s platform commitments present the new Progressive Conservative government with a complicated fiscal situation. There will be lost revenues if he goes forward with the elimination of the greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program and cuts to gasoline, corporate and income taxes. When you combine this with his spending promises, the government will […]

No good can come from panicking over Trans Mountain

Apr 18 2018 — Mark Winfield — Since early April, the concerns over the fate of the expansion of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline in the face of the British Columbia government’s objections have been elevated to the level of a constitutional and political crisis, driven by an artificial deadline set by the pipeline’s Houston-based owner. The hyperbole about how the fate […]