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Did you hear the one about the stand-up comics who wanted grants?

Jun 27 2019 — Marni Soupcoff — In a recent summary of federal political lobbying activity, iPolitics reported that the Canadian Association of Stand-Up Comedians (CASC) has hired a lobbyist to convince the powers that be in Ottawa to classify stand-up comedy as an “art form.” The goal, according to lobbyist Sean Casey’s registration, is to make stand-ups eligible for government arts […]

Butts still doesn’t understand why Canadians are so appalled

Mar 6 2019 — Marni Soupcoff — Well, wasn’t that kind of Gerald Butts? In his testimony on SNC-Lavalin before the House of Commons justice committee Wednesday, the prime minister’s former principal secretary made it clear that he didn’t want to call anyone names. He had a completely different take from Jody Wilson-Raybould on much of what was said and what had […]

Gerald Butts is clearly blind to his own hypocrisy

Feb 20 2019 — Marni Soupcoff — Gerald Butts, in the statement he issued upon resigning as principal secretary to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, spoke in righteous terms. He said that in his experience, Canadian politicians and government employees put service of country beyond self … not just sometimes, but every single day. “The Prime Minister of Canada’s Office is much larger […]

Oh, good, now we’re weaponizing retired Supreme Court justices

Feb 13 2019 — Marni Soupcoff — As Mark Twain once said: “A good lawyer knows the law; a clever one takes the judge to lunch.” Jody Wilson-Raybould’s consulting former Supreme Court Justice Thomas Albert Cromwell — for “advice on the topics (she) is legally permitted to discuss in (the SNC-Lavalin) matter” — is not as pause-worthy as the lawyer who wines […]

Sorry, minimum-wage workers — the province isn’t Amazon

Oct 10 2018 — Marni Soupcoff — Amazon’s recent decision to raise the minimum wage it pays its workers to $15 an hour was greeted with enthusiasm and praise, with no one more pleased than independent Sen. Bernie Sanders, who tweeted: “This is what the political revolution is all about.” Anyone who watched the clip of Amazon employees shouting for joy at […]

The outrage over Ontario’s sex ed revamp is missing the point

Jul 20 2018 — Marni Soupcoff — Critics may not yet have said that the Ontario government’s decision to drop the province’s updated sex curriculum will kill children, but they have come close. The buzz phrases have been that abandoning the curriculum “puts kids at risk,” and teachers ought to keep teaching the curriculum to “keep kids safe.” There is a blog […]

Legislation banning scalper bots will cause more problems than the one it’s trying to solve

Oct 30 2017 — Marni Soupcoff — In a recent interview with the Toronto Star, Ontario New Democrat MPP Jennifer French articulated the attitude that spawned a new Ontario bill banning ticket bots: “Ontarians want fair and affordable access to entertainment,” she said, “so the government should fix it.” The “it” she’s referring to is the process of buying tickets to concerts […]