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Do as we say, not as we do: The Liberals revert to type

Oct 18 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Political parties project well-deserved stereotypes of themselves — earned through years of either governing the country or kvetching in opposition. The Conservatives — bless their tar paper souls — are petty, secretive, bullying and utterly doctrinaire in spirit if not always in practice. The NDP, having never tasted real power in its nearly 60 years […]

Why Niki Ashton blames the media — and why she’s wrong

Oct 16 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Niki Ashton would like you to know that she has been treated unfairly. The Manitoba MP and erstwhile NDP leadership contender, who placed third in that particular dustup a couple of weeks ago, recently blamed her loss on a lack of media coverage and a soupçon of sexism permeating the mainstream press. “It was under-reported […]

Will racist attacks work on Singh? We’re about to find out.

Oct 3 2017 — Martin Patriquin — First, a declaration: That the New Democratic Party has elected Jagmeet Singh as leader is nothing short of extraordinary. Canada’s democratic institutions have been too slow for too long to reflect the populations they serve. That we now have a brown-skinned young man in a turban as the leader of a major political party brings […]

Have Conservatives learned anything from losing?

Sep 5 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Let’s hear it for Liberal losers. Let’s give it up for Stéphane Dion, who followed up his unexpected leadership win in 2006 with a monumental electoral cockup in 2008. And here’s a slap on the shoulder for Michael Ignatieff, who combined noblesse oblige and intellectual haughtiness in a way that led to even worse electoral […]

Why is Couillard suddenly trashing Muslims? Because it works.

Jun 26 2017 — Martin Patriquin — One can easily mix metaphors when describing Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard. Imagine a tubful of grey porridge dressed in an unremarkable blue suit, standing on the deck of a steady ship as it traverses the choppy waters of Quebec’s political ocean. Trust me, this is no insult. Couillard’s ability to be at once earnest and […]

So-conned: Why social conservatives lost when Scheer won

May 29 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Of the 13 Conservative party leadership candidates who gathered in Toronto to face fate this past weekend, three can be safely and reliably labelled ‘social conservatives’. Brad Trost, a brick-faced dolt from southern Saskatchewan, believes gay marriage is a Trojan horse for both sodomy and rampant socialism. Ontario’s own Pierre Lemieux, meanwhile, once stood up […]

How Saskatchewan does cash-for-access — in broad daylight

Apr 19 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Politicians who navigate a corrupted political system have some of the easiest jobs in the world. With the weight and legitimacy of the state behind them, they need not sell anything more than access to themselves. And it is a seller’s market. For a long time, there was no better example of this than Quebec. […]

Don Meredith would like your sympathy now

Mar 20 2017 — Martin Patriquin — By claiming to be the victim of racial persecution, he’s insulting the actual victims. Senator Don Meredith (Don Meredith would like you to know) is a victim of Canada’s prevailing and overwhelming racism. As a 52-year-old black man, he is seen as a predator, sexual and otherwise, who has risen too high in life for […]

Snatching defeat – Marc and Jodie Emery are winning the battles in the war to legalize pot, but have lost the moral high ground

Mar 13 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Those who follow the often-fraught politics of marijuana in Canada are familiar with a few enduring realities. There are the ‘slippery slope’ politicians — step right up, Tony Clement! — who conflate the stuff with hard drugs, saying that legalizing it is akin to giving your child heroin, meth or whatever boogeyman narcotic is currently […]

The Conservative Party leadership debate that didn’t matter

Jan 18 2017 — Martin Patriquin — First, let’s address the very English elephant in the room. Much like the first effort in Moncton just over a month ago, the second French debate in the Conservative leadership race was hamstrung by sheer numbers and too few tongues properly acclimatized to Canada’s French fact. The end result was akin to watching a terrifically […]

Why should a PM speak French? Political reality.

Jan 13 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Before the advent of Stephen Harper, a remarkably successful conservative politician, there existed a fellow named Stephen Harper, plucky young conservative egghead. It was this Harper who, in 2001, wrote an oft-quoted column about official bilingualism. “As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produces no unity and […]

Inside Nick Kouvalis’s fake news strategy

Jan 12 2017 — Martin Patriquin — Leitch’s campaign manager calls it ‘Operation Flytrap’—his plan to root out anyone joining the Tories just to oppose his candidate. At 6:25 p.m. on Jan. 2, Nick Kouvalis sent out a tweet suggesting that the Canadian government was, among other things, directly funding known terrorist groups. Kouvalis, who is campaign manager of Conservative leadership candidate […]