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Scheer was out of sync with Quebec

Oct 24 2019 — Martin Patriquin — It is difficult to pinpoint a turning point in the 40 days of boilerplate hubris and scripted outrage that was Canada’s 43rd election campaign. But if I had to pick a moment where Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer lost the election, it was when he was standing on an east-end Montreal stage, demonstrating in his […]

Sorry, Max, but your days are numbered

Oct 9 2019 — Martin Patriquin — Let us spare a moment of admiration for Maxime Bernier. In a political world where there aren’t many second acts, the Quebec MP and People’s Party of Canada leader has had several reincarnations, each more fruitful than the last. Bernier’s early history as a staunch separatist — he worked in former Parti Québécois leader and […]

Justin Trudeau’s renaissance begins in Quebec

Jun 26 2019 — Martin Patriquin — According to the conventional wisdom in the rest of Canada, the SNC-Lavalin affair is Justin Trudeau’s Waterloo. In pressuring its own attorney-general to use her power to override the autonomy of the country’s public prosecutor’s office for the sake of the scandal-plagued Montreal-based engineering behemoth, the Liberal government is seen as having become exactly what […]

Canada should reopen the abortion debate

May 24 2019 — Martin Patriquin — Andrew Scheer really, really doesn’t want to reopen the abortion debate. So little does the Conservative Party leader not want to talk about the roiling societal debate that it took him just under three hours to swat down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s declaration, couched in a fundraising pitch, that “some Conservative MPs are trying to […]

Alberta’s rage has rendered Jason Kenney near-bulletproof

Apr 12 2019 — Martin Patriquin — On November 10, 2013, Mark Smith took to the lectern at the Calvary Baptist Church in Drayton Valley, about 130 kilometres southwest of Edmonton. Speaking in a plaintive, slightly reedy voice, Smith denounced unnamed “TV programs trying to tell you that homosexuality and homosexual love is good love,” before casually suggesting such love is akin […]

Rempel’s outrage is as real as Canada’s bestiality problem

Oct 27 2018 — Martin Patriquin — The Liberal Party of Canada is perverting the very fibre of Canadian society. The latter-day version of the party, helmed by a privileged dolt named Justin Trudeau, has swung open the country’s borders while closing it to pipelines. It has poisoned our youth with legal weed, allowed religious hordes to wantonly circumcise their female children […]

Sensibly, Legault is a Trudeau ally on carbon

Oct 24 2018 — Martin Patriquin — To enemies and some supporters alike, Premier François Legault is the closest we’ll ever get to Donald Trump. Though specious, the comparison nonetheless rings true in certain ways. Like the 45th U.S. president, Legault rode to power by exaggerating and demonizing the effects of immigration. And like Trump, Legault has made it a priority to […]

Quebecers look poised to vote the CAQ into power for first time. But what exactly are they voting for?

Sep 29 2018 — Martin Patriquin — Impatience lives on François Legault’s face, often in competition with exasperation, incredulity and scorn. His lips pucker and his eyes squint. His body seems to itch inside his suit. Watching Legault, the leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec party and possibly the next premier of Quebec, is to observe a man constantly in a fit […]

Like Manning and Bouchard before him, ‘Burnier’ torches Conservative electoral hopes

Aug 23 2018 — Martin Patriquin — In 1987, an ill wind blew in from the prairies, bowling over conservative politics in this country for decades since. Those from the Reform Party, from founder Preston Manning downwards, would probably like history to reflect the party’s insurrection against the status quo, its disgust of institutional Ottawa and its belief that the federal government […]

Scheer has few options when it comes to dealing with Bernier

Aug 22 2018 — Martin Patriquin — One of the prevailing narratives as to why Maxime Bernier remains in the Conservative Party caucus despite his xenophobic spleen venting about the alleged ills of “extreme multiculturalism” begins and ends with Andrew Scheer’s fortitude. Unlike his predecessor Stephen Harper, the current Conservative Party leader has none. Bernier can run roughshod over the Conservative narrative […]

Rempel doesn’t think she gets a fair shake from the media

Jun 29 2018 — Martin Patriquin — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel doesn’t think she, or her party, gets a fair shake from the media. In terms of news, this contention ranks somewhere between how water is wet and the sky is blue. Whining about the paucity and/or unfairness of one’s media coverage is practically a right of passage once one is elected […]

Granic Allen move shows Doug Ford building credibility among centrists

May 7 2018 — Martin Patriquin — Doug Ford’s brusque dispensing with noted social conservative Tanya Granic Allen over the weekend was surprising only if one subscribes to a longstanding stereotype surrounding the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leader. This stereotype, heartily endorsed by the Ontario Liberal Party, goes like this: Doug Ford, noted right-wing mouthbreather, is both electorally and ideologically beholden […]